Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


9. The missing part

I woke up refreshed in the morning and reached directly on the body. It felt like a dream to be in the castle, and I realized I didn't know what would happen with Niall or what I would tell him. I also wondered what I won on this? Perhaps it was better to go home, because I had done what grandma wanted. He had her diary and her letters. Wasn't it Enough?


I sat up in bed and was stiff in the body. On a chair sat Niall and he looked straight at me. I took the covers up over my the body. Giant stupid habit to sleep with only panties on me!

"I beg your pardon!" he said and smiled directly at me. "I sat here waiting for you to wake up and I've thought through Kath's reason for this meeting!"
I swallowed
"Couldn't you have waited for me down stares?"
He seemed amused by my naked body.
"Why? I'm used to getting things done even when it's night. I don't sleep and I don't need to rest., It can get pretty lonely!" 
I didn't know what I would do, because my clothes weren't next to the bed. Niall stood up and came over to the bed. I noted that he seemed to like to stare at me and he smiled in a special way.
"It was a long time ago I saw a naked body, so thanks for that!"
I blushed and became almost angry
"Normal people don't usually stare at sleeping girls and you didn't have my permission!"
He raised his eyebrow and seemed amused. He released me with his eyes and looked out the window instead.
"I know I don't always act like normal people, but I have my reasons."

I covered the drug harder on my body.
"Can you leave the room now so that I can put on my clothes?"
Niall smiled and looked at me again.
"I would rather stop and look at you, but since you ask me!" he got out, and I heard he almost joking with me. Then he turned toward the door and started to walk towards it. He stopped and turned around to me again. "I didn't mean to upset you, but when I was young wasn't a women sleeping naked. I think everyone had clothes on!"
I sighed
"But in modern times, one can sleep naked!"
He raised his eyebrow
"I guess a lot have changes and I'm old-fashioned, then?"
He left me alone and I was dying of it all. It felt strange to know that he had seen me during the night. God, how embarrassing!


I showered and put on my clothes. I tried to repress that Niall had been in the room, but all the time I saw his face in front of me. Why had he come into the room and why he stared at me? He had certainly seen naked women before in his long life. I was almost angry when I finished and walked toward the stairs. Did he think he could do what he wanted?


I came into the kitchen and noticed that no one was there. I chose to put the kettle on and then looking after tea. I found it in a cupboard and then looking up the teacup. When the water boiled, I poured it into the mug and put in the tea. I was still thinking about Niall and realized that he wasn't only affected me. He was stuck in my head and I was mad for it! He was my grandma's great love and I was only the servant who handed over her stuff for him. Nothing else!


Niall took me into another room. He went to a lot of paintings that were leaned against the wall and looked them up. He took one special and placed it leaning against a chair. It represented a young woman who sat and smiled. She was beautiful and I felt it was a nice old portrait.
"And why are you showing me this picture?"
Niall smiled and looked at me.
"It's your grandmother, when she was sixteen years old!"
I was startled and just stared at the board.
"Is that Grandma?"
He nodded
"I did a portrait of her in hopes that she would come here., I would hang it in the library and she would know that I loved her. When it was was done she had long since left me!" 
I noted that the subject was still difficult to talk about for him and I met his gaze.
"She hurt you?"
Niall nodded and looked at the board again. He looked dreamily and then looked at me again.
"As much as I loved her, she hurt me. She left me alone and she never explained why. I was ready to give her everything that I owned!"

"She loved you!" I got out of me and realized how silly it sounded. "She regretted that she didn't follow you here!"
Niall shook his head
"I met her when your mother was born, but she showed no such signs. Said she lived the life she wanted. She felt that I was living a completely different life and that she couldn't take part in my life."
I frowned
"Have you met her after she wrote the diary?"
Niall nodded
"I went back to the UK every ten years, and tried to persuade her, but she refused, I think you were born when I gave up hope and let her be!"

I just stared at him. Now it was I who didn't understand anything.
"Why did she then do so I would come and find you?"
Niall was silent for a while and showed that he brooded on that particular issue.
"I don't know!"
I looked back on the board again and stared at it.
"Grandma hasn't told the whole truth to me? Then shouldn't I be here?"
Niall shook directly on the head and then nodded.
"You'll be here, I know I will understand her one day. Maybe you didn't read all the letters? Did you miss something in the diary?"
I shook directly on the head and swallowed.
"No, I read everything and I was captivated by her story. I wanted to come here and see who you were. I had painted up a beautiful love story in my head and maybe I let your imagination take over?" 
"Come!" Niall said and started to walk toward the door. I followed.


He went and fetched grandma's chest and we went in to the office. Niall picked away it all from the desk and opened it.
"We'll read through it all again!" he said and looked at me. "Maybe you missed something?"
I nodded tired. I knew I had read everything and I knew I hadn't missed a single thing.
"Okay!" I got out of me, and we set in motion.


Neither Niall and I found something newly written, more than what was in the diary. Niall began to look at the chest and right as it was, he found a secret compartment. He opened it and found another book.
"For Niall!" was written on the book and Niall looked directly at me. "You had missed something?"
I blushed and nodded.
"I didn't know there were secret compartments!"
He smiled and sat down. He looked long at the diary, or whatever it was. Then he looked at me again.
"Nelly, I want you to leave me alone. This is to me and I want to read it alone."
I sighed
"Can't I be with you and read?"
He shook his head
"This is between her and me. You have nothing to do with it!"


I was disappointed! I was almost ready to cry when I left Niall alone in the room. I walked away with a stone in my heart and felt that I needed air. I chose to go out of the castle and sat on the stairs outside the door. It was a hot day, but inside the castle, everything was cool. I heard birds chirping and I heard the trees moving in the wind. Everything felt so hopeless and I wondered what grandma had written to him.


Louis came by and he looked at me
"Are you sitting here?"
I smiled weakly at him and nodded. He came straight up to me and placed next to me on the stairs.
"So have you talked?"
I nodded again and looked away from him.
"Niall is a strange man!"
Louis laughing direct
"He's not a man! You forget that he's a vampire and they aren't like us!"
I laughed and looked at him again.
"How is it that you work for him?"

Louis looked at me and I noticed that at first he didn't want to answer. Then he looked down towards the ground and swallowed.
"He found me on a street. I was going to ruin my life with alcohol and drugs. He saved me and my life got a meaning. One could say that Niall saved me!"
I looked at him in surprise.
"Okay and why?"
Louis looked at me and he seemed unsure whether he wanted to tell me more. I tried to smile and to show that I wanted to know.
"How dangerous is it to know?" I said and Louis seemed to think the opposite.
"He has saved all of us who working for him. He's our owner could you say, and he makes sure we don't destroy ourselves again. Niall believes that every life counts and that you can't throw away a life just because you feel for it."

Niall continued to amaze me. He was a vampire, yet he wanted to save lives. I assumed he had a reason for acting. Maybe he wanted to do the opposite of what he was born to do? Perhaps he had seen too many people die, and he wanted to do the opposite?


In the evening, I heard the music from another room. I became curious and opened the door. I found Harry and Louis stand and play music from a stereo. I laughed a little bit when I saw them move and chose to enter.
"What are you doing?"
Louis and Harry turned around and just stared at me. In the end, Harry smiled and blushed almost a little.
"We tend to sometimes dance!"
I went up to them
Louis laughed and took direct one arm around my waist. He took the other in my hand and waited for me to take up my empty hand against his shoulder. Then we moved across the floor, and he smiled at me all the time.
"This is dance!"
Harry laughed
"We don't have girls here normally, so we might get the opportunity as long as you stay?"
I blushed, but let Louis directing me across the floor.


Eventually we moved at the same rate and in fact, I had a fun time there. After a while it was Harry's turn, and he had a little more confident steps. We spun around and Harry seemed to like to dance with me. We laughed and didn't notice that Niall came into the room. He stood in a corner and followed us with his eyes.


When the song was over, I let go off Harry and puffed a bit.
"I need to rest, too?"
He nodded and turned to Louis.
"Shall we dance?"
I laughed at Louis's face. He was almost speechless and shook his head.
"The things we do when we don't have girls here!"

A slower song began to play and I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned around and faced directly Nialls eyes. Without question, he took his hand around my waist and slowly began to bring me around on the floor. It was one of those magical moments and I couldn't let go of him with my eyes. He smiled faintly and I saw for the first time, the charm of his gaze. It was as if he was created to dance with me and I felt the entire stomach tingled. Louis and Harry fell silent and I wondered what they were thinking.


When the song was over, didn't Niall let me go. He kept his body near me and it seemed like he was far away in his thought. I gulped and realized that I shouldn't allow him to be so close to me. It felt wrong!


As soon as I got out of his grip, he woke up to, but let me not go with the eyes.
"You dance well!" he said well-intentioned.
"Thank you!"
Niall sucked me into his eyes and I felt almost seduced by him.
"Nelly!" he whispered tenderly. "That's one thing that you must know!"

He swallowed and made sure the other didn't hear him.
"Your grandmother gave you to me! I own you!"

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