Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


23. The journey on different planes

One cold winter day, when the snow just started to fall down, Niall and I entered the church. Only a few were present and my mom was crying. I had a white simple dress and Niall had a suit. We went to the priest and he was talking about love. It was a simple ceremony, but I was crying the whole time of happiness. Niall looked happy and I couldn't have chosen a different man. When the priest asked the magic questions, we said "Yes". There was no doubt about what we felt and everyone saw that we were meant for each other.


Niall had decided to take me on the honeymoon, but I had no idea where we were going. He just smiled at me and drove us to a small private airport. A small plane was waiting for us and when we lifted Niall sat down near me.
"We're going to a special place!"
I smiled at him and expecting only the best. I sat quietly and looked out the window. Niall leaned back in his seat and looked at me for a long time. He smiled with his whole face and held my hand tightly. I noted that we left England.


I certainly slept an hour on the plane, before I woke up when we landed. I looked out the window and all I saw was the sea and a sandy beach. We were about to land on an island, and I saw that it was warm weather there. Middle of the island I glimpsed a rooftop and I looked directly questioningly at Niall. He smiled a little bit and looked out the window.
"This is a bit of my story!" he said and then looked at me. "I want us to have a special month and we will be alone on the island!"
I smiled big and tried to collect my thoughts
"You mean you have rented an entire island?"
Niall nodded and seemed amused by my reaction.
"A whole island where we have everything that we need."


When we step out of the plane, two people went in and took over our seats. Niall smiled at them and they both nodded with satisfaction. I understood that they had been to the island and arranged everything. Now they would leave us alone.

"We have no clothes with us!" I got up to Niall when the plane took off and immediately he smiled with amusement to me.
"We need clothes?"
I blushed immediately and swallowed.
"But you ..!"
He laughed
"What we need is already here, I told to you that before!" he kissed me. "And it's just you and me here!"


The house was small and cozy. There was a large kitchen, a large bedroom and a living room with TV. I also noticed that the toilet was something extraordinary. It was a perfect place, and I knew immediately that he had chosen with the heart.


As the sun began to go down, I went into the bedroom and opened the closet. To my great surprise it was empty. Niall came in and laughed a little bit.
"Do you really need to have clothes on?"
I gulped and turned around to meet his gaze.
"But you never want to be naked with me?"

Niall smiled like that charming, as only he could smile. He walked up to me and slowly began to undress me my clothes. I groaned and felt his hands gently took off my garment after garment. When I stood naked in front of him, he began then to undress himself all the clothes and in the end he stood naked in front of me. I was breathless and had no idea that his body was so perfect. He was athletic and his skin was soft. He kissed me directly and pressed me against his body. I could do nothing but kiss him back and I felt his bare skin against mine. He took his arms around my waist and lifted me onto the bed. He laid me gently on the bed and then he lay down on top of my body. I felt him gently let his hands caress my skin and his kiss became more intense.


I lost control and went with him in every movement. We moaned against each other's lips and he made ​​me feel a desire that I had never felt before. Gently he penetrated and immediately I realized what would happen. I'd become a vampire!


Our movements became faster and we spun around in the bed. Niall was moving so perfect and I felt the whole body longed even more after him. I groaned and felt myself reaching heights that I never reached before. In the end, I was lying on top of Niall and moved quickly over his cock. I felt my body tingled and I was sweaty from just the feeling. His kisses influenced me and in the end we were completely in each other's movements.


When I reached the climax it happened. I felt Niall found my neck and I felt his teeth penetrated . I screamed, but not of pain but of all the emotions that popped up in my body. Niall held his hands hard on my body and forced me to land hard on him. He brought still his hard member into me, but I couldn't move. I felt that he sucked the blood out of me and finally I landed after a long orgasm with all feelings I had. I landed on him and felt him slowly came back to reality. I felt how he held me tenderly and he licked my neck until the blood stopped flowing.


"Now there's no turning back ! " he whispered tenderly . "I love you Nelly!"
That was the last I heard and saw. I ended up in a dream and I don't know what happened to my body. Part of me was in pain and I felt a pain running through my veins. Part of me enjoyed and I pressed myself hard against Niall to full fill all my needs. In the end, everything went black !

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