Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


5. The help!

I was about to give up and in front of me I saw how mom would laugh at me. I chose to stay in the village and over the night, I took in at a small motel. They had rooms with a bed and that was all that I needed. I was looking for food and found a restaurant nearby. It was like a dream to sit at a table and get editing food.


"You asking many questions?" I heard a voice say, and immediately I looked up. I met a pair of green eyes and curly hair. He looked like a normal person, but who was he?
"Depends!" I said to him and noted that he sat down in front of me without question.
"You should go home!" he said, and immediately I shook the head
"I can't go, but thank you!"
I ate the food and thought that if I didn't care. The guy didn't give up and was leaning over the table.
"You know the truth?"
I looked at him and chose to play unsympathetic.
He laughed a little bit and leaned back in his chair.
"Why are you going through the past?"
I swallowed and saw that he was serious. I chose a half true story.
"My grandmother came from Italy and I want to search for her roots!"
Direct the guy shook his head
"No one can be a part of the family Horan. They're dead!" 
I sighed
"I guess I know about that part, but there should be no remnant of them?"
The guy shook his head.
"My name is Harry Styles and I was born in England too. I have a mission and that's to keep those like you away from the stuff that happen here!"
He smiled cold.
"Just because!"


When I went back to my room, which I had rented, I noticed that Harry followed in a distance. I felt watched and I hated that feeling. I went into the room and immediately I saw in the window that he stayed on. That led to the fact that I went angry and I almost flew out at him.
"I have the right to search for relatives and you have no right to stop me!" 
Harry laughed and showed with the whole body that he wasn't afraid of me.
"Well, I have the right to stop you!"
I shook my head
"Haven't you heard about people who want to know their past?"
Harry was still amused.
"Yes, but in your case, it's no use to look!"
I almost shouted at him.
"My grandmother has left behind evidence that Niall Horan is or was alive!"
I had said too much, but I couldn't bother. Harry was startled and became stiff in the body.
"You mean Niall?"
I nodded
"Well, a guy that my grandmother fell in love with in England and I want to know if the diary is true!" 
Harry fell silent and seemed to be white in the face.
"You mean the evidence?"
I sighed


He pulled me away from the place we were at. He pulled me towards an alleyway and then he looked straight at me.
"You mean evidence?"
I nodded and was almost angry with him.
"I've got a diary in my hand and I have vowed to seek grandchild or child, or the person himself. I only have the name Niall Horan and people seem to hate that name?" 
He nodded
"Do you know who you are looking for?"
I sighed and gave up.
"According to my grandmother, he was a vampire, according to the diary a wonderful man and I just want to know the truth behind her words!" 
Harry saw in me that I was serious. He sighed lightly and looked around.
"You can't be sure if you ask people questions. They will do rebel against you, I know who you're looking for, but he will not be found!"
I was surprised
"So you know him?"
Harry sighed
"Why do you think I'm the only one who knows if he's alive? Course I know Niall, but he doesn't want to be found!"
I just wanted to cry.
"Can you at least tell him that I'm here looking, Can you tell him that I have things to give to him from Kath? He should know who Grandma was and he can at least just talk to me? I just need a few minutes with him and then promise I have to go home again!" 
Harry looked at me for long and seemed to ponder over my requirements.
"And if you meet him, do you tell someone that you've met him? No one shall know that one of the family survived!"
I sighed
"I promise, and I have no one to share it with. My mom doesn't believe in me and my grandma's dead."
Harry swallowed
"You know he's a vampire?"
I nodded, though I hadn't understood it.
"According to my grandmother, he was just a vampire."


In the end, Harry seemed to understand that I didn't want anything badly. I just wanted to pass on my grandma's things and go. He looked over at my hotel and then he looked at me again.
"I'll see what I can do, but I promise nothing!"
I nodded
Harry sighed
"Stay in the village until I come back but don't talk to anyone about Niall. Don't mention that you know the truth or that he is still alive."
I promised, and he nodded calmly.
"I'll see you in a few days!" Then he left me alone.

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