Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


8. The first meeting

When Niall came into the room, I was breathless. It was the man from the photograph that I had liked. The difference was that he had bleached his hair, but otherwise he was the same man. He noticed my reaction, but didn't seem to care.
"So Kath isn't with us any more?" he said, and I noted that he showed no emotion. I nodded and tried not to stare at him. He looked good and had blue eyes. His face looked boyish and I couldn't understand that he was a vampire. I stood up and held out the casket to him.
"That's all she has saved for you. Diary lies at the bottom, below the letters!"
Niall looked at me suspiciously, but took the casket. He sat down and looked at it.
"It was a long time ago!" he muttered and I nodded.
"She told me about you when I was a little girl, but as tales!" 
I couldn't interpret his face. He looked at me but his eyes were empty. I felt uncomfortable and wondered if he even wanted to talk to me.
"She loved you!" I whispered uncertainly. "She regretted at she didn't go with you and I understand that she hurt you!"
He frowned
"Have you read the letters and the diary?"
I nodded and smiled
"She knew I was the only one who would believe her words. I'm also the only one that was caught by what she wrote."
Niall looked for a long time at me and he seemed attempted to read from me. I asked directly myself if he was successful.
"Why did you come here? You could have sent it in the mail?"
I shook my head
"Grandma didn't know where you were and she ..!"
He interrupted me
"She had my address and she knew I was here. So why did you have to come here?" 
I almost fainted. Had grandma knew all along where Niall was? Had she been able to lie to me and make me believe that she didn't know? I asked myself the same thing. Why did I have to go there?
"I can walk!" I got out of me and I felt emptiness in the body. I turned toward to the door and started walking towards it.
"No!" Niall got right out, and this time he sounded almost desperate. "I didn't mean to offend you, but I wanted to know what she was thinking. You are welcome because I know you will not tell others about me. I trust you!"
I stopped and chose to have my back turned to him.
"You don't know that she told about you?"
He seemed to shake his head
"No, I had no idea that she even thought of me!"

I turned around and looked at him again.
"I apologize that I came. I understand that you don't want me here, but I promised her to give her coffin to you. I made ​​the choice to come here, even though I wasn't sure I could find you! "
He looked at me and for the first time I saw a human reaction in his eyes.
"What did she tell you about me?"
I looked down at my hands.
"Tales of how a prince rescued her in the moonlight. She had many stories where you appeared as a prince. I loved to hear her stories and it wasn't until I read her diary that I realized that you were the prince!"

Niall smiled weakly.
"She took me by storm, I was so in love with her ​​that I wanted to do everything for her. She chose to be like everyone else and I guess she had her reasons. I was ready to take her here and I wanted to marry her!" 
I swallowed
"I haven't met my grandfather, but I understand that she met him after you? I also know that she was quite happy with her life. I saw her often as a happy person!" 
Niall smiled weakly and looked at me closely.
"You have her eyes!"
I looked up at him and noticed that he looked dreamily at me. I didn't know what to say. Maybe I reminded about her, but I had always seen myself as anything else. I wasn't like either her or my mom.
"Thank you!" I got out of me, just to say anything. Niall put down the coffin beside him and stood up. He came up to me and seemed to like my face. Maybe I recalled him about my grandma? 
"I'm glad you came!" he whispered. "You need not be afraid of me and you can stay a few days if you want. I want to hear all about her and it would be fun to do her one last favour. Getting to know you and maybe understand why she didn't chose me?" 
I nodded and noted that he caught me. I couldn't let his eyes go and immediately I understood why Grandma loved him so much. He wasn't like an ordinary man, but he looked like anyone. Yet it was something with Niall which also attracted me. I liked his looks, but was unsure about him as a person.

"Tell me if you need anything!" he continued. "I promise to buy what you want, but in return I want you to tell me all about Kath!"
I nodded and swallowed. I found no words to say and remained silent. Niall raised his hand and stroked my cheek tenderly with it. I noticed that his hand wasn't cold and I was almost surprised. I didn't dare to ask him about that part. Instead, I let his hand be and in the end he lowered it.
"You're beautiful!" he murmured, and directly I was surprised. It was grandma whom he loved, and it was she who was the most beautiful girl in the world. Not me!

"Now go to bed!" said Niall almost a requirement. "Make sure the sleep out and tomorrow we'll sit down and go through the coffin together!"
I nodded and backed off from him a few steps.
He smiled weakly and then turned around to the fire. I understood that it was now that I would go. I went back to the door and came up to it. I took down the handle and opened the door. Then I left the library. When I closed the door I heard the sobs and I realized he was crying.

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