Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


3. The diary

Grandmother's diary! It lay at the bottom, just as she had said, and when the weekend came, I carried on with my reading. The diary began well when she described life with my great grandmother and how they had it. I don't know how many pages that contained only everyday things, until something happened.


"I saw him today, I don't know why but he attracted me. I looked almost lonely at him and he saw me. I know he's not from the village and I haven't seen him before. None of my friends know who he is and mom thinks he's just moved in to the town. he's young, he's handsome and he has such wonderful eyes. I just get embarrassed by thinking about him. I think I'm about to fall in love, but he's an stranger!"


Page after page contained a declaration of love for this man and I almost blushed. Proceed to the end, I found out more.


"Today, I found out his name! His name is Niall Horan and he's twenty years old. I'm so happy that I have a name on him. I can't stop fantasizing about him and I don't know if you're should do that? Niall came up to me after school and he smiled at me. He asked if I knew where the bakery was. I saw at him that he had it as an excuse to talk to me and I blushed. My whole face was red and I showed Niall the way there. He offered me coffee and said it's hard to get to know new people in the village. I agreed and wanted that time would stand still. He has such a wonderful face and I think I love him. I know there's only love from my side, but think if he finds me interesting?"


I read grandma's love declaration page after page.


"Today something incredible happened! Niall kissed me! We sat down at the lake and he was talking about foreign countries he has visited. I looked into his eyes and he leaned toward me. Our lips met and I allowed him to kiss me. I felt his lips on mine, but I was surprised that they were so cold. Niall wasn't the one who seemed to freeze, and I wonder why? Maybe he still doesn't feel the same for me?"


Ironically, I laughed. In modern times, he had thrown himself upon her and taken her virginity. I only saw it as something innocent and couldn't help but be amused by grandmas's thoughts.


"Niall kissed me again today! He said I was the prettiest girl in the world, but I asked him how he could know that? He said he only knew! I could feel my whole body tingled and I even wondered if he wanted to marry with me. I didn't ask him, but I hope he will soon ask me. I want to feel his naked skin against mine and I would give him my virginity. Only he asks!"


Again, I laughed! Talk about times!


Something happened in the grandmother's life and she didn't write every day any more. She almost stopped mentioning Niall and I wondered why, of course.


"I have a confession!" she wrote one day. "I have to make a choice and it soon! Niall are going back to Italy and he wants me to go with him. Problem is that I don't want to leave my mom and dad behind me. I don't want to run away with him. I know he love me and I know he wants! Yet? truth is that I have lived to see a new side of Niall. He's not the person I thought: he's something else, I don't dare to write it in my diary, but maybe I have to?"


I smiled a little bit. If he wanted to take her virginity before they married? The thought struck me that it might be so, but at the same time it wasn't so scary not to include in the diary.


"Dear Diary! I'll write the truth!" I smiled "Niall and I were at a party with a few friends. He danced with me all the time and he showed me his love., We went out and stayed so no one saw us. He looked into my eyes and I smiled at him. He caressed my face and seemed totally enamoured of me. As it was, I noticed that his eyes changed. They become red! I got scared and backed off. Nialls teeth, or upper molar teeth grew and he no longer looked like Niall. He looked like a monster. I cried and he explained to me that he was a vampire. I thought he was lying but he turned his whole body to me. I saw that he wasn't human!"


I was startled actually! Vampire? But lord my days! Thought Grandma that he was ... or was he?


"Niall told me that he comes from a noble family in Italy. People of the village killed all his relatives and all his family. He's left alone and he was looking desperately for a partner. I'm perfect, he said, but I don't want to be that. Does he mean that I should be like him?"


Some pages contained words that were taken from a movie. According to me it sounded like a fantasy, but the Grandma described everything verbatim. Eventually it dawned to me! Niall Horan, my grandmother's great love, was a vampire!


The last page of the book contained a letter to me. I almost lose my breath, but the Grandma had taken the time to write to me alone.


"Nelly!" she started with, "If you have come here in my diary, I know that you have read the lines verbatim., I can't describe in words was happened when I was young and I have often regretted that I didn't go with him. Niall was and my only man I love him so much and the thought that I said no, makes me cry. He meant so much that isn't described in my diary!"


I got almost in tears.


"I want you to seek up Niall! I know he will not hurt you, but I want you to tell him the truth. I want you to tell him that I regret it. I want him to know how much I love him. I refused to tell him, before we parted. I was too proud and I was too scared, I didn't even dare to tell him I loved him! Please Nelly! Find Niall in Italy and give him my diary. Give him the letters and he will understand!"


What the hell?


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