Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


6. The castle

The days passed slowly. I started to walk around the village and looked at the old houses that were there. Italy wasn't at all like England and I felt a little lost. I went down to the sea, looking out over the beach. None of those who lived there bathed, but it was still hot. I took off my shoes and walked out into the water to cool me down. The sun was shining and I saw seagulls flying away. Waves crashed against the shore and the wind was blowing in my hair.


"Are you Nelly?"
I turned around and saw a dark man. He was tattooed and looked anything but English.
He smiled and came up to me.
"My name is Zayn! Harry sent me to see that everything was okay?"
I sighed
"Well everything's okay, but when I do I get,,,,.."
He interrupted me
"We can't talk about the subject with each other and I'm here to make sure you have everything you need!" 
I frowned and immediately he smiled to show how peaceful he was.
"Harry's a rich man, and he can afford to hire people like me."
I was still unhappy as he picked up my shoes from the beach and gave them to me.
"Come, we go a round through the village, then you might be hungry, and I can buy food for you!"


Not that I wanted a servant after me, but Zayn was really nice and we started to talk about anything but Niall and Harry.
"You don't look like a typical English girl!" he said cheerfully, and I looked quickly at him.
"Was that a compliment?"
Zayn laughed and nodded
"Well actually, I was expecting a different person and you're not that person!"
I laughed in response and followed him into a resturant.
"You'll get the village's most delicious food!" he said and pulled me towards a table. We sat down and immediately he ordered something in their language.


Day went by, and in the evening he would go to his home.
"But when will Harry help me!" I whispered and directly solidified Zayn to
"I can't talk about it!"
I sighed
"We are both aware that there are things that we shouldn't talk about, but I want to know if he's trying and if Niall really exist?"
Zayn looked around and then looked at me.
"Let's say you already know too much and if you get as you want, you need to watch it!"
Zayn sighed
"We live in a period of uncertainty, especially for vampires. My responsibility to protect those who are still there, but we only have one to protect. They is dying out and the day someone feels to kill Niall, are they completely dead from the earth!" 
I couldn't help but smile.

"Can't he just bite some people and turning them into vampires?"
Zayn shook his head
"It's not like in fairy tales! Okay that Niall can bite anyone he wants, but he has chosen not to do so. Attracting a person and become living dead is more like a punishment. He doesn't want to punish people to be like him!"
I smiled big
"So he has got a heart?"
Zayn snorted lightly at me and nodded.
"Yes, and that's what is his problem. He's not a vampire who kill and suck the blood. He tries to care and he has been around the world to save the people in the war. He gives money to the starving people and he does everything to be a good person."


Okay! I realized that if Niall was now a living vampire, he was a man of feeling. Perhaps I had gone for fast to take conclusions about him and I had deep down inside no idea who he was. All I knew was that he attracted my grandma, but he didn't make her into a vampire. Thus, he wasn't looking for a partner? Or what did he want?


I sat on my bed in the room and went through his letter again. Niall had written so lovingly to my grandma. Hadn't he been a vampire maybe Grandma had come with him? I wondered why she backed off and why she chose him? Maybe she didn't want to live with Niall and die before him? What was the hope in their relationship if she didn't became a vampire?


There were as many questions as answers, but I figured out nothing or something that night! I went to bed with a little jump in body. Maybe I'd get some answers and maybe that Niall wanted to see me? It was uncomfortable to walk in grandma's footsteps and look for him, but at the same time it was exciting. I realized it was like looking for a treasure. The problem was that I didn't have a map!


I woke up early at dawn by a knock on the door. I pulled myself to open but eventually I felt compelled. I put on a sweater and went to the door. When it was locked up, and the door went up, I saw a thin, tattooed Englishman and he smiled at me.
I sighed and nodded tired.
"Do you know what time it is?" I mumbled and he just laughed happily.
"My name is Louis and I'm here to pick you up. You must pack your things and then I'll drive you to Harry!"
I woke up and just stared at him.
"You mean ..."
He interrupted me
"We don't talk about it openly." he whispered. "There's ears throughout the village and you don't know if someone is listening!"


Louis was waiting for me outside and I took a shower faster. I put on clean clothes and packed everything quickly. The last thing I put in my backpack was grandma's small chest and I could feel my body trembled with excitement. I would see Niall!


Louis took my suitcase and went down to the car. I paid the owner of the room and then went after him. It was an old green trail van and it didn't seem to even be able to roll, but Louis didn't care.
"This car has this year taken me and my dad around Italy. I'll run it as long as I get the van to start!"


We went up to the mountains and Louis was in great spirits. He talked about birds, roads, and what he had done before. I barely listened to him and was trying to figure out where we were going. He noted that I was quiet and understood why.
"I love to talk!" he got out of it. "I know I should be quiet but I don't have many people to talk to right now!"
I smiled weakly at him.
"It's okay!"
Louis smiled back approvingly and looked a little closer at how I looked.
"So you are Kath's granddaughter?"
I was surprised that he knew about grandma's name. Louis noted the reaction and laughed a little bit

"I heard Harry talk about her with Niall and became curious."

I was flabbergasted
"You know thus also Niall? I was close to thinking that he was dead or just a fantasy from grandma's childhood!"
Louis laughed and shook the head
"In the village we don't talk about him, because everyone listens. We try to keep a low profile and for a while we thought that you would get the villagers to believe in you."
"Is it that bad?"
Louis nodded
"Vampires are not 'trendy here and we have fought hard so that everyone believe that it's an old story that isn't true., We cherish the old and don't want them to destroy everything."

I tried to nod. Louis smiled at me and stepped on the gas.
"Niall may not be who you think of your grandmother's stories. She had no idea who he was, but I know they had something between them. I wonder if he miss her?"
I looked at him
"That's why I'm here. I promised her to tell Niall that she regretted it when he disappeared!"
Louis sighed
"You'll tear up old memories but it's perhaps inevitable? Niall doesn't talk often about the past and he doesn't like to talk about what hurts."


We came into the forest and he stopped the car between two trees.
"Now we go a few miles!" he muttered, and jumped out. I almost lost my breath.
"Shall we walk in this heat?"
Louis laughing
"There are no roads to his castle., We have sat back everything just because no intruder will get there!"
I sighed and jumped out of the car. I took my backpack and suitcase. It was heavy, but I knew that I couldn't say no. I wanted to get there no matter what!
"Do you drive me back then?" I asked and Louis nodded
"If you don't want to go all the way to the village? Course I drive you back!"


We had to take turns to take my suitcase. I soon became quite dull in the body and sweat pouring everywhere. Louis saw that I wasn't used walk and laughed at me.
"You, in the big city, has just cars huh?"
I sighed
"We also have roads. This is like a jungle?"
He just laughed and took the suitcase from me.
"Here we are used to walking, running and moving."


We saw the castle from the distance. I was flabbergasted. It looked like a fairytale castle and was built with gray stones. I was almost speechless with anticipation and couldn't let the castle go with my eyes.
"He doesn't use the hole place!" Louis got out of it. "We aren't many employees any more but I have heard that when Nialls parents lived, the whole castle in motion."

I just nodded in reply. I was filled with anticipation and wished that we were already there. I was hoping that grandma was sitting on a cloud and saw me. I was hoping she could hear everything that was said and that she was with me. I realized she must have been in love with Niall, but how much did she know about him?


My body was dead when we arrived. I sat on the stairs in and snatched for air.
"Do you have water to offer?" I got out of me. Louis nodded and opened the door in. It creaked and I heard it echoed inside. I took the last of my strength and got up.
"So I can get to wash, too?"
"Come!" I heard Louis voice from inside and I followed,

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