Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


11. Planning a plan A

I didn't find the way down to the car and in the end I had to give up. I was tired and my body was drenched with sweat. I pulled up the bags in the room and showered again. Then I put on my clothes and put me in bed. I lay on my back and looked up at the ceiling. My grandmother wasn't the person I thought she was. She was a bitch and she was selfish. I don't know how many expletives I gave her, but eventually I fell asleep to the exhaustion.


I felt someone lay down beside me on the bed and immediately I became scared. I sat up, but saw that it was only Louis.
"What the ..!" I said and immediately Louis showed with his whole body that he wouldn't hurt me.
"I just wanted to talk, nothing else!"
I sighed
"You have a nasty habit in this castle to come in here when I'm sleeping!"
Louis smiled weakly and didn't make any attempt to go.
"I just wanted to see how it was and explain a thing!"

I lay down again and looked at him.
"Explain what!"
He swallowed and looked at me for a long time. Then he lay on his back also.
"You can't leave us!"
"I know!"
He swallowed
"In the olden days they gave daughters to wealthy men. They did it because of the poor conditions and Nialls parents met each other in that way!"
I sighed
"But not after the millennium?"
Louis looked at me and swallowed uncertain.
"Well, in the vampire world and your grandmother's words, until Niall doesn't want you any more!"

I got angry again
"So then I get stuck here forever?"
Louis smiled and shook his head
"It was exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. Did you hear what I said? While Niall wants you, you can't go ...!"
I understood what he meant, and direct it light me up.
"But if he doesn't want me!"
Louis finished the sentence for me.
"He let you go!"


I created a plan with Louis that night. I would make me unlovable, and thus I would get my freedom back.
"But don't tell him!"
Louis laughed and shook his head.
"I promise!"


In the morning, I chose to dress lightly and went downstairs to the kitchen. I ate some food and were then looking for all others. It was empty in the castle. For some reason I ended up in the library and saw the shelves with books. There were all sorts of things to read and I tried to see if there was anything that I recognized.


"Do you read?"
I turned around and met Nialls gaze. I swallowed, thinking quickly on the plan.
Niall came up to me and he seemed to be determined in his actions.
"You didn't come to the village last night?"
I shook my head.
"You did it to me?"
Niall shook his head and smiled weakly.
"No, I didn't! You steered yourself!"

Once again, I felt his eyes caught me up and I couldn't resist him.
"It was you!" I said instead, trying to sound cool. "You're going to force me to stay here and you think that I set up on your demands?"
Niall shook his head and stood way too close to me. All he influenced me and I felt his hands on my waist. He held me softly, and to my great surprise, he kissed me. I tried to resist, but I didn't succeed. He got me to follow his movements, and it ended up in that I answered the kiss.


I felt  how he kissed me so perfectly and when he parted the lips, I took his tongue with my whole body. Niall pushed almost me up against the bookcase and pressed himself against me. I groaned and realized he was good at getting me excited. I wondered to resist, but I didn't succeed. His hands slid under my shirt and I could feel them caressing my back. I was totally crazy and finally didn't knew what I was doing. I wanted him! I wanted to feel him against me and I wanted to give my body to him.

"You're a virgin!" Niall whispered suddenly and stopped to kiss me. "You have not done it yet?"
I blushed and immediately tried to get away from him.
"And what have you to do with it?" 
I couldn't free myself but he held me gently.
"It means that you give yourself to me!" whacked him and immediately I shook the head.
"You will not get anything!"
He smiled
"You gave me a kiss, it's something!"

He released me and left the room as quickly as he had entered. I was angry with myself and I felt just hopeless. Why had I even thought that I would be able to resist him. He steered me all the time?


I was so angry that I went to bed with the hatred in the body. I hated myself because I kissed him. Maybe he thought I wanted him, even though I knew just that I just wanted him. But anyway! I had to pull myself together if the plan would be implemented.


I fell asleep late that night and the last thing I thought about was Niall. I wondered if he ruled that idea too?

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