Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


10. Not going home

I was angry and I was scared. I went back and forth across the floor and looked coldly at Niall.
"You lie!"
He showed me the grandmother's diary, the one that we found, and beat up the last page.
"Now I give you a piece of myself to you Niall!" he read aloud to me. "I give you my grandchild and I want you to take care of her, just as you had taken care of me once. She's a perfect partner for you and I see similarities with her in me. I know alloy fate has a different way to receive and I hope you see the same beautiful woman that I see in her!"

I shook directly on the head
"YOU'RE crazy! You can't just take over a person and think that she wants to stay!"
Niall looked at me and I took note of determination in him.
"You are mine, and there's nothing you can do about it!"
I wanted to punch him
"I'll contact a defence lawyer and he will tell you the same thing as I do!"
Niall smiled weak
"Nelly, this is destiny and you can't fight it!"
I shook my head
"I came here and handed her things to you and now I'm going home!"
Niall shook his head and walked over to me. He took my face between his hands and looked straight into my eyes.
"You are my destiny, when I saw you the first time on the stairs, I felt the same as I did for Kath. I felt for the first time for ages how I was affected by another person."

I just wanted to cry and shook the head
"No Niall! You felt something that you thought were feelings. I'm not Kath and I will never be her. I don't want to be a consideration and I will not stay here!"
Niall leaned forward and let his lips caress mine. There was no kiss, just proximity.
"You're not Kath and I see the difference!" he mumbled and then released my face. He looked over at Harry and Louis.
"You two can prepare all the paperwork? I want this to be clear before tomorrow!"
I turned around and looked directly at Harry and Louis.
"You don't obey him, I want to go home!"
Louis looked sadly at me and started walking towards the door.
"Sorry Nelly, but we are working for him and we obey only him!"
Harry walked around like a puppy after Louis and avoided me. I watched them leave us alone and everything was like a bad dream.

"I can control your thoughts!" Niall warned me directly. "I can get you to obey me, but I wouldn't do it if you follow me!"
I looked at him and tried to collect my thoughts.
"You're not the person I thought you were!"
Niall seemed disappointed that I didn't put up at Granny's last wish
"You can't work against me and think that I let you go, I'm the same person and I know what I want. You I want!"


I left him alone and went up to my room. I packed my bags and made sure I didn't leave any trace of that I have been there. Then I went down with my bags and left the castle. No one stopped me, which I felt was a bit funny. So important I was for Niall! He let me go?


In one hour I tore to take me down to Louis car. I thought I was on the right path and I thought I found the way. I was almost completely out of the body when I again saw the castle in front of me. I had gone in a circle? Direct I backed away and walked toward the path again. This time, I went straight ahead and cared only about where I had the sun in the sky. That way, I couldn't go in a circle. Dream about my surprise when I still came back to the castle. 


"You can't come away from this place unless Niall allow it!" I heard Liam say and I turned around towards him.
"But how?"
Liam smiled weakly and looked at me with sad eyes.

"He controls you!"
I shook my head
"He can't control me!"
Liam laughed a little bit and started walking towards the castle.
"Well, you don't know what he can do, and welcome home!"





Hope it's okay to read. I find it hard to explain some parts, but I hope you like it ...

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