Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


24. Just the beginning

I heard the sound of the waves coming to the shore, I felt the breath of wind from a window and my whole body was totally dull. I felt the sun shining through the window and I tried to open my eyes. Everything was foggy and I barely saw the roof over my head,
"Niall?" I got out of me and felt my throat was too dry. I had a sore throat and could barely say a word. Yet heard Niall me and soon he appeared beside me. I saw his naked skin and his smooth face. Slowly became clear outlines and I chose to smile.
"It feels so weird!"
Niall smiled at me and caressed my face with his hand.
"It's because you're newborn!"
I didn't understand and frowned. Niall just laughed lightly and gave me a light kiss on my nose.
"You have not used your eyes or your body before. Takes time for it to get used to it!"

"My throat hurts!"
Niall was quick and I saw a glass with a straw. It was a red drink and he took the pipe to my lips. I understood that I was thirsty, as I emptied the glass quickly.
"You will feel better soon!" he whispered and put away the glass again. I nodded and took my arms around him. He lay down on top of me and continued to smile.
"You have slept a long time now!"
"How long?"
Niall laughing easy
"About a week!"
I almost lose my breath and just stared at him, but Niall looked reassuring to me.
"I slept in a month when I became a vampire, it's normal!"


It was a relief to get off the bed and in the evening I was finally able to take me from the bed. Direct I discovered sounds that I hadn't heard before and I saw the movements that I never understood. I went down to the beach and looked out over the sea. I could hear a boat, but it was too far away so that I ought to hear it. I aimed my ears in every direction, and I heard things all the time.


"You have sharpened your senses!" Niall whispered to me and hugged me from behind. He smiled and I felt that his whole body was on top.
"What else is there that I can do?"
Niall laughed
"We take one thing at a time, honey. It takes time to be perfected and you have many things to learn!"
I turned around and took my arms around him. I hugged him tightly and felt my whole body tingled.


We had love again, on the beach and this time we were more like maniacs. I did things that I hadn't previously done and I ended up biting Niall as hard as he bit me. It was as if we couldn't get enough of each other and we wanted to eat each other's bodies up. Niall got my whole body screaming straight out and I just felt more and more of his movements. My whole body was trembling and I couldn't understand that so much could come inside at the same time.


Afterwards we just lay in the sand and snapped for air. Directly I looked at my teeth marks on his skin, I wasn't sure.
"Is it natural to bite?"
Niall laughed and nodded. Then he pointed to one of the bite wounds and right in front of my eyes healed the wound. Pretty soon, his skin back to normal and all the marks were gone.
"You can never hurt me!" he whispered, and met my fearful eyes.
"But ....?"
He laughed
"Nelly, you can't die, you can't get hurt and you will never be sick again!"


The last week went fast. We often had sex, but at the same time, he taught me the basics of how to be a vampire. I got to drink blood from a glass and I learned to know when I needed to replenish the body. I learned to control what I could hear and see. Finally I had control of everything and it felt like a whole new world opened up before me.


The last day I showered and put on my clothes. Niall had brought a change of clothes to but he hid it well. I watched as he took on his pants and I smiled dreamily at him.
"I will miss your body!"
He grinned
"I can walk around naked when we get home?"
I giggled direct and shook the head
"What will Louis and Harry say then?"
Niall came up to me and hugged me tightly.
"The fact that we are crazy and we are?"


It felt as if I had dreamed! When I sat on the plane home was all so unreal. I was Nelly, yet not! I heard the plane all parts squeaked and actually, I was scared. Niall smiled at me and I realized that the plane was okay. It was just we as heard how the material was fighting against the air outside. There was much that I didn't know and I realized that this was just the beginning of my journey.







I will continue!

Hope you like the description when she became a vampire. I had a lot of different variations in my head, but it became like it became!

It isn't my forte to write about the subject, but maybe it's okay anyway?

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