Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


14. Just a man

I woke up in the morning by the sound in the castle. I heard Harry and Louis ran around and they caught my interest. I jumped out of bed and quickly took me clothes. I went down and met Zayn.
"Niall will bring to town today!"
I swallowed
"And why are all up and running around?"
Zayn blushed
"He wants to take his own car and we can't find the keys!"
Direct I started to laugh a little bit. I saw Harry nearly emptied a wardrobe of clothes and right as it was, he held up a car key.
"I found it!"
I burst out laughing and was close to collapse. Zayn sighed and walked over to Harry.
"She's crazy!"

I shook my head
"I'm just surprised that a vampire doesn't know where he got the key!"
I stopped immediately when Niall appeared. I noted that he had really tried to look normal in the clothes. He looked amused at me and then smiled at Harry.
"Is the tank filled with gasoline?"
Harry nodded
"And I've checked the engine and all the rest!"
I lost my breath
"So you're going down to the city with me?"
Niall nodded
"You must surely call home to your mother and I want to buy clothes for you!"


The car was old but looked new. Niall drove it forward to the steps to the Castle and I sat in the passenger side. He smiled at me and laughed a little bit.
"It was a long time since I drove a car, but I guess we get to the town some how?"
I nodded and noted that he wasn't sure. To my great surprise, he run around the yard and down a dirt road at the back.
"But Louis couldn't run to the castle when I came?"
Niall laughed
"Another thing that we usually do with strangers., We'll bring them back door and it's annoying to take that way!"

I sighed
"I think you've lied about everything?"
Niall just smiled and stepped on the gas. It jolted but he managed to keep us on the road.


I got to a phone and called directly home to mom. She sounded worried.
"You haven't called in several days and what happened?"
I smiled a little bit and saw Niall go into a shop opposite the street.
"I have found the right family!" I said and chose to lie. "Nialls grandchild!"
Mom seemed to take a breather
"So when are you coming home?"
I gulped and realized that I hadn't thought of that part. When would I go home to England again?
"I don't know!" I got out of me. "I have a nice time here and will stay a few more days., We have much to talk about and actually I like him!"
"What's his name and how old is he?"
I swallowed.
"He also named Niall and he's my age!"
She laughed
"So my daughter is interest in a guy? Yeah, I understand you, if he look good?"


When I was done, I put on and paid the call. Then I went out to the street and directly Niall showed up at my side.
"So what did she say?"
I smiled
"Nothing special!"
Niall smiled and picked up a bag.
"To you, but you can't see in it until we're home again!"
I nodded and looked at him. It felt like he was a regular guy and we were out on a date. Maybe sounds silly? Still, I felt quite happy next to him and I couldn't help but feel how the stomach tingled.


We walked past a jewellery store and directly quoted Niall the engagement rings.
"That things we haven't had in my family!" he mumbled. "You know who you belong to and rings are for those with a vivid imagination. Anyway for those who die!"
I looked at him and then into the shop window.
"They are there to wanting to show openly that you belong to someone!" I said and smiled weakly. "It's not just a ring, it's a proof of love!"
Niall looked disappointedly at me
"Like that, I haven't thought before, I thought it belonged to the contract that they would be together until they died. No more!"

I laughed lightly and looked at him.
"So you have no idea why we do certain things?"
He shook his head
"I've only lived to survive and maybe I couldn't bothered me?"
I agreed with him.
"The day when you meet the one you want to live forever with, then buy a ring for her, and tell them how much you love her. She will stay!"
He looked into my eyes and I immediately blushed. Did he think of me?
"I will!" he whispered tenderly, and then smiled. "That day and I then like everyone else?"
I nodded weakly.
"Just like everyone else!"


I don't know what happened to me, but I began to love being close to Niall. We didn't kissed again, but still there was a tension between us. I felt he wanted to touch me, but he avoided it. Maybe he was afraid to scare me?


Slowly Niall to open up and he told the small fragments of his life every day and I had to try to piece together the pieces. It was hard for him to talk about some parts, but he tried to answer honestly when asked.


"How did you become a vampire?"
He sat down and looked at me for a long time.
"My mom thought it was about time I became like them. She took home a cousin that bit me. Rules are that guys bite girls and girls bite guys!"
I sat down.
"What does it mean to be bitten?"
He laughed a little bit.
"To never sleep, never to be afraid of death and to constantly struggle to satisfy the need for blood!"

He already knew my next question.
"The blood I buy from the blood bank, It's been a long time since stopped biting people!"
I smiled weakly.
"So you're a good vampire?"
He shook his head
"No, but I try to think like a real man!"

"Does it hurt to be bitten?"
Niall looked at me for long and I noticed that he was wondering why I asked.
"Yes, it feels but not as pain. This is another pain and afterwards, it's like getting high on a drug. You float on clouds and notice that you can do things you couldn't do before!"


The idea existed! What if I fell in love with him seriously. Should I live with him until I died or I would force him to bite me? I mused about that, but the idea was that the day could come. Maybe that Niall didn't want to bite me, and maybe he didn't want me there as a partner?


The castle had many rooms, and after a while I liked to go through them. There were old paintings, objects and things that certainly were family heirlooms. I noted that some rooms were dusty and realized that Niall didn't keep track of every room. I ended up in the attic and found all sorts of things up there. Old clothes that seemed like new. I found more pictures and even more paintings. Eventually I ended up in front of a painting on a couple. The woman was glad and smiled at the artist, but the man looked serious and didn't seem as happy. I tried to make out what it said on the scoreboard and in the end I noticed that it was written something on the back.
"Maura and Bobby Horan!"
It was Nialls parents and directly, I became more curious. She was beautiful and she looked like a woman from a different era. He looked more manly and seemed more serious. I wondered what they felt? Maybe it wasn't a happy relationship? I wondered if Louis had told me the truth, that the woman was abducted by a man and had to subdue beneath him. Maybe that Nialls mother had been poor and was forced into the family. But why was she so happy then?


There were many things I wondered about, but I didn't force Niall to tell me. I wanted him to choose what he wanted to talk about and without violence from me.

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