Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


4. Italy

Mom was in the kitchen and just laughed at me. I had told the whole truth, but only the bit that sounded reasonable. I wanted to go to Italy to see if Niall Horan was real, or maybe his grandchildren! Mom couldn't understand why it was so important.


"An old diary and you want to follow up on the track?"
I nodded and sat down on the chair.
"Please mom understand me! This is the only thing I can do for her and I want to go there and see who he is!"
Mom smiled and shook her head at my crazy idea.
"You mean he's still alive? Your grandmother was over eighty years old, and how old were then not he?" 
I was about to put an end to the lies that I had come up with before. I looked disappointment down on my hands and sighed lightly.
"It's about a single trip and I want to do it for me and for her!"
She sighed
"Okay then!" she said a little bit amused. "I lend you some money so you can afford to go, but don't ask me to come after you if you meet him!"
I lit up and threw me in her arms.
"Oh thank you mom!"
She laughed
"But I don't understand why it's so important?"
I swallowed
"I just want to know!"


I packed clothes that I thought would fit in Italy. I was shaking all over and didn't know if I made the right choice. What if it all was a lie? Maybe she wrote it all down just to cheat at me and then she would laugh in heaven for my sake? Still, I felt I had to. It was as if I felt an attraction to Italy and now I couldn't let it go.


I got fired from the job. My chef said that I couldn't take time off because of an old grandmother's requirements. I disagreed!


"But how can you just do like this?" Mom asked, but I just smiled at her.
"It will work out, I have a feeling that it'll work out, but I gotta go!"


Okay! It was not like I believed in it all, when I walked into the airport. I had spent my last money on this trip, but it would be worth it! I told myself I would get back everything, just I tried! (My mind told me I was crazy!) I walked in a daze to the aircraft and to be honest I changed my mind several times on that journey. I sat on the chair, took the belt around my waist and tried to keep up the high spirits. An old man sat next to me and I was relieved when he didn't want to talk to me. He fell asleep and I could sit in my own thoughts. It felt like a dream and the only thing I saw before me was my grandma. Maybe she was pleased with me and maybe she came with me on the trip? I was hoping the first one, because it felt awkward to have an unblessed spirit behind.


When we got half way to Italy, I took up the diary and read again through grandma's last page. I had a problem! I had no idea where Niall was, or if he was in Italy? Maybe he was in Spain and was looking for a girlfriend? I swallowed and tried to collect myself.


The aircraft landed and I came out in a hot air. It was hot and I could do nothing but gasp for cool air. The first thing I did was to pick up my bag, then I found a taxi and he drove me to the hotel. It was a small hotel and I had opted for a cheap, because it cost less. I showered and then I tried to collect myself. How would I find Niall Horan? Could I ask the people, who lived there, if they had seen a vampire or an old man? I hoped he was dead, but something told me that he wasn't dead.


In the evening I went to a restaurant and ate food. I sat alone in a corner and couldn't help but look around at everyone else. I was the only one who sat alone and all others were accustomed guests. I couldn't even the language and with vague attempt, I managed to order food. What I got? I don't know, but I was too hungry to question the food.


First days in Italy, I looked up a map at a store. I bought it and inspected it then. If Niall lived in a castle or similar, it should be included on the map. I found no castle, but I found different places with large houses and old medieval home. I was hoping that I was on the right track, but wasn't sure. I was looking around trying to find something that would remind me of grandma's description and I also took description from Nialls letter. I found nothing the first day, nothing on the second day and the third day I thought about giving up.


I chose to go to an archive. I had heard that they had everything or almost everything stored there for residents in Italy. I searched for Horan and directly I got hit in the fourteenth century. I saw that there had been an Irish family who had that name. They had moved into a small village in the mountains and there weren't more about them. I sigh! Maybe I should up to the mountains?


It took me a week before I came to the right village. An old man smiled at me when I explained my errand.
"Well, I know it has been such a family, but what I remember they died out?"
I just wanted to cry.
"But there was a son who survived?"
The man laughed
"You should read more, we take notes everywhere, and I know that none of them survived!"
I sighed
"How do you know?"
"My grandfather killed them!" 
I froze and just stared at him.
"But my Grandma ....?"
He laughed
"Certainly one who acted in plays for her, trying to be one of the extinct genera. I know that they're dead and you should go home!"


I didn't know what to think. I went out into the street and looked around! Why it seemed like grandma's explanation chimed in? Maybe that Niall came from a family that was wiped out but he survived? Who knows if he was a vampire? Maybe he was an ordinary man, and now he lay in the tomb and laughed at me?


I chose to go to the next village and there I met an old lady.
"Yes, I've heard about Horan, but they're dead a long time ago." she said. "It's just old rumours that they were vampires and I promise you that it's just an old tale to keep the kids quiet!"


Okay! I was about to give up. I sat at the end of a dirt road and sighed. My mother had been right! I was looking for something that wasn't there and I would come home empty handed. When I got home I would have to look for work and who knows what my fate was?

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