Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


17. He's back

When Louis had gone Eleanor came up to me, one of Kim's friends.
"Who was that good looking guy?"
I smiled at her
"Just a guy! Shall we dance?"
She nodded immediately and we dragged ourselves to the dance floor. Direct I released my thoughts about Niall and started to dance to the beat of the music. Eleanor and I was soon joined by others, and actually, I had a fun time. I loved to dance and I loved the music. The DJ played all that as I listened to at home and I could almost every song by heart.


I saw Niall. He stood at the bar and let his eyes drift around the room. I understood that he hadn't seen me and I instantly felt my stomach tingled. He was as beautiful as I remembered him and he was so perfect. I loved his hair, his face and his manner to stand on. The question was whether I wanted more? Look but don't touch?

"He was good-looking!" exclaimed suddenly Kim and pointed to Nialls direction.
"Who?" asked Eleanor direct and Kim pointed even more clearly.
"The blond guy standing there alone!"
I turned Niall my back and swallowed. They meant him! I saw how both Eleanor and Kim were attracted by Niall and I wondered if it was the vampire in him that caused it? 
"He's mine!"
"No, mine!"
They both went away to the bare at the same time. I swallowed and tried not to look after them. I chose to have my back to him and I chose not to bother me. Perhaps he found them more interesting? They were not as grandma and they had great bodies.


Right as it was Kim came back to me.
"He's looking for you!"
I froze and didn't know if I would look at him or not.
"He's at the bar!" Kim whispered. "He's super delicious and you should go there?" 
My whole body was shaking and I no longer knew what I wanted to do. I turned to look and noticed that Niall saw me. He didn't smiled or showed any emotion. He just stared at me. I felt my stomach turned over and instead of going to him, I ran to the toilet. I threw up everything from my stomach! My whole body was shaking and I started to cry. The world's best-looking guy was waiting for me, yet I hesitated! What was wrong with me?


I felt a hand on my back and that someone held up my hair. I vomited again and then sighing.
"Kim, I just ...."
"I'll take care of you!"
I was startled and looked directly up. It was Niall and this time he smiled at me.
"You shouldn't drink so much Nelly!"
I just gaped and stared at him. He held up my hair and looked tenderly into my eyes. He seemed not to care about that I reacted and looked so confident.
"What do you want?"
He swallowed.
"You know what I want!" 
I shook my head
"No I don't know any more what you want or what you want from me!"
Niall smiled and didn't released me with his eyes.
"I was stupid, forgive me!"
Eh, what do I answer to that?
He laughed a little bit.
"I was a fool who didn't see what I had in front of me. After you left me, I was devastated and I realized how wrong I had been. It was never about your grandmother or about the villagers Nelly., it was about you, I was afraid of you!"

I just stared at him and he continued.
"I was afraid you would back off or you wouldn't understand, I love you and I love no other. I don't see your grandmother's face in front of me, I see yours!" 
He gave me the paper so that I could dry myself. I obeyed him and sat down then on the floor. I looked into his eyes and thought about his choice of words.
"So you don't see me as a replacement or as a friend?"
Niall sat next to me and shook his head.
"I only see you! Nelly, the most wonderful girl who sits in front of me and spewing!"
I giggled lightly.
"But you hesitate?"
He nodded
"I wasn't prepared for you to tell me those words and I chose to hesitate. Was wrong of me, but I can't change that!"

I sighed and looked down,
"But you live a different life and I have a life in London?"
He nodded
"I know we are living two different lives, and I guess that's what makes us unique?"
I nodded
"But I don't want to live in your castle in the country, with only servants to talk to!"

I felt Nialls lips on my cheek and the way he stroked them over my skin. I felt his breath and directly affected me. He sought my neck and let the lips kiss my skin in the right place. I groaned and gulped.
"Are you trying to change the subject?"
Niall smiled and almost licked my skin.
"No, I'm just trying to seduce you!"
I laughed a little bit.
"I just puked and you want to seduce me?"
He laughed a little bit and let me go.
"Okay after you have brushed your teeth, then?"
I smiled
"You're crazy!"

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