Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


7. He came home!

I came into a large office, or Louis showed me there. Harry sat behind the desk and smiled when he saw me.
"You understand that I couldn't come back? We chose all make sure that you come here and I hope the trip went well?"
I gave Louis a quick glance and just nodded. Harry stood up and approached me.
"You're sweating?"
I sighed and nodded in response. Harry looked at me from the bottom up. Then he turned his gaze to Harry.
"Show her up to a room, so that she can take a shower. Then we eat food together and tonight will Niall be back!"
My heart jumped. I was thrilled that I would finally get to meet him.


I got a bedroom reminiscent of the Middle Ages. A large wooden bed and a lot of old furniture. Harry lit the fire in the fireplace and smiled at me.
"We have no heating element here, so therefore you must try to have the fire on all the time!"
I nodded and put the bag on the bed.
He pointed to a door behind me.
"You have a bath and everything you need in there. Do as you please and I'm going to pick you up in an hour!"
I nodded and followed him with my eyes, when he left me alone. It felt like a dream and I looked around. This was more than I had expected and my whole body tingled. It felt like I was in a movie, but I didn't know how it would end.


It was wonderful to take a bath and get the dust off the body. I made ​​sure I got some makeup on my face and I again smelled good. Then I put on my clothes on and waited for Harry to fetch me. I put in more wood in the fireplace and enjoyed the tranquility. I thought even on Grandma and realized that I was on the spot as she wanted to get to. I wondered how much she had regretted that she didn't go with him? Maybe she realized that she lost the man in her life? Still, I was grateful that she made ​​her choice. I hadn't been born if grandma had chosen Niall before my grandpa!


I got to eat a wonderful dinner with Harry, Louis and Zayn. There also appeared a new guy named Liam. He didn't say much and looked wonderingly at me. I chose to be silent and ate my food.


"It's not often we see girls here!" muttering Liam to an end. "Niall trying to just have guys around him, as girls is just a problem for him!"
I sighed
"Sorry if I'm here, but I promise to leave you alone as soon as I've spoken to Niall!"
Liam looked a long time on me and he didn't seem like I was there.
"It will go fast?"
I nodded
"I guess so!" 
Direct Louis gave him a dirty look and then looked at me.
"I think it's great that you came, we sit here and complain about each other and I got tired of it!"


Harry took my into a large hall. There were couches, tables and a fireplace. On the walls hung old paintings and I noticed that everything looked like in the Middle Ages.
"We do not usually have guests!" he said and meant well. I just smiled and looked around the room.
"I like it anyway, you have preserved all that's old?"
Harry nodded
"Niall wants it that way. He believes that the new stuff is just nonsense and he wants to let time stand still here!"
I went around the room and looked at everything. Then I sat on the couch and smiled at him.
"So when is he coming?"
Harry blushed slightly and poured up a glass of wine for me.
"He will, but he's not directly dependent on the clock. He says the evening and it could mean anything from now until midnight!"


In the end, I heard voices outside the door, and Harry stood up. I did the same, staring at the door. The voices sounded annoyed and I felt that hope was running off me. Niall might not even want me to talk to him?


Zayn came in to us after a while.
"He meet you in the morning!" he murmured, and I knew immediately that I just wanted to fall down and cry.
"He's tired!"
I sighed and looked at Harry that it was something more than just tiredness.
"Did he ...?"
Zayn nodded
"Yes, but he wants to meet her!"
I looked at them both.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing!" muttering them in the mouth of each other. I almost gave up. Rather than sit there and be social, I started to walk towards my bedroom.

Harry was quick to follow after me, and he seemed almost worried that I would leave them.
"He's just like that!"
I sighed
"I came here to meet my grandmother's great love and right now I feel like I made the wrong choice., I would have stayed home!"
Harry shook his head
"No, it has nothing to do with you! Niall is just ...."


I froze. At the top of the stairs stood a dark figure and it felt like it was a ghost. Harry also stopped and stared at the creature. I almost lose my breath, but tried not to show anything.
"Your grandmother?" said person or creature. "Is she ... dead?"
I swallowed and didn't know what to say.
"Yeah!" I got out of me. "She died a few months ago!"
I understood that it was Niall who stood before me. I wished immediately that I could see his face, but he stood in the shade and I just saw his body shape.
"And you are?"
I wasn't afraid but felt uncomfortable.
"Nelly, I'm her grandchild!" 
He seemed to think and I realized he was watching me closely. He stood quite still, and I wondered if I should back off and go back. Maybe now he would throw me out?
"And you came here....?"
I nodded
"I inherited the letters that you wrote to her. I even got a diary and the last thing she wrote in it was that I'd look you up. She wanted you to know that ....!"
Niall cut me off.
"Harry, show her in the library when she has recovered the things she shall give to me. I'll be down there then!"


Niall disappeared as quickly as he appeared. Harry was pale in the face and followed me to the room. I took grandma's box and took with me the key. Harry was quiet when we went down to the library. The walls were filled with books, and there were several chairs to sit on. Deep inside there was a fireplace, and the fire crackled.
"Sit down!" Harry mumbled quietly, pointing at one of the chairs. "He's coming soon!"


Harry left me alone in the room and I sat on a chair. I looked down at the coffin and smiled faintly to myself. Finally, I could have to say what my grandma wanted Niall to know. I felt a little tense, but at the same time, I was unsure if Niall really wanted to know?






There will be more, but just wanted to apologize if the chapter was short. I wanted to split the text so that I could write more about the meeting with Niall. Hope you like it and write comment!

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