Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


27. Five years later...... the end

Lilly threw herself into my arms and her children's laughter echoed in the hallway.
"Mom I don't want to sleep!"
I smiled at her and forced yet her into the bedroom. I lit the lamp, like would always be on, and I put her down under the covers.
"Please, darling, the time is way too much!"
Lilly didn't give up. She laughed and wriggled in the bed.
"But I want to hear a story, a sweet story about the prince and the princess!"
I sighed and laughed at her
"If you add up if I tell a story?"
She nodded and I saw her eyes shining at me.
"Yes, Mom!"
I nodded and got her to crawl under the covers. I sat beside her and put my arm under her head
"So what should it be about today?"

Lilly took the blanket over her, like she always did when she was thinking. Then she pulled it down to the edge so that only her hair and blue eyes appeared.
"A tragic story!"
I smiled
"Okay, but lay down first!"
She obeyed me and put her head against my arm. I saw her eyes twinkle and I recognized her face so well. She recalled about a particular person and my heart hurt. Every time I saw her, I knew where I had come from, but I had no idea about the future.


"There was once a princess who lived in a small kingdom. She wasn't aware of the outside world and thought she hadn't an eye on everything. Someday died the wicked grandmother and left behind a treasure map."
Lilly smiled.
"An edited map?"
I nodded
"The map showed her to a place in Italy, where the princess had never been. The map told her about a prince and a new kingdom. When she got there, she got help to find your prince!"
Again, I was interrupted.
"And he lived in a castle?"
I laughed
"Yes, in a large cold castle in the forest and you could barely see the castle until it was in front of it. Princess still found it and she found the prince. He was exactly as she had imagined, and she began to love him!"

Lilly wrinkled her nose.
"Ugh, and they kissed?"
I laughed
"Not at first. She got to know the prince first and he was more than she had expected. He took her to his heart, and she thought he loved her. But one day came the wicked grandmother up and you know what she did?"
Lilly looked at me with big eyes and shook her head. I smiled and played as if I was mean.
"She took the prince from the princess and cut him into little pieces!"
Lilly laughed again.
"But she can't do that?"
I shook my head
"But he hurt the princess, and he chose to love the wicked grandmother instead!"

Lilly sighed sounded and looked dreamily at me.
"But why don't you meet a prince, mom?"
I smiled at her and hugged her lightly.
"You know that I'm not like everyone else's mom's and it's hard to meet one that will fit into our crazy family!"
She sighed
"Yes, because you never sleep and you always worry about me!"
I nodded
"But that's the way a mom do when she have a child. Loving the kid over everything else and protect it from all others."
Lilly nodded
"And my father is dead?"
I paused and swallowed. It was half the sheet, but on paper, he wasn't alive and he was as good as dead.
"Yes, Darling! Dad is dead!"





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