Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


21. Farewell

In the morning I put on my clothes and then I looked up Louis. He stood and repaired the car, which looked pretty fun. He didn't know what he was doing, but when I showed up, he played as if he knew everything. I laughed a little bit and swallowed.
"I want you to do one thing for me?"
He looked surprised
I smiled a little bit
"Take me to my grandmother's grave!"


It was a gray day when we arrived at the cemetery. I went in alone and was looking up grandma's tombstone. I gulped and stood in front of it. This close to her I hadn't been since she was buried and I wondered if she even knew about it? I looked down on her rock and tried to collect myself.
"Sorry I haven't been here for a while, but I've been busy and you know why. I'm mad at you and I don't know if I will forgive your. You can't decide over my life and I do my own choices!"
I was hoping she could hear me.
"I just wanted to mention that you were wrong! You were wrong about everything and you chose the wrong things in your life. I understand that you wanted me well, but you let your opinions affect me!"

I had brought with me a rose and placed it in front of her tombstone. It felt more right to put something there.
"I will follow Niall!" I continued. "I'll start over with him and we'll see if I choose a different way to what you chose."

I looked around the cemetery and saw not a single person. It was so empty and deserted from what I had expected. My gaze drifted back to the grandmother's tombstone.
"I don't know what to tell you any more, but I wanted to come here and tell something to you, I wish that things were different and that you hadn't lied to me. Maybe you thought that I would never discover your lies?"

I was getting ready to go.
"Maybe I will come back, but I'm not going to live the life in your footsteps or after your opinions. I will choose the road that feels right for me and you have no longer affect me. Goodbye!"


I closed that chapter of my life. Maybe I didn't forgave her, but I chose to move on.


When I came back to Nialls rented house, I went straight in and looked him up. Niall sat and talked on the phone. Immediately when he saw me come in, he put the phone down and smiled uncertainly at me.
"You were at the tomb stone?"
I smiled and nodded
"I just wanted to say a few words to her, that's all!"

Niall stood up and came over to me. He took his arms around my waist and looked into my eyes.
"It does mean?"
I smiled
"That we will continue to get to know each other and that we shouldn't think about the past!"
He nodded with satisfaction and I took my arms around his shoulders. We stood there and just looked at each other. It was as if we ended up in a dream state, and none of us wanted to spoil the moment.


"Shall we go home to your mom?"
I nodded against Niall
"I have to tell her the truth!"
Niall was startled
"The truth?"
I laughed a little bit and gave him a light kiss on the cheek.
"A form of truth! I don't think my mom believes in vampires and she wouldn't keep up if I even tried to explain!"
Niall puffed out and nodded a little bit.
"You can tell what you want to her."
I laughed a little bit.
"Well, I can tell her I love you and that I may not be able to come home for a while?"
Niall blushed and I saw his eyes reacted. He kissed me lightly and showed that it was me he loved. I didn't doubt his feelings.


Mom was surprised when I came into the kitchen with Niall after me. She smiled and stood up.
"Oh, and who is he?"
I smiled weakly and swallowed
"Niall from Italy!"
She eyed him up and down. I saw that she liked his appearance and immediately she gave him a hug.
"Welcome to England!"
Niall blushed but gave her a hug back.
"Thank you!"
I laughed a little bit and looked at mom. She released him and then looked at me.
"So what's on your mind?"


I chose a lie but part of it was the truth. I said that we had chosen to start a relationship, but we would go back to Italy for a wile. Mom didn't like the idea, but she knew that I was living my life and I made my own choices.
"And that girl?" she asked suddenly and immediately it was I who blushed
"Niall loves nobody but me!"
He knew immediately who we were talking about and he saw calming mom.
"We misunderstood each other and I have none other than Nelly!"

"Okay!" Mom got up and smiled at us both. "But you have to phone home sometimes and tell me about how you're doing and maybe I can come and visit you for a weekend?"
Niall nodded directly
"We will notify you once we have found a new home!"
She looked surprised.
"But you have a castle?"
Niall laughed a little bit and gave me a quick glance.
"Yes, but we have decided not to live in the past and we don't need a large, cold castle!"


When we got out to the car Niall smiled at me and nodded.
"You have contact with her. I understand what you mean about a family and leaving them behind. I haven't been in your seat since my parents were vampires, but you have to think of a good explanation for why I'm not getting older!"

I laughed
"Have you heard about facelift? You can do a lot with the body if you have the money!"
He burst out laughing
"It was a good lie!"
I nodded and we jumped in the car. I found out what he had said and then looked at Niall.
"And why is it only you who will stay young?"
He didn't understand the question at first, but then he realized what I was referring to.
"Nelly, it's not as easy as it sounds to be the vampire!"
I put on my belt.
"So just because you think it's hard, you don't bite me?"
He swallowed.
"I will not kill you! When you become vampire dies a part of you and you can never return to a normal life!"
I looked into his eyes
"We still will not have a normal life, so it's just a poor excuse!"

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