Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


19. Dreams and Fairy Tales

Niall had rented a large farm and when we got there, I saw Harry, Liam and Zayn. I sighed and realized that this would be my new family. Niall was just happy and the guys helped him to carry my things in the house. I landed in the kitchen and sat down on a chair. I heard the others talking, but me myself was just tired. I hadn't slept in all night.
"Nelly!" Niall suddenly whispered in my ear and helped me stand up. "You need to sleep and when you wake up again, we can talk?"
I nodded and let him guide me up the stairs, into a bedroom. He helped me into the bed and put the covers over me. Then he pulled down the blinds for the windows, leaving me alone. I fell asleep right away!


"It was the day my prince came and showed me his kingdom!"
I watched wide-eyed up at Grandma and listened to every word of the story. I was five years old and she was the best grandma in my whole life. She had one of those pleasant voice and she always told storeys with empathy.
"What did the castle look like?"
"It was a big green garden, where there grew the trees that were from all over the earth. Castle was built with stones and stood like a throne in the middle of a forest. The prince was proud of his home and he showed her around in all the halls!"
"He had butlers?"
Grandmother nodded and looked at me with those special eyes.
"He had four servants, and they did so that the Prince was always satisfied. They cooked, cleaned and cut the grass!"
"Oh Grandma, I want to go there!" 
Grandma rubbed the hand over my head and looked into my eyes.
"One day, Princess! One day you will meet the prince and then maybe he gives the kingdom to you?"
"Believe grandma that?"
She nodded and looked dreamily.
"The prince will immediately see that you are a princess, and he will never let you go. He will take care of you and he will love you with all his heart!"


I woke up in a cold sweat and sat up in bed. Grandma had known that I would meet Niall. How could she know? The memories came back and I remembered what she told me as a kid. "If you are looking for him, he will find you!" I swallowed. Had Niall found me? When I thought about it, it was Harry who came to see me and not vice versa. Zayn and Louis were sent to take care of me and who had sent them to the village? Did Niall know that I was there and if so, how?


I looked up my old diaries in one of the drawers and directly, I found my first book. I had written with sloppy style and I spelled wrong on almost every word.
"Today told grandma that the prince sometimes became a dragon, but that his heart are pure!"
I realized she talked about Niall all the time, but how could she know that I would meet him, that I would fall in love with him and that I .....?
"Grandma told me that he's waiting for me! The prince sits in a gray castle, waiting for his fiancée to come!"

"One day I will go to a foreign country and he knows that I will. Grandma says he knows of us., We are his family and his only family. I'ma part of the prince's life, because everything is written in the stars. Grandma says that my destiny is to come to him and rescue him from the wicked people!"


My God! Had Grandma betrothed me with Niall long before I could walk or talk? I slowly began to regain my sanity and I felt unsafe. Was it just that way she told me the stories or did she told the truth from a child's angle? Where I Nialls long before I knew he existed?






Short chapters! Will be more!

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