Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


20. Deceit and lies

I picked up all the diaries and went through them. Sometimes I wrote about the life and times of Grandma. The older I became the more she talked about vampires and werewolves. I realized that she had a thought with everything that she did and told me. She had wanted to make sure I could manage to be with Niall. But how could they think that I went along with it?


"Are you awake?" I heard Niall question and directly I turned around and saw him. I knew I had tears in my eyes and I knew he saw that there was something wrong. I knew I couldn't lie.
"She sold me to you?"
Niall frowned and came over to me. He looked down on all the diaries which lay scattered on the floor.
"What do you mean?"
I sighed
"Niall stop lying to me and tell me the truth. Has grandma sold me or planned something before I was born or after I was born?"
Niall sat next to me on the floor. I knew immediately that I was close to the truth. His silence was answer enough.
"Oh my God!" I got out from me and wouldn't leave him with my eyes. "You bought me?" 
Niall shook his head directly
"No it wasn't how it happened!"
I felt the tears came and I felt empty in the whole body.
"How did it happen then?"
He looked at me and I saw that he was suffering.
"We wasn't supposed to let you know about this, and she hasn't sold you to me. I chose you!"
I didn't utter a word. I wiped away the tears and swallowed. Niall looked pityingly at me and maybe he inside I knew that sooner or later I would find out the truth.
"You were so beautiful!" he mumbled. "I remember I saw you the first time around your fifth birthday and I couldn't let you go with of you with my eyes. I'm not a paedophile, and it wasn't about that kind of love!" 
Niall paused, then continued.
"Your grandmother saw how I looked at you and she asked why you attracted me. I told her about you being such a child that I could take care of and cherish tenderly. Maybe she knew I would start to love you!" he swallowed. "When I came back ten years later, you had changed but my feelings for you was the same."

"So she gave me to you?"
Niall shook his head.
"But she was preparing you in case, she knew that I loved you and she knew I wanted you. Neither of us wanted to force you!" 
"A lie is still a lie!"
Niall nodded
"I know but it's so much has changed since then. You have become your own person, I have become tired and the world isn't as it once was. Maybe you can love me even though I didn't tell the truth?"

I didn't answer
"What else have you lied about?"
Niall gulped and seemed to ponder
"I haven't lied about my feelings and I haven't lied about my story."
I sighed and looked away. I felt empty in my stomach and I felt that he should have told me the truth. Niall turned fully towards me and looked at me with pleading eyes.
"When you live like me, it's easy to not care about what is right or wrong. I have done many things that I regret and this's nothing I regret. I want you to stay, but I will not force you!"


I felt like in a vacuum. The day went by and I could barely eat or bother me over the life. Instead, I lay in bed and continued to feel betrayed. I thought about all the lies that grandma had told me and all the lies that Niall had said. Maybe all they had told me was a lie?


It was quiet in the house when I woke up because my stomach rumbled. I was hungry and it hurt. Therefore, I put on a robe and crept down to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and noted that there was food for more than us. I chose to pick up residue and heated it in the oven. I sat down then quietly at the table and ate. I was completely in my own thoughts when Liam came. He stared first at me and then came over to the table. 
"Is it okay?"
I looked up at him and nodded. Liam sat down and let me not go with his eyes. He seemed to ponder and smiled weakly.
"Niall said you know the truth now?"
I nodded but remained silent. Liam sighed lightly and seemed to have more to say to me. In the end, I was annoyed at him.
"You stare!"
Liam shook his head
"I'm just trying to figure out what you intend to do? Shall you leave him?"
"Why do you care about it?"

Liam leaned back in his chair
"I'll be honest! You destroy the earth here and we aren't used to travelling around and chase a girl who still don't want him!"
Direct I looked at him in surprise
"What do you mean?"
Liam looked coldly at me and I discovered that he wasn't exactly fond of me.
"You stop us! You get him to stop being normal and you do so we must leave the castle!"

I swallowed and realized he was serious.
"Is it wrong to do that?"
Liam nodded immediately and smiled a little bit to me.
"You don't know how others have it. We must toil for him and the only thing we get is shelter, but we have no life!"
I swallowed and became a little angry that he blamed me for his problem.
"Leave him then!"
He laughed cold
"Leave? No! I can't leave him because I owe him a lot. But you don't have to stay and you can live your life without Niall!"

I did nothing and looked at him coldly. I realized that he had never liked me, but why? Okay we had to leave the castle, but it wasn't Liam's choice. It was Niall who owned the castle and it was he who decided.
"Don't blame me for something that I can't stand behind!"
Liam didn't give up.
"When Niall was depressed and took care of business, we all lived in harmony. As soon as you showed up, he started to become emotional and he began to ponder on everything., You got him to change his mind and now I wonder if he even knows what he wants. We had it good before you showed up!" He sighed, "Your grandmother was anyway easy to persuade. She realized she had to leave us. She realized that she couldn't give Niall anything and she realized that she didn't want to be a vampire. You are the opposite and I hate that you do this!"

Niall appeared at the door and I knew that he heard what we said. I swallowed and tried not to show that he was there.
"So you got grandma to leave Niall but how?"
Liam laughed
"It's easy with you ladies. She was easy to tell stuff to and I told her that she had nothing to get in this life. She realized that ordinary life was more appropriate., I must admit that she trusted me and listened to me."
I swallowed.
"But why?"
He looked at me for a long time.
"Because Niall belongs to us. He saved us, and we have a mission to wait on him and look after him. Everyone else isn't important!" Liam leaned against me. "We have once signed a contract that says we'll make sure he gets the best and you aren't the best. You are just an ordinary girl who attracts him and we don't believe in love. You must go away before he's destroyed completely!"


Niall came into the room and I looked at him. Liam was startled and turned quickly the face to him and then become white.
"Uh huh?"
Niall looked at him coldly
"What contract are you talking about?"
Liam dropped his face and didn't say a single word. Niall didn't leave him with his eyes and held him in a tight grip.
"I guess you don't need to feel pity no more!" he said cool. "I release you Liam and you'll go!"
Direct Liam became terrified and shook his head.
"No, you can't let me go! I belong to this family and you own me!"
Niall smiled cold.
"Well, since I now know who it is that has destroyed everything in my life now! I don't want you to stay!"


I just sat and stared at them. Liam got up up and disappeared from the kitchen. Niall went with his eyes and looked at me. I meet his gaze and didn't know what to say. He swallowed and I saw the uncertainty in him.
"Thank you!" muttering Niall. "I found out who it was that was working against me!"
I smiled weakly.
"Now we have received an answers to grandmother's cause?"
Niall nodded and seemed to hesitate whether he should stay or go. I knew immediately that I wanted him to stay with me. Therefore, I pulled out the chair next to me and he sat down. He looked down at my plate and seemed to think about what had happened. It chose me to turn the body completely to him and I tried not to show my emotions.
"Niall!" I whispered, and immediately he looked up at me. "I apologize for everything I've said and accused you, but I was hurt!"
"I know!"
I smiled weakly and tried to look into his eyes.
"Shall we start? It has happened so much that I feel light-headed!"
Niall got a smile and nodded immediately. I saw that he was relieved and it made me just to be more sure to give him a chance.
"So what's your name?"
"Niall Horan!"
I reached out a hand
"Nelly and I'm Kath's daughter's daughter!"

Direct Niall took my face between his hands and put my lips against his. He kissed me more intensely from the beginning and I felt how he almost wanted to eat me up. I giggled lightly and got him to calm down. He took his arms around me and put me on his lap. He pressed himself hard against me and spread his lips. He kissed me so perfect and my whole body tingled. His tongue played with mine and I realized the hole thing wasn't going to stop us. I was just made for him, but I had to forgive my grandma if I wanted to move on.

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