Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


12. A small part of time

Niall took me into the library and took out a bunch of photographs. He laid them on the floor and we sat down in front of them next to each other.
"This is part of my family!" he explained and I wondered immediately why he showed them to me. I saw old pictures of people who were long dead, and I wondered if all were really vampires.
"Everyone is family to you?"

Niall nodded and picked up a picture of a young girl. She had an old dress and stood stiffly, looking at the camera.
"This is my cousin. She wasn't old when she died. She wasn't a vampire because you can't be bitten until a certain age!"
I got the card from him and peered at the little face. She was cute and I actually felt sorry for Niall.
"So she was as me?"

Niall smiled and seemed to like to talk about family.
"She was happy and she loved to ride on a pony. She had a doll that she loved so much that she didn't play with it! She didn't want to break the doll."
I met Nialls glance
"Why did she die?"
Niall looked at me long and I noticed a change in him.
"The villagers found out that we were vampires and they came here to kill us. Emily was out in the yard and rode the pony., It was she who died first, and they killed her without finding out if she was a vampire or not!"

Niall took a new photo of an older guy. Maybe he was fifteen years old or so and was dressed in his finest clothes.
"My brother!" said Niall. "He wasn't vampire but they killed him. He wasn't like the rest of us, and he wanted to stay human!"
I understood why Niall showed me all the photos. This was his story, and I understood why he was so careful to tell who he was for the villagers. He was afraid of them!

"All that you see here on the floor dead, and it's the village's fault!" he whispered, looking at me with sore eyes. "I don't want you to understand, but I want you to know!"
I looked at the photos and right as it was, I found one of my grandmother. I picked it up and looked in surprise at Niall.
He smiled
"I kept a picture of her to remember her by. Now she's dead and she belongs to those who have left. She left life and now she's dead too!"


I don't know if I felt pity for him or if I just did understand why he was who he was. Niall wasn't cold-blooded, but that bit to force me to stay I hated. Apart from me, he showed a lot of relatives that day and he told me their story. It was as if everything were left in his head, and he remembers everything that happened before today.


"Are you alone?" I asked, suddenly and immediately balked Niall. I saw in his eyes that I was right and I looked at him that he was suffering.
"I may not be alone, but I feel abandoned!"
I gazed at him and thought about what I knew about him.
"Is that why grandma came into your life, then you wanted her to avoid your to being alone?"
Niall smiled slightly and looked away.
"No, it was pure love. I could have lived with her ​​without making her into a vampire. I could have seen when she was aged and still loved her just as much!"
I watched him closely. He looked almost sad, but at the same time, he was strong. He met my gaze and seemed almost dream away. He looked into my eyes and I saw that he was suffering. Maybe I should replace the loneliness?
"So you want me to stay?"
He nodded
"But not to replace Kath, I want you here because you affect me!"
I didn't understand him.
He laughed a little bit and I think he blushed.
"When I'm among people, they are just like people. I rarely meet a person who affects me and that makes me dream about something more. You are such a person that makes me dream and maybe that's fate?"
Direct I shook my head and lowered my eyes.
"Niall it's called forcing someone to stay just because grandma wrote it in a book!"
He laughed a little bit
"You haven't lived through centuries and learned decipher shades!" He met my gaze. "In the past, people read things in the stars, and today they believe in nothing. I believe in fate and I believe that everything has a meaning!"

"No ...!"
He interrupted me
"You were attracted by a picture of me. You were attracted by the idea that I was a vampire and was able to seduce a woman. You came here to find a Casanova because of your curiosity. It's fate!"


Okay! When you think about it! Well then maybe he's right! I didn't recognize it and I knew it was a picture that had attracted me. Still, I doubted that it was fate. I had planned to go home and leave Niall. Now I was rather stuck here and maybe that was the point? Still, I wanted to go home. The idea of not having a will made ​​me afraid. I wanted to have control over my own life, over my choices and right now, I hadn't.


Niall let his hand slide over my back and I woke up from my thoughts. I met his eyes and saw lust. He looked at me with love and it made me flinch.
"I'm not Kath!"
Niall smiled and unbuttoned dress on the back.
"I know!"
In the end, slid the dress down and my shoulders were bare. Niall sat directly down in front of me and looked into my eyes. I felt how he influenced me and his hands moved gently over my neck up over my face.
"You are perfect!" he mumbled and made me drop the barriers. I don't know what I did, but right as it was, I flew only on him and kissed him.


I kissed him passionately and he followed my movements. I felt that he stripped me naked and laid me on my back. I felt his lips caressed my body and kiss my breasts. It was as if I wasn't there, but still present. He moved over my entire body and I moaned. Finally he lay on top of me and I felt him made ​​me want to go all the way. I tried to undress him, but he refused to take off his clothes.
"No!" Niall murmured against my lips. "I can't go all the way, not to day!"
Instead, he let his hand slide down between my legs and I felt that he perfect moved the hand over my most sensitive part. He let his fingers play with my clit and immediately I was like crazy. Without having sex, he got me to reach for the stars. I kissed him, I accepted every move he made and finally I came.


Afterwards, I was embarrassed and felt myself blushing. Direct Niall kissed me and shook his head
"No, you have nothing to be ashamed of!"
I swallowed
"So why couldn't do it with me?"
Niall stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes.
"The day when we have sex, I will bite you. Vampires can't just have sex, but we bite each other, and actually can become violent."
I was flabbergasted.
"Okay, thank you didn't have sex with me!"
He laughed lightly
"It was nothing, I hope that we will get there one day, but so far it's too early in the relationship!"

"We have no relationship!"
He laughed
"Just a moment ago, you where prepared to have sex with me, but still we have no relationship? For me it's important to have a relationship if you're going to go that far!"
I was ashamed and immediately I felt myself blushing again.
"Can you get up and go of my body?"
Niall shook his head and kissed me again. I had to return his kiss and I had no strength to resist. He always knew what to do and it made me go crazy.
"One day!" he mumbled. "Will you become a vampire, and then we have sex as much as you want!"
I hit him.
"Go away from my body!"

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