No ordinary life...

Kirja is an ordinary girl with a ordinary job in a ordinary school, or at least that's what she thinks...


2. Something's not right


Kirja POV

-  I'm home!

- mm

Okey, I did not expect that my mother would scream "hi honey, how was school?" because she never really answer. So I walk upstairs to my huge room. I take my laptop and sit on the bed. 3 mails from Sasha and Annie.


From Annie

Hi, did you see that cute new boy today?


From Sasha

Do you want to go shoping? Yesterday I saw the cutest shoes ever!


From Annie

Hallo! can you answer my question?!


I didn't feel for answer them so I just closed my laptop and walked downstairs. i made a sandwich and went outside. When I'm at the lake I sit down and starting to eat my sandwich. I have so many thoughts like; Why can't my life be normal? Sasha is totaly weird, the email wasn't showing how weird she is

Suddenly my thoughts interupts because It feels like someone is staring at me, but the strainge part is that no one is there. This relly scares me for some reason so I walk home. I open the door and...

-Where have you been!? my dad shouts

-Outside, I answer unintressted and walk to my room again.

Well in my room I lay on my bed and just thinking, thats befor someone slamming door.

-Don'tyou dare go away from me while I talking to you! my dad is red if anger, and yes it scares me alot!

- W-what have I done now?

-You know what you have done young lady!

With that he slaps me in the face and leaving a red mark. Then he walks out. In that moment I can see someone outside my window. I quickly walk up to it and looks out thrue the window, but noone is there. Something is going on here so I decides to figure it out.


David POV


I can see her standing by the window looking for me, I'm right infront of the whindow on the ground, but it's inpossible for her to see me.

 We have followed her for many years but not as much as now, we are the onlyones that know what she really is, and hopfully it will stay so...

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