once upon a little boy

En dramatisk novelle skrevet om en dreng med diverse problemer.

-Med inspiration fra en anden historie jeg engang læste.


1. ❤

When its christmas, kids usually writes down their biggest wishes, so they won't get disappointed  when all of their presents is laying underneath a green beautiful decorated christmas tree. Dolls, action-heroes & all kind of other toys is what you usually will read on kids wish lists. But for a little boy, his wish list this year, looked a little different. His wish list was a blank paper, with quirky letters written of an 8-year old, which said; a black & white notebook. His parent wondered if the boy was serious about it, but they bought it, he got it, and he loved it, so that was what it was all about. 


The boys first sentences on the first blank page with black lines he wrote a poem. A poem with the title "Chubby". Chubby was the name of the boys dog, and oh boy, he loved that dog, so that's what it was all about. He showed the poem to his teacher, and the teacher gave him an A. The boys mother read the poem and hang it up on the fridge, so the whole family could notice the little boys talent. But Chubby was a curious dog, and for curious dogs it tends to be a bad thing to live next to a freeway. With other words; a tragical summer day led to a family which no longer had a dog. That was the same year the little boy started in middle school and the year his father were diagnosed with cancer. And unfortunately, it didn't end well. The little boy found his notebook and on the second blank page with black lines he wrote another poem. He called the poem "Dearest father". Because he missed his father… so much, so that was what it was all about. He showed it to his teacher, who gave him an A, and gave him a hug. And he hung it up on the fridge by himself, cause when his mother finally would come home, she wouldn't even be able to walk a straight line. The little boy found comfort with the little girl across the street, who gave him a kiss on each cheek, when they said goodbye. The little boy didn't really like saying goodbye. Cause goodbye means going away, and when you go away, you forget certain things or people from the past.


When the boy graduated middle school, he was lonely. The girl across the street weren't there, his sister moved out long time ago and his mother almost lived on the local pub in town. 

The boy got his notebook and on the third blank page with black lines he wrote a new poem, called "Loneliness". This poem was about his feelings, and he wanted so bad to show it to someone, but then he remembered; no one was there, he was all by himself. A dark night the boy looked up to the sky and looked at the stars. Stars shining so bright, while he was sitting there on the roof, with an empty feeling inside. He thought about what it would be like if he was gone tomorrow. The stars would still be shining, the sun would still rise, the earth would still turn around & seasons would still change.


The boy started in high school, and was hoping for a new beginning. The boy was used to be by himself, but when all the other kids went around in groups, the rumors started and the nicknames were created. The boy found his notebook and on the fourth blank page with black lines he wrote another poem. This time he called it "Absolutely nothing", cause that was what it was really all about. And he gave himself an A, an a slash on each damned wrist. He hung it up on the bathroom mirror, cause this time he wasn't sure he could reach the fridge in the kitchen in time. 

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