The Heart That Was Made to be Broken

"Do you even have a prediction on how much it can hurt to have someone you love to come along into your life and tear your heart apart, then leave you, without even trying to repair your hearts? No, you do not. Nobody really understands my situation, so I would be right to doubt that you would understand."


1. Don't Go...

"George, please don't! No, not there!" Ellie squealed, trying to stop her boyfriend of a couple of months; George, from tickling her. "Yes! I found your most ticklish spot!" George cheered in victory, tickling her waist, a massive grin on his face, laughter escaping his lips. "No!" Ellie whined loudly, squirming, her hands often trying to grip George's wrists so she could make him stop, giggles becoming audible from her throat. "Yes!" George laughed, and soon stopped, only to lean down and kiss her cheek; causing Ellie to blush lightly and pout. "You missed," Ellie stated, poking his nose and pouting. George let out a hearty chuckle before leaning down and kissing her lips softly, yet sweetly, making Ellie kiss back and wrap her arms around his neck. Realising Ellie was distracted, George quickly began to tickle her again, pulling away and grinning cheekily. "I hate you!" Ellie whined, trying to squirm away again. "I love you too," George chuckled, soon stopping tickling her and sat up, pulling her into an embrace, rubbing her back. "That's better," Ellie murmured, giggling quietly and snuggling into him. Chuckling again, George smiled and kissed her forehead, rocking their bodies side to side.


You'd never think they would end up being apart, not even for a split second.


"George, don't do this please..." Ellie begged, her gaze on the ground as she struggled to hold back tears, and George sighed deeply, their hands joined. George gently ran his thumb over Ellie's knuckles and kissed her forehead before pulling her into a hug, sniffling. "Why do you have to move anyway?" she asked, looking up at George, tears filling her eyes for what felt like a millionth time. "My dad got a job," George explained simply, smiling weakly and wiping away his girlfriend's tears. "Can't you stay here?" Ellie questioned, furrowing her eyebrows and sighing. "No, I'm too young," George chuckled quietly, trying to stay happy about this situation but it was hard to; knowing they can't be in each other's embrace whenever they wanted to be. "I promise I'll come back when I'm old enough," he also added, pecking his nose and smiling slightly. "That's when you're eighteen, right?" Ellie murmured, looking away from him and hugging him tightly. "Yeah." George confirmed, nodding as well, making Ellie groan inaudibly. "That's in three or four years." Ellie frowned, looking up at him again, not wanting to be apart for years. "I'll try and visit, and I'll call you on Skype as many times as I can, okay?" George promised, gently kissing her forehead again. "It won't be the same though," Ellie sighed, shaking her head slightly. "I know, but I don't want to break up," George mumbled, knowing that if they couldn't cope, they would have to break up, and that was the last thing the couple wanted. "I love you George," Ellie whispered, leaning up and kissing his cheek, then resting her chin on his shoulder. Holding her even tightly and closely, George sniffled and murmured, "I love you too, Ellie."

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