My Riding Adventure

This is my home work and im doing it about Star Stable Online! The horses in this book are based on me and my friends horses on there. My friend on star stable is also on there.


1. Winners till the end

As Smokeprince and I sped through the last few fences of the show jumping course, I knew we had won it fair and square. I patted him professionally but I wasn't feeling like a pro. I wanted to hug and kiss him and feed him lots of carrots. I rode my lap of glory proudly, wearing my sash and he wearing his, shaking our heads in amazement as we zipped and zoomed past the cheering crowd. We had just won 3000 Star Coins! Star coins was the money they had back in Jorvik, where Alexis lived. She lived there with her big sister Lydia. Lydia was very fortunate in the show ring and mainly stayed there, with the occasional cross country round here and there. No other team in the hole of Jorvik could ever beat the Bluelakes, what with there stylish riding and fantastic horses. They were sponsored by a major company called Firgrove Runners, who ran a successful horse racing string.



Lydia would be so pleased she had won it or her as she could not enter. Her horse, Night Champion, had been training to ride at this particular show had just gone down with Laminitis. Although it had cleared and the vet said he would be fine to ride she didn't want to take any chances. Her sister winning this was the next best thing and she knew she had made her very proud. The horse truck ride home seemed very short as I was full of excitement. Today had been successful for the Bluelakes. The Old Harvest Championship was a very posh show and for the crowd it became very exciting during the cross country phase as most of the leaders were eliminated, all except a few including the Bluelakes. This would mean a guaranteed place in the ribbons. As she got out of the horse truck and unloaded Smokey into his stable, he felt sweaty and restless. "That's weird" I said, " Im pretty sure I cooled him off at the show grounds and he was perfectly fine!" I decided to get the vet out to see him. The vet came in a matter of minutes because she was only round the corner, tending to a sick foal.



She had a grave face on as she did her check over. "What's wrong? Is he alright!?!?"

"Im afraid not Alexis"

"Why what ever is the matter with him you mustn't hide it!"

 " Alexis. Im sorry to deliver this news. But in that horse truck" She pointed at the bright gold and black vehicle."In that vehicle, Smokey had colic"

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