My Riding Adventure

This is my home work and im doing it about Star Stable Online! The horses in this book are based on me and my friends horses on there. My friend on star stable is also on there.


2. Hot air balloon

I woke up the next day feeling very weird. Why am I feeling all tingly and wrong. Then I remembered. Last night Smokeprince, my top eventer, had been taken to the vet's because he had had the worst bout of colic you can have. I got up, got dressed and ran down to the field. My other horse, Starwalker, was grazing out in the field. She was a dapple grey Andalucian mare. I slipped her tan and black leather head collar over her steel grey head. I lead her in and tied her up in her roomy cosy stable. I groomed her till she shone and plaited her mane up nicely. Atleast she was making me feel better already. I picked her hooves out and tacked her up quickly. I then led her all the way to the sow jumping arena and got working. We warmed up in the connected dressage arena then took her over the course. She flew over the jumps and that's when it happened.


Right before jumping the final fence, I had a sharp pain in my arm.  I fell from my horse and onto the surprisingly hard sandy ground. before I knew it I was knocked out by the powerful dart. I felt the ground rushing up to meet my falling body. I had been tranquilized.



When I finally woke up I was surprised to see Lydia next to me. I saw a man standing over us but with his back turned away. I then saw a baseball bat. That must have been what they used to get Lydia. I worked out a plan and slowly rose to my feet. When I peeked over the edge I saw we were in a massive air balloon I reached out and grabbed the baseball bat with one firm swift movement. Then I tiptoed towards him and hit him thoroughly over the head with the weapon/sport equipment. He flew over the side of the air balloon which he was leaning against and fell to his sudden and well earned death.



When I woke Lydia up she was very dazed and confused. "Huh?! What Happened? Alexis?"

" Dark Core hit you with a baseball bat to get your horse and you ended up up here as a hostage with me. That's all really."

" Oh ok!" She said wearily and dropped off back to sleep.

Wirdo... I thought as I looked down I could see 3 wild horses galloping under us.

I smiled to myself ass I controlled the air balloon down to its landing spot in the middle of a cross country course. This is my crazy but amazing life, full of joy and horses.

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