I wish you knew

I wish you knew the real me not the fake me. I wish you knew my job and I wish you knew why I am here.
I am here to kill you. Niall. Horan.
I kill people for a living and now I have to kill the dad of my unborn baby. GREAT.
My name is Scarlett I am 15.
I am risking everything sleeping with a target but I always have lived on the wild side


7. Training

"Thank you." I said handing the man the money.
"Pizza's are here" I yelled.
Alex and Spirit came running through to the kitchen an jumped on the counter.
"You two are so childish" I said laughing.
"Hey I am a child." Spirit complained.
" I guess spending a day with us and you start becoming more like us." Alex said smiling.
We ate the pizza's then went to sleep. We had to be up early.
*next morning*
I  was nice not changing behind a curtain. I changed into: http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_64/set?id=102634839 
and then tied my hair in a perfect bun. I carefully placed the red wig on my head and then walked out of my room. I checked my phone first and it read 8:25am. I slipped my phone into my bra.
Alex was wearing this: http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_65/set?id=102635674
"Morning" Alex said rubbing her eyes.
"Well you sound tired." I said laughing.
"Yeah Spirit kept me up all night. I had to explain everything." She said. 
"Did you explain the universe?" I asked laughing again.
"We almost got there." Alex said laughing.
Spirit walked into the kitchen area where we were stood,in her pyjamas. 
"Spirit get dressed." I said.
"I don't wanna" She complained.
"Well I don't care. Now get dressed." I snapped.
"Why don't you help her." Alex said.
I gave her a glare then walked into her room. I went through Spirit's suitcase and chucked some clothes on Alex's bed.
"Wear them" I said then walked out.
She walked out about 5 minutes later wearing: http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_66/set?id=102639794
"Come here" I said to Spirit. I ran in my room grabbed some long black extensions, a red bow and some straighteners.
I straightened Spirit's hair then clipped the extensions. I then placed the red bow in her hair. 
"She looks amazing." Alex said "Get the guns now".
I grabbed the guns from my wardrobe and slid one into my shorts. I hurried out of my room and chucked one at Alex she slide that in her shorts too. 
"I will take yours" I said to spirit.
"You wanna train my then give my the gun now" She snapped.
WOW. She is getting more like us everyday.
"Fine." I replied and chucked the gun at her. She caught it and slid it into her leggings.
We practically ran to the forest which was hard in heels but that is what I wear on the job so that is what I practise in.
I pulled my phone out of my bra and the time read 9:38am.
I grabbed a big leaf and drew a target on it in my lipstick. 
"Aim for the smallest circle" I said pulling the gun out my shorts. 
"First work on pulling the gun out." Alex said.
"OK" I replied. 
We hadn't really planned what we were gonna do we were just kinda winging it.
We spent the next hour trying to get her to do it right. Finally she did.
"Ok so now aiming." Alex said.
"Alexis we went through that yesterday." I complained.
"Don't call me that. Fine just shoot." Alex said.
I loaded Spirits gun and then we spent the rest of the day shooting. It took awhile for Spirit to get the hang of it and to be honest she is still pretty bad. We will just have to practise tomorrow as well. We ended up back at home at 9pm ish.

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