I wish you knew

I wish you knew the real me not the fake me. I wish you knew my job and I wish you knew why I am here.
I am here to kill you. Niall. Horan.
I kill people for a living and now I have to kill the dad of my unborn baby. GREAT.
My name is Scarlett I am 15.
I am risking everything sleeping with a target but I always have lived on the wild side


5. The room

A couple hours later and a lot of annoying pointless questions later we landed. 
"Please exit out of this door." The trolley dolly (flight attendant) said.  
We walked out and collected our suitcases. I held Spirit's hand again not wanting to lose her.
I pulled out my phone and checked the Facebook page my mum had set up after I had gone missing. 'Scarlett Fisher missing' Was the name of the page.
I wanted to tell her where I was but I know Rob would kill me. NO JOKE. 
I slide the Iphone 4 into my bra again. Alex had the same phone. 
"Where are we staying?" Alex asked.
"The pieces of paper says 'ask the man in the red hat that has the name 'Roberts' on his sign." I repeated.
We searched for a man like that until we found him 30 minutes later.
"Hi Scarlett Betts" I said smiling.
"Wow" He spat out.
"Just drive us to the stupid hotel and stop staring." I spat.
"Ok. The 'stuff' is at your hotel room." He said winking.
I honestly had no idea what he was on about.
I just nodded.
We sat in his car and he drove us to the hotel. Miami was beautiful. The beaches looked amazing and the trees looked so perfect. It looked too perfect almost unreal.
"get out Scar" Alex said.
"Ok" I said pulling myself out of the red convertible.
"What room?" I asked.
"126" The man replied. 
The man pointed us in the direction of the doors then left us. 
"Hello room 126??" Alex asked.
"Here are your keys.....ummm Miss. Betts." The woman said in a high pitch voice.
I snatched the keys out of her hand and walked away. We hurried to the elevator that was about to close. 
"So we need to find Niall." I said.
"Yeah we do. I think there is a signing today about 10 minutes from here." Alex said.
"YAY Niall Horan. I like one direction" Spirit cheered as I unlocked our room. 
I walked straight in and found a bedroom. 
"This is my room" I shouted throwing my suitcase under the bed.
"Scar we have a problem." Alex shouted at me from another room.
"What?" I yelled.
"Rob only booked 2 bedrooms." She replied.
"So I have no bedroom" Spirit cried.
"You can stay in Alex's room" I said walking out of my room and into the kitchen/living room. They were in the same room. 
"Thanks" Alex shouted sarcastically.
"It's ok." I yelled back smiling. 
I lead Spirit into Alex's room. She had a small sofa tucked away in the corner. I didn't. This was not fair.
"I don't have a sofa." I complained.
"You also don't have a 9 year old in your room." Alex snapped.
"Fine" I said walking out.
I had to find the 'stuff'. I am sure there is something that there is something I can use today. He can overdose on sleeping pills or something. I walked into my room and pulled out all of the drawers. Nothing. I crawled to the wardrobe and swung it open. I pushed all the clothes out the way and there was everything. 3 handheld guns, sleeping pills, poison and a long piece of rope. Wow this is gonna be hard. I usually have more stuff. 
"Well lets get going."  I shouted.
"What about training, Spirit?" Alex said.
"Fine lets do that now." I said.
I picked up the guns and chucked on at Alex as she walked into my room with spirit.
"Have this." I said handing one to Spirit. 
I made sure it wasn't loaded first.
"Aim it at Alex" I said. 
"Don't please." Alex said.
"Just do it" I said getting annoyed.
Spirit pointed the gun at her and held it there.
"Well done now just close your right left eye and the aim will be better." I said.
I hope she is learning and getting the hang of it. 
"Ok now enough of that. You will jut have to copy us now" I said. 
I redone my lipstick then grabbed a bottle of sleeping pills. I shoved them into a clutch bag I had. 
"Lets leave now" I said.
We hurried to the signing. There was a lot of people there. 
"Ok we are gonna hang around here till they leave then I will bump into Niall later" I said the plan again. 
I was meant to take time but I wanted to get it over with so that I could party and relax for the rest of the 3 months.

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