I wish you knew

I wish you knew the real me not the fake me. I wish you knew my job and I wish you knew why I am here.
I am here to kill you. Niall. Horan.
I kill people for a living and now I have to kill the dad of my unborn baby. GREAT.
My name is Scarlett I am 15.
I am risking everything sleeping with a target but I always have lived on the wild side


4. The flight

"Wake the fuck up" A familiar voice shouted. It was Rob.
"What?!?!" I complained rolling over.
"Get up and dressed you guys need to leave in 30 minutes." Rob yelled.
"Fine" I pulled myself out of bed.
I picked my stuff up and took it to a the corner. We have a curtain in the corner of our room which we change behind.
I changed into this and done my make-up like this: http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_62/set?id=102351495
"Someone is dolling up" Alex said playfully pushing me.
Alexis was wearing this: http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_63/set?id=102352352
"Yeah I wanna look sexy and make a good impression" I said smiling.
I tied my hair up in a bun using  doughnut I made it perfect. I slide the wig over my hair. Making sure it looked natural.
"You look fab now" Alex whispered in my ear sending shivers done my back.
"Cheers" I said.
She made her wig look natural. 
We dropped our suitcases down the ladder and then hurried down. We hurried to the kitchen. 
"About time. There is a car waiting outside for you that will drive you to the airport and then you have to make your way to this hotel. Rob handed us a piece of paper. Here are your fake passports and some money. You will have phones in on the seats of the car for you. That is it really bye girls." Rob said patting us on the back.
"Wait where is spirit?" I asked.
"In the car" Rob replied. 
We walked Down the long stoney drive and I left my suitcase on the curb for the driver to sort out. The driver placed our suitcases in the boot of the black land rover.
"That is yours" Spirit said handing me a phone. 
"Cheers" I said smiling. This is gonna be annoying. 
How am I meant to get a job done while training a little kid? I thought.
We drove to the airport in silence. It was a 3 hour drive. I hate silence I am ready to kill myself. I stepped out of the car. I was turning a few heads with my slutty outfit but thats how I like it. I like being a head turning it catches my targets attention and I have plans to bump into Niall today.
We walked into the massive building, I was holding Spirit's hand so we didn't lose her. The drive was following us with our suitcases. 
"Okay leave now." I said snatching the suitcases off him. 
We placed our suitcases on the luggage trolley. They loaded our suitcases onto the plane while we had our passports checked.
"Are you really 20?" The woman said looking Alex up and down.
"Yes. Can we hurry up we don't wanna miss our flight?" Alex said.
"Okay Alexis Betts." She said. 
We walked through the gate and took our seats in the plane.
"Why do we have to lie?" Spirit asked.
"So people don't catch us." I said quietly.
" But I don't like lying" Spirit complained.
"Get use to it kid." I said. 
This is gonna be a long flight.


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