I wish you knew

I wish you knew the real me not the fake me. I wish you knew my job and I wish you knew why I am here.
I am here to kill you. Niall. Horan.
I kill people for a living and now I have to kill the dad of my unborn baby. GREAT.
My name is Scarlett I am 15.
I am risking everything sleeping with a target but I always have lived on the wild side


6. The coffee

I needed to know where One direction was going after this so I walked over to their car and the window was open. WOW do they want fans getting in. I placed a walkie talkie under the chairs. I had wrapped tap around the buttons so that I could alway here what they were saying. I walked back to Alex and Spirit and waited for the signing to be over. 
-1 hour later-
The signing was over and one direction were about to leave but the fans weren't gonna leave their idols that easily.One direction piled into a car and they were almost ready to leave. Apart from the fans in front of the car. I hurried over to the car and stood behind it among the fans, leaving Alex and Spirit at the wall we were stood at. A man got out the car and girls kept screaming "OMG PAUL" So I guess his name is Paul. He cleared the fans out the way and the car drove. I put the walkie talkie up to my ear. 
"I am hungry" 
"Lets go to the Starbucks down the road" 
"No lets go to subway" 
"I don't wanna go to subway"
"Lets go to costa coffee then" 
I have to go to costa then. I hurried back to the other 2 and told them we were going to costa. 
It took a while but we were finally there. I pushed my way through the swarm of fans that surrounded it. 
"So you can't go in" Paul said.
"I walked 5 miles in these fucking heels I am going in" I complained pushing past him.
I lied I had only walked 5 minutes.
"Order me a hot chocolate." I said.
I sat down watching one direction in the corner of my eye. We were the only ones in here. I waited for Niall to get up. I watched as he started to get up. This was gonna hurt. I quickly chucked some painkillers in my mouth and swallowed. I stood up and walked over to Niall. I pulled my phone out and starred at it. I made myself walk into causing his burning hot coffee to spill all over my bare stomach. CRAP. That hurt.
"I am so sorry." Niall said standing there.
"No I am sorry. I shouldn't be on this stupid phone." I said gesturing towards my phone.
"No it was my fault really." Niall said.
"No really. I will go buy you another drink" I said turning on my heels.
I waited for him to go back to his seat and then I brought him the drink. I ordered two and took both back to my table. I poured the crushed up sleeping pills into the coffee. I placed the empty bottle back into my clutch bag and walked over to Niall drinking my second hot chocolate. 
"Here you go." I said handing Niall the drink while smiling.
"Slut much" Harry whispered to Louis.
Louis nodded in reply.
"Give me a sip bro." Zayn said taking the drink off Niall.
This is not meant to happen.I looked over at Alex and nodded she done the same.
"Ewww. This is coffee not hot chocolate." I spat out the drink on the floor.
"Is that my hot chocolate?" I asked Niall.
"I think." Niall said looking confused.
I snatched the drink out of Zayn's hands and drank it. 
"I am not convinced." I said "Alex come and taste this" I shouted
She walked over and took the cup out of my hand. I winked at her. She 'dropped' the cup. It fell to the floor and splashed onto my bare legs.
"SHIT" I screamed. 
I was not ready for that. 
"Come here Let me help." Niall said getting up. 
"Ok." I replied giving him a cheap smile.
He hurried off to the bathroom and came back with a wet tissue. He pressed it gently against my skin. He was so sweet and kind. Shame he has to die soon. 
"Cheers. I better get. Her home we have to prepare mum's funeral for next month." Alex said. 
"Oh I am so sorry for your lose." Niall said.
Alex pulled me off the floor and helped me out the door.
"That really hurt." I complained.
"Yeah. We can sort it out in a second. Don't try anything this early."  Alex said.
She practically dragged me and Spirit back to the hotel. I didn't wanna argue with her either I knew I was in the wrong but then our whole lives are in the wrong.
"We are taking the stairs." Alex said pulling me away from the stairs.
"Why?" Spirit complained.
"Because you need fitness training." She replied.
"That sucks" Spirit complained.
"So does life." I hissed.
"If we can do it in heels you can do it in flats." Alex said.
We ran up all the stairs not stopping once. We even ran right to our room.
"Look we need to train you a lot more." I said to Spirit.
"Well I don't really wanna be trained." She said.
"Don't get attitude with me. You are getting trained end of." I snapped.
"There is a forest about 20 minutes away. We can go there ad teach her to shoot." Alex said coming into my room with cling film and an ice pack.
"Cheers and yeah that will be a great idea." I replied taking the stuff off her.
I placed the ice pack on the burn and left it there for a while.
"Ok tomorrow it is. Meanwhile teach her how to tie some knots." I said to Alex.
I took the ice pack off and wrapped the burn in cling film.
I watched as they tied knots for about 3 hours. I helped them sometimes.
"I will call the pizza place" I said walking into the kitchen. 
This burn was not gonna stop me looking great. 
"One cheese pizza please and a ham and pineapple pizza please. room 126 at the sunrise hotel." I said and then hung up.

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