I wish you knew

I wish you knew the real me not the fake me. I wish you knew my job and I wish you knew why I am here.
I am here to kill you. Niall. Horan.
I kill people for a living and now I have to kill the dad of my unborn baby. GREAT.
My name is Scarlett I am 15.
I am risking everything sleeping with a target but I always have lived on the wild side


2. Target

"Look I have just been asked to put two of my best girls on a job. This is the person you have to kill." Rob showed me a picture of this boy.
His name was Niall Horan.
"Why?" I asked.
"In debt. He owes some drug dealers." Rob replied.
"SO who is going with me?" I asked.
"Alexis" Rob said. 
Alexis is Alex's real name.
"But we have to train spirit." I stated.
'Train her on the job." He replied.
"She is 9 not 15 or 17. 9" I complained.
"Are you turning down a job. Because the last girl who...." I cut him off.
"I know she disappeared " I said.
You see even though we live with Rob we have to buy our own food, drinks, Phones, furniture ,apart from the basics like a bed, ect. Unless it is for a job and she couldn't afford her food and He sold he to a Russian man.
"So what is my story?" I asked.
"Well you are a fan. your name Scarlett. Your 18. You just moved with your sisters after your parents died. You can all keep your first names but your last name is Betts. Alex is 20 and Spirit is 9." He said. 
"What is the pay?" I asked.
"1 million" Rob replied.
"When will we leave?" I asked.
I knew I was asking the right question because Alex told me to ask this stuff when I get a new job and I have been.
"Tomorrow" Rob stated quickly.
"How long do I have?" I asked  yet another question.
"Ummm...... 3 months because he is famous and you need to be trusted." He answered.
"Ok I will tell them." I said getting up.
I spotted them on the stairs.
"What is the job?" Alex I gr asked.
"Niall Horan" I said. waling up the stairs to my room. 
I lived on the top floor. Well the attic with Alex. Spirit followed us up to our room.
 "We can't he is Niall Fucking Horan." Alex complained.
"Well we have to." I said. 
I jumped on my bed. 
"But he is so hot." Alex complained some more.
"Yeah and we have no choice we are leaving tomorrow" I stated.
"What about spirit?" Alex asked.
"We take her with us" I said.
"Where am I going?" Spirit asked jumping on my bed.
"We are gonna train you" I said. 
I rubbed my eyes and pushed my hair out of my face. 
"For what?" Spirit asked.
I stood up and walked down the wooden ladder that lead to our room.I grabbed a towel from the cupboard where all the towels are kept. I headed towards the bathroom. I stripped from all my clothes and showered. I ran my hand over a bruise that was left by the man I fought earlier. I washed my hair and jumped out. I wrapped a towel around me and tied a bath robe around me. I ran to my room and got dressed into some grey trackies and a white vest top.
"You never answered me." Spirit complained.
"Look some things are hard to explain." I snapped.
"Yeah but this isn't. Alex said quickly.
"Shut up" I said 
I sat on my bed and looked around our room. It was plain, boring and small.

But me and Alex were lucky there is only 5 bedrooms in this house. One room for the newbies, one for Rob and 3 other rooms one of which is mine and Alex's. It is a crowded place when everyone is here but that is rare.
"Just explain or she will never learn" Alex said.
"You explain then" I snapped.
"You." Alex spat.
OMG I guess I have to because Alex is stubborn as fuck.

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