I wish you knew

I wish you knew the real me not the fake me. I wish you knew my job and I wish you knew why I am here.
I am here to kill you. Niall. Horan.
I kill people for a living and now I have to kill the dad of my unborn baby. GREAT.
My name is Scarlett I am 15.
I am risking everything sleeping with a target but I always have lived on the wild side


3. Explaining

"Explain what?" Spirit said stamping her foot.
She was stood right in between our beds. 
"We have to train you" I trailed off not want to do this.
Everybody thinks assassin are heartless bitches but I didn't choose this. I was forced so was every other girl here we just go with the flow now and sometimes it is hard.
"For what?" She asked. Her big brown eyes stared at me.
"Our job." I replied.
I dropped to the hard wooden floor. I stared back into her eyes. I placed my hands on her shoulders
"What is the job?" Spirit asked.
"Baby girl I am so sorry" I whispered.
"I am not a baby." She complained.
"We kill people." I muttered.
Her eyes teared up. I felt so bad.
"No....NO..NO" She screamed pushing my arms off her shoulders and backing away from us.
"You killed my parents." She screamed.
She was pressed against the wall still screaming. I turned to Alex who was completely calm. I wanted to freak out but that wouldn't help.
"No that wasn't us." Alex said.
There was only one other girl in the house and she came running up. Her name was Minnie, she was 14, Rob found her on the street about 3 weeks ago. She knows about our jobs and she is in training with Rob. She has bleach blonde hair.
"What is going on?" She asked. 
She walked over to Spirit but Spirit screamed and pushed her away. 
"We told her" Alex said.
"Why would you do that?" Minnie complained.
"We have to train her soon" I said.
"Spirit. We have to do it." Minnie explained.
"Why though? I don't wanna hurt people like you." Spirit complained.
"Because they have hurt other people" Alex said.
"My parents hadn't done anything wrong or hurt anyone." Spirit shouted.
"What is going on up there?" Rob yelled.
"Don't worry." I shouted back.
"Okay. Why is Spirit up? her curfew was hours ago. Don't make me come up there" Rob replied.
"Okay Spirit is now leaving" I yelled back.
"We have to do this as a job and so do you, Spirit so like it or not you are gonna be trained." Alex said.
"That is harsh" Minnie complained.
"She has to learn though." I agreed with Alex.
"Oh whatever. Spirit where are you sleeping?" Minnie asked.
"With you. I don't wanna be with these murderers." Spirit complained.
"Come on then curfew is 8 for you and it is 10" Minnie said. 
I watched as Minnie and spirit left. 
"So now what?" Alex asked.
"We have to pack." I replied.
"Okay so where are we going?" Alex asked.
"Well one direction are in Miami for a while so Miami I guess." I said.
"Yesss I have always wanted to go there." Alex yelled.
I shoved most of my clothes in my suitcase and I placed a red wig on the floor next to my bed along with my outfit for tomorrow. Alex done the same only she had a blonde wig. 
The wigs looked like really hair. I think they were real hair. That is a bit weird I am putting someone else's hair on my head. I thought as Me and Alex tried to fall asleep in our beds.

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