Behind those big blue eyes

I'm Taylor. I'm 16 and in a care home. No one knows my past I won't tell anyone. Until JJ adopted me. Turns out he's in a boyband union j..
Will I tell him what's hiding behind my big blue eyes


3. nightmares and midnight talks

jaymi's pov

*at tea*

'so taylor, do you have any hobbies?'

'um i play clarinet and used to go to a drama club' she said very quietly. she's so quiet i know shes scared of us. which worries me. i'm gonna make her more confident.

'you not hungry?'i asked she hadn't touched her food at all

'no..sorry...dont hurt me, please?' we looked at her shocked

'babe its ok we dont mind we're not gonna hurt you cause your not hungry. why do you think that?' i said softly

she winced and shook her head

'i'm gonna go my sleep. night'

she ran upstairs

'poor girl' josh whispered

*that night*

i woke up about 11 oclock just out of instinct and i heard taylor talking in her sleep.

then all of a sudden she screamed.

i jumped up and ran into the room, the lads also running in jj witha base ball bat josh with a tennis bat and george with his hands in a karate possision

i looked at taylor and she was sitting up watching them with a scared expression.

'um guys id get rid of the bats.. theres no one here.' i said

she smiled at me and mouthed 'thank you'

'Its okay you wanna talk about what happened?'

'Umm...I had a nightmare..'

'What happened?'

'That he came back.'

'Who babe?'

My dad and brother.'


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