Behind those big blue eyes

I'm Taylor. I'm 16 and in a care home. No one knows my past I won't tell anyone. Until JJ adopted me. Turns out he's in a boyband union j..
Will I tell him what's hiding behind my big blue eyes


2. meeting the boys

josh's pov

oh my gosh i'm so exited! i swear! i'm shaking. can't wait. i got a text from JJ not to scare her. okay easy enough

they walked in

'taylor this is your new house. these are the boys, jaymi he's gay and olly his fiancee comes round sometimes, this is george, and this is josh.'

she said hi to us all in a really quiet voice

'you okay?' i asked quietly

'yeah.' she whispered back and smiled at me.

'can you show me my room?' she looked at JJ

'yeah of course'

they went upstairs to show her, her room.

10 minuets later JJ came down without taylor.

'where is she?' jaymi asked

'putting her things away'

'okay well i;m gonna make tea.'

'shall i go ask what she wants?' george asked

'i'll go aswell' i said we both wanted to get to know her.

'yeah ok' jaymi said.

*taylors pov*

i'd just finished packing when two of the boys knocked on the door.

'hey jaymi ws wondering what you'd like for tea?' the one with a quiff said quietly,josh i think

'i don't mind' i whispered

'i'll go tell him' said the one with his hair infront of his face i think he was george.

'can i ask again whats your name's?' i asked

'im george' said the one with long hair

'and i'm josh' said the one with a quiff

i nodded

josh walked in further and sat on the edge of my bed next to me.

'are you sure your okay?' he looked concerned

i nodded again i didnt want to tell him anything yet.

'okay' he went back downstairs.

thats when i started crying again


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