Behind those big blue eyes

I'm Taylor. I'm 16 and in a care home. No one knows my past I won't tell anyone. Until JJ adopted me. Turns out he's in a boyband union j..
Will I tell him what's hiding behind my big blue eyes


1. meeting him.

taylors pov

'TAYLOR! GET UP THERES SOMEONE HERE! he's seen you on the internet and wants to meet you' caitlin and mason shouted in my ear.

'ugch i'm up! 'i'm up...' i got up and got in the shower when i'd done that i dried my hair and went downstairs to get my breakfast and meet this random person.


'yes aunty pat?'

'come in here a minuet'

'i will in a sec just getting my toast!'

i got my toast and went into aunty pats office. and omg the hottest guy i have ever seen was standing right there. he was gorgeous!

'ahh taylor this is JJ he wanted to meet you bacuse he wants to adopt you but he needs to be sure you'll be alright with him adopting you and to make sure you don't mine three other lads living with you.'

'umm.. yeah i don't mind.. aslong as they don't hurt me then thats fine'

'okay well we won't hurt you we don't like hurting if you want go pack your stuff say your goodbyes and we'll go' he said and smiled at me.



JJ's pov

'NO!' i heard a little girl scream and a lot of other kids start crying. taylor was beutiful and now i can call her my daughter. she has beutiful big blue eyes and gorgeous ginger hair. but she looks troubled, pat couldn't tel me nything about her because apparently no one knows what happened to her in the past. i'm going to try and find out. the minimum pat knows is that she tried to kill herself twice...and that she has nightmares every night....sometimes not though and she cries herself to sleep every night.

i want to know whats happened to her..


i looked up and seen her with one bag next to her red puffy eyes and a load of crying kids behind her two of which holding her hand.

'okay i'll teke your bags in the car' i said and smiled

she smiled back and turned to the kids.

just after i put her bags in the car she came up behind me

'okay i'm ready' she half smiled at me.

'okay get in the front or back your choice'

she got in the front put her seatbelt on and put her head against the window.

it was silent the whole ride. wen we got back i got her back out and prepared her for the lads. i text the boys saying not to jump on her or scare her.

we opened the door to her new home.

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