Just The Interviewer

There's a lad.
There's a gal.
There's a man.
And something between all of them mixes together, and things take a wrong turn.
Meet...Harry, Pip, and Max.


6. Vain

That night, I went to bed thinking of my plan, going over it again and again. I smirked to myself, before closing my eyes, and drifting off to a deep slumber.


The next morning, I woke up feeling excited. I had my plan all sorted out and I know what I'm doing. This was gonna be fun! I then drove into town, grinning the whole way. Now, before I get carried away, let me explain what my plan is.


Last night, I phoned a friend, Garry. I asked him to meet me in town, and that he was meant to be my boyfriend for the day. He agreed, so I went on twitter and found out where Harry was going today. Apparently, he's currently single, so this should teach him. I pulled up and got out of my car in my heels. I had straightened my hair and dip dyed it brown, I wore ripped skinny jeans and a tight tank top. I NEED to look hot if Harry was gonna feel jealous.


I looked around for a while until I found Garry. I ran up to him and gave him a hug. I was going to kiss his cheek, but he turned his head so that it was a proper kiss. He pulled me in closer and pinched my arm slightly. This was the single that Harry was around. I smiled into the kiss, and pulled away, grabbing Garry's hand.


''Hey, babe.'' He chuckled, loud enough for Harry to hear him.


''Hi, baby.'' I smiled, wrapping an arm around his chest. It didn't feel right, seeing as we were friends since we were six years old, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I turned around and saw Harry looking down, hands shoved in his pockets. I smiled but then I noticed... Harry was crying. I frowned, but still turned around and pecked Garry on the cheek, making him laugh.


''Oh, hey Harry. What are you doing here? Do you remember me?'' I questioned, when we were close enough. He nodded slightly, shrugging, and hurried off. I winked at Garry.


''You are so mean. The kid loves you.'' He shook his head.


''If he LOVED me, then he wouldn't go out with another girl straight after I rejected him, would he? Anyway, he might've been dating that girl when he was asking me out. He's a PLAYER!'' I said, matter-of-factually. He shrugged and looked at his watch, frowning slightly.


''Oh, shh...I need to go. I'll see ya later, Pip.'' He pecked my cheek and hurried off, so I smiled and turned around. That's when I walked into Harry. Literally, walked into him.


''Sorry.'' I mumbled, sorting myself out when I noticed Harry was staring at me. ''Harry?'' I snapped my fingers in an attempt of getting him back to the real world. He shivered slightly and smiled, but I could tell it was fake.


''Is he... the reason you didn't wanna go out?'' He mumbled, so quiet, I could barely hear him.


''No, actually, he...asked me out the day after you did. Anyway, it was quite clear to me that you had moved on, hadn't you?'' I crossed my arms dramatically, waiting for his reply.


''It's my way of...trying to make myself feel better about...myself!'' He argued, getting impatient.


''Harry, you were either about to use ME, or you were using those poor girls which you probably don't even know the names of.''


''I do know their names, and I love them both, just not the way I want to love someone. But that SOMEONE I love, won't let me love her.''


''Well, Harry, maybe that's cause you didn't treat that SOMEONE right. Just cause I said no, does not mean I don't care weather you ask others out or not.''


''Isn't that what you did though?''


''I asked him out for a reason.''


''I thought HE asked YOU out?''


''H-he did, but I...Well, we agreed that we pretend to, err, have asked each other out at the same time?'' It was more of a question, as I stuttered clearly fibbing.


''Look, I know what you're doing, and I must say it was clever, but you didn't win yet, Pip. Trust me, I'll get you to want me soon.'' He winked, and without another word, he drifted away, washed out by a sea of people away from my view.


I smiled to myself at how big headed and vain he is. Zayn's the flirt in the group, the real vain one is Harry.


Harry Styles.

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