Just The Interviewer

There's a lad.
There's a gal.
There's a man.
And something between all of them mixes together, and things take a wrong turn.
Meet...Harry, Pip, and Max.


8. THE blade

Pip's POV


I hung up on Max and rushed to my car, locking all the doors.


He had my number for four years, and he decides to call now?


I shiver and soon, I'm driving down the road which I drove through a few minutes ago. The car was silent and it scared me, so I reached over to the radio and turned it right up as Bruno Mars Treasure filled the air. I bobbed my head up and down in time with the beat, trying to forget Max. But it's hard to forget someone, who scarred you for life.




''Hey sugar.'' Max smirked down at me licking his lips. I was tied up to a chair in his basement, which was completely empty.


''Gax, peez lemme cho. I neeg oo eave.'' I tried talking, but the rope around my mouth was gagging me and making it hard for me to pronounce anything right. He reached his hand in the air before it zoomed back down and came in contact with my cheek, hurting me badly. I winced but didn't say anything, scared of what my next punishment would be. His smirk grew even bigger and he lent down, crashing his lips against my neck.


''You like this, don't ya?'' His husky voice filled the air, sending shivers down my spine. I nodded shakily, knowing that if I shook my head, it probably won't stay on my neck for much longer. He smirked against my earlobe pulling at it, before slicing my back with something sharp. I screamed out in pain, as liquid slid down my skin. Max roared with laughter, before dropping the knife, making a sound I hated so much. He then got out a rope and wrapped it around his hand. He made little circles with it in the air, before...




*End of flashback*


I parked right outside my house before jumping out and sprinting inside. I locked the door and inspected every single room, locking the windows and shutting the curtains. I went into my room and got every drawer and even my wardrobe and leaning them against the door. I then carefully took my shirt off,looking the mirror. I turned around and looked at the mark that  blade and the rope made. I winced tracing it with my finger.


''Damn you, Max!'' I whispered to myself.

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