Just The Interviewer

There's a lad.
There's a gal.
There's a man.
And something between all of them mixes together, and things take a wrong turn.
Meet...Harry, Pip, and Max.


2. Superstar

Pip's POV


I was on my way to the studio where I'm meeting One Direction for the first time. I smile to myself, as I get out of my car, making my way to the huge doors. There were  two bulky guards stood near the door, muscels stretching their arms. I smile at them both in turn, flashing my card with my name and picture. They nod, allowing me to enter.


''PIP!'' I could hear Casey scream, as she ran towards me, excitedly. I'm guessing she's a Directioner?


''Hey, Casey, what's up?'' I giggled, hugging her slightly.


''1D are in that room over there...alone.'' She winked, pointing to a large door at the end of a corridor. I nod, and head over to where she was pointing. I opened the door, and shuffled into the room. I looked around at all the boys as they all fooled around, chasing each other and cuddling together. I smiled at how adorable they all looked together, before all their heads turned to face me. I stood their awkwardly, as they all frowned.


''Err, hi. I'm Pip...your interviewer. I was, er, told to come here to...get to know you a little better.'' I stuttered, fiddling with my fingers.


''Well, hey Pip. I'm Liam, this is Zayn, Louis, Niall and Harry...who is practicing handstands.'' Liam sniggered, eyeing Harry roll around and bump into things in an attempt of doing a handstand. I giggled, shaking my head.


''HARRY!'' Niall screamed, bringing Harry back to reality.


''Oh, err, hi. Who is this?'' Harry grinned at me. Not knowing what to do, I just stood there, smiling back.


''Pip. Your interviewer for later.'' He nodded, just as the door burst open.


''PIP! YOU'RE ON IN FIVE!'' Jim shouted across the hall at me.


''Oh, damn. I...gotta go. Nice meeting you.'' I rushed, running out of the door. I hurried to where I'm meant to sit. Casey came running up to me, fixing my hair for me.


''Alright, hum. Good luck.'' She smiled, before jumping out of the way, just as Jim started the countdown.


''3...2...'' Jim gave me the sugnal to start, with a simple nod.


''Hiya, guys. I'm Pip, the girl on T.V.'' I joked, winking. ''Anyway, I have exciting news. As all the dedicated fans know, I'm joined today with THE most popular boy band known to...anything.'' I announced, as the boys came running up and sitting down on the sofa.


''Hi, boys. How you been?''


''Good, thanks. Really excited for our concert later on today, actually.'' Louis smirked, looking around at the rest of the boys.


''Oh, we are ALL looking forward to that.'' I laughed, as they all smiled. ''Anyway, Zayn...'' I turned my attention to Zayn, raising one eyebrow. ''How's Perrie?''


''Great thank you. I actually saw your interview with them yesterday.'' He chuckled, as the crowed rose, screaming and raising banners. I giggled and nodded.


''You guys are adorable, everyone knows.'' I pouted, tugging a peice of my hair behind my ear.


The rest of the interview swept by faster than I thought. I was on my way to my car when I heard someone shout my name. Their voice was deep and husky, and I knew straight away who it is.


''Hey Harry.'' I smiled, turning on my heel to face him.


''Err, hi. Look I was wondering...if you were busy tommorrow?'' He hinted, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. I shook my head.


''No, I don't think so.''


''Well, maybe you and me could...''


''Are you asking me out on a date, Harry?'' I shot, smiling.


''Err, no. Well, yeah.'' He blushed, looking down at his hands.


''I'm sorry, Harry. I don't date superstars. It's not really me.'' I frowned, looking down guiltily. A look of shock crossed his face, but soon he nodded, as the news sunk in.


''Oh, erm, okay. Well, see ya round?'' He asked, looking down at his feet.


''Yeah, sorry. Harry, I would but...I've seen how your dates get treated by fans.'' I explained, shrugging. He nodded again, before turning around and walking off, his head hung low. I sighed before getting into my car, and driving home.


Why does he have to be so superstar-ish?


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