Just The Interviewer

There's a lad.
There's a gal.
There's a man.
And something between all of them mixes together, and things take a wrong turn.
Meet...Harry, Pip, and Max.


3. Partaaayyy!!

Pip's POV


I arrived home soon after, parking my car in the drive way. I got out, ducking my head, careful not to hit it on the edge of the door. I digged my hand in my pocket, looking for my house keys. When I find them, I pull them out, and shove them in the door, letting my self in.


''I'm home!'' I yelled, slamming the door behind me. I sighed in relief, jumping onto the sofa, happily. Apart from the fact that I just turned Harry Frickin Styles away just now. I frowned, as Sinead came in in her pj's rubbing her eyes.


''You been sleeping?'' I tilted my head, smirking. She yawned and nodded, sitting down next to me. I thought over what happened today.


Harry Styles, most wanted boy by all teenage girls, just asked an interviewer out, and SHE said no. Believable...note the sarcasm in that.


''Hey, what's up?'' Sinead asked, wrapping an arm around me. I shrugged and sighed.


''Harry kinda...asked me out on a date, and...I rejected him.'' I mumbeled, lowering my head. I looked up briefly to see Sinead's jaw drop. I shrugged, sighing again. ''He's a superstar. I don't wanna end up like all their girlfriends do, do I?'' She shook her head, snapping back to reality.


''But...he's Harry mother effing Styles, Pip.'' She nagged.


''I know, but it's hard to be in my state. I'm an interviewer. I'm not gonna be the only one with hate from the fans, he will too. It's hard, Sinead, you try it.'' I howled, getting annoyed. I got up pff the couch and stormed upstairs to my room. I slammed the door shut, and went and sat on my bed.


I got up again, heading to my wardrobe, picking out a green polo shirt and skinny jeans. Then I braided my hair ro the side, and ran back out of my room.


''SINEAD?'' I called, having an idea pop into my head. I heard a muffled noise come from her room, so I knocked on the door, before entering.


''I'm sorry.'' I said, sadly, looking down at my feet.


''It's fine.'' She grumbled, shrugging slightly. I nodded slowly, sitting down on her bed.


''Weel, go get dressed!'' I ordered, winking at her. She gave me a look saying WHAT THE...


''Why?'' She asked wearily.


''WE GON PARTAYYY!!'' I screeched excitedly, laughing.


''Wooh.'' She smiled, jumping up and looking through her clothes. ''Shiii...what should I wear?'' She panicked. I laughed, getting up to help her.


''This, definitely.' I nodded, holding up a black low cut dress with gold sprinkles on the top. Her face lit up, and she nodded frantically.


''GET OUT, GET OUT GET OUT! I NEED TO CHANGE!'' She screamed, pushing me out of the door. I giggled, and walked out, letting her change.


I waited for her in the kitchen, sat up on the counter, until finally she came out. I stared at her for a while, before nodding in agreement that she looked HOT!


''You looking HOT!'' I joked, jumping down and dancing my way to the front door. I looked over my shoulder one more time, to see her dressed in the dress I chose and her hair was curled at the ends. She was wearing high hells that I could never dream of being able to walk in, and her make up was simple. I know we went to the club as two, but I have a feeling we're coming back home as three.


Or maybe four?


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