Just The Interviewer

There's a lad.
There's a gal.
There's a man.
And something between all of them mixes together, and things take a wrong turn.
Meet...Harry, Pip, and Max.


4. No secrets

When we arrived at the club, we could hear music blasting from huge speakers inside, and smell all the beer and pongy smoke from miles away.  I looked over at Sinead and I could tell she was thinking the same thing from the way she was scrunching up her face. I giggled lightly, before grabbing her wrist and pulling her in. When we got in, the smell really hit us. It was really hot, and everyone was swaeting and being a little over intense. Some people were crying, some were laughing, some were stumbling about, and some just looked as though they have no idea what the hell thay're doing here. I just shrugged and started moving my hip to the music, just as five familiar faces pushed through the crowd.


You guessed it; One Direction.


I searched through their faces, trying to find Harry for some reason. But when I did find him, I wasn't exactly happy. He had his arm around a blond girl that was my hight. She was pretty, to be honest, but I felt my blood boil.

So, let me get this straight. He asks a girl out to dinner, but if she says no, he goes straight onto the next victom, huh?


Well, if he's gonna play a game, I better beat him to it.


I looked around, to try and find a single man, until I found one. He was decent looking, and he was one of the few men who DIDN'T have a teenage girl clung to him. I walked over to him, and leaned on a nearby table.


''Hey, wanna dance?'' I offered, smiling confidently. He shrugged, but then wrapped his arms around my waist, dancing off to the center of the dance floor. I flung my arms over his shoulders, and danced with him, making sure Harry saw. I looked over my shoulder at him, and noticed that he was watching me and...this guy dancing, with sad eyes. But the funny thing is, he was looking at me over the blonde girl's shoulder. I frowned, but carried on dancing, still looking Harry straight in the eye. When the girl pulled him away, I ran outside, not bothereing to talk to the man again. I ran to my car, and called Sinead, telling her to hurry up and that we have to go, NOW!


''But..this lolly is a FUNNY flavour.'' She slurred, giggling. I heard a man moan in the backround, and my heart sped up.


''SINEAD, NOW!'' I shouted, trying to snap her back to reality.


''Fine. But you owe me...A LOLLY!'' She screeched, before moaning.


''Fine, fine. Just hurry.'' I sighed, desperate to get out of here. A few minutes later, I saw a figure stumble to my car. Sinead. She had taken off her heels and was giggling to herself. I tapped the wheel anxiously, as she dragged the door open, and jumped in. As soon as the door was closed behind her, I slammed my foot down on the accelerator, and drove home.


Luckily, I got home safely without ending up in hospital, seeing as I was driving a billion miles per hour, but all I cared about was that I'm finally home. I sighed and ran upstairs to my room, slamming my bedroom door shut behind me. I changed into pj's and soon I fell asleep.


I woke up the next morning, feeling dizzy from last night. Even though I didn't drink at all, the smell still affected me. I stretched and yawned, skipping out of the door, still in pj's. Once I opened the door, I could smell warm waffels from downstairs. Sinead must be cooking. I grinned and legged it downstairs, skipping a few steps. I jumped down the last step before making my way to the kitchen.


''Yummy, waffels.'' I breathed, enhaling the warm scent from the waffels.


''Yeah. Hey, how come you wanted to leave so early yesterday?'' She shot, raising n brow.


''No reason?'' It sounded more like a question, but I should've known she wouldn't believe me.


''Don't give me that. You sounded pretty upset to me.'' She waited a few seconds before her eyes widened in shock. ''No one tried to...you know..''


''NO! Oh gosh, no.'' I giggled, taking a plate of waffels and sitting down. ''BUT...I did see Harry Styles. With...another girl.'' I confessed, shrugging. I looked up at her to see her jaw nearly touch the floor. I chuckled slightly, making a weird I-don't-care face.


''That little...''


''I know, right.'' Well at least THAT is out of my system. No secrets now. Thankfully.

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