Just The Interviewer

There's a lad.
There's a gal.
There's a man.
And something between all of them mixes together, and things take a wrong turn.
Meet...Harry, Pip, and Max.


5. Let the games beggin

Pip's POV


After breakfast, we decided to go to the beach. Just to have a girly time, and not bother with anyone else.


Little did we know, we were going to do the complete opposite.


I was holding a picnic basket and Sinead was holding blankets and stuff. When we arrived at the beach, I dumped our stuff in a little cabin, paid for it, making sure to lock it, before running into the freezing water. We were splashing around and trying to drown each other playfully, until I got freezing water in my eye.


''Oww, Sinead! It hurts so bad, it has SALT in it, you know!'' I screeched, slapping her. She giggled, beore running off to our cabin. Moments later, she came back with a towel.


''Here.'' She handed me the towel and I started rubbing my burning eyes. After a while, we were both getting bored and cold, so we came out of the water, and got out the picnic and a blanket. We sat down and started eating.


''Oh, my...'' Sinead's jaw dropped, and her eyes widened. She was staring at something or someone behind me. ''Err, Pip. I think you should see this.''


I turned around and immediatly saw what she was gawping at. My eyes started tearing up, and my blood turned hot. I'm pretty sure even my face was a dark red by now.


Harry was walking hand in hand with a girl. But she was different from last night. This one was short, with brown hair, red at the tips. She was pretty tanned, but I wouldn't say she was pretty. How can he do this. How can he just pick up girls, and then throw them about after getting in their pants. I'm pretty sure that's all he wanted from ME too. He's just a little cheating, mo...


Breathe, breathe, breathe. I told myself. I turned around and shrugged at Sinead.


''I played him back last night, but now he's won.'' I muttered. I could tell by the way Sinead was looking at me, that she didn't even understand a thing. 


''Honestly, I don't get why you should care. You DID turn him down.'' She raised an eyebrow, taking a bite off her sandwhich.


''I know. But it just bugs me that he picks up girls and plays around with them. He's asked me out, I said no. So that same day, he picks up ANOTHER girl and plays with HER feelings. Then when he gets bored of her, he picks up someone else. You'de have thought he could've at least had the heart to stick to one girl for a while? But no, he has to go around and get into every living girl's pants. He's so immature.'' I groaned, throwing my hands around for extra dramatic effect.


''He's Harry Styles, Pip. Wake up, everyone KNOWS he's a player.'' She warned. I nodded slowly.


''Yep, which is why I'm gonna play him at his own game!''


Let the games beggin, huh?


We then packed up, and left without another word from neither of us. We walked home in complete silence, entered the house in silence and both went into our own rooms in silence too. I got on twitter, and saw that Harry had tweeted about some girl.


@MeganIsHere love ya babe<33 beach was fun, huh? Sorry about the...other girl incedent:/ love ya tho xx


What other girl? Did his ex run up to them or something, or did they bump into his OTHER girlfriend? I frowned, and logged off twitter, jumping onto my bed.


Why me, why Megan whoever she is, why that other girl? Why does Harry think he won't be played too?


Why does he think he'll win?

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