Just The Interviewer

There's a lad.
There's a gal.
There's a man.
And something between all of them mixes together, and things take a wrong turn.
Meet...Harry, Pip, and Max.


7. Back I am.

Pip's POV


I ran back to my car after that, and started driving. I didn't know where I was going, I just needed to leave. Leave this place.




I had been driving for an hour, even though it felt as though it was only five minutes, when my phone started ringing. I looked over at it and noticed that it was an unknown number. Frowning slightly, I reached over to it as my finger hovered over the decline botton. But without a warning, it stretched across and pressed down on the answer one instead. I growled at myself, before parking the car in some feild and brought the phone up to my ear.


''H-hello?'' I sttutered into the speaker.


''Hello, Pip'' His deep voice crashed down on me like a brick wall, scaring me to the point of which I almost dropped the phone. ''Pip?''


''How did you get my number?'' I hissed, practically yelled, clutching the phone harder with my clammy hands. I started sweating badly as he chuckled on the other end of the reciever.


''MAX, HOW DID YOU GET MY NUMBER, TELL ME NOW!'' I screamed, my heart rate rising and my throat was getting blocked from lack of air. I busted the car door open and spilled out of the car, with a rush of air hitting my lungs.


''Oh, babe, I never deleted it from ages ago...Remember?'' I could almost hear him smiling on the other end, intimidatingly. I shook my head feircly, and spoke into the phone, picking my words carefully.


''Max, I said I don't want you speaking to me again, did you not get that part?''


''Oh, I did. Course I did, you wouldn't stop going on about it. But did you not get the part where I said I'll be back?''


''...and back I am!''

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