The secrets.

Skylar had an average life, she hung with friends, went school and did all the stuff a regular teenagers would do. Until one day a new boy joined her school and she was enlighten to all secrets her small town actually had. How will Skylar react? And most importantly what will she do when she finds out some of her friends are involved in this supernatural discovery?


1. The new boy

Skylar's P.O.V

Maths, it surely has to be the worst subject ever. Having to learn pointless formula's like algebra is just a waste of time. Well unfortunately for me thats the lesson I'm in now. I've never been great at maths and I can't see myself ever being good. Thats why I normally doodle or read, I'd rather do something I actually like and I'm actually good at.

As i was peacefully reading 'breaking dawn' by Stephenie Meyer underneath my table, the door slammed open causing me to look up in shock. Miss Smith my head of year marched in; I've never liked her and she never liked me. She'd always look at the negative things and never the positive which always irritated me.

"Okay class today we've got a new student, Liam. I'd like you all to be nice to him and show him what a welcoming school we are." Miss Smith said.

Not too long after Miss Smith informed us about the new student, a boy walked in. His hair was the perfect blends of brown and his curls shined in the light. His eyes were a piercing green like an emerald. He also seemed quite chilled out for a new kid, which was pretty cool.

As he made his way through the class to find a seat curious eyes followed him. The only spare seat was next me so I gave him a friendly smile to show him it was fine to sit there.

As the maths lesson continued, Liam and I talked a lot. It turns out we both have the same interests, which was great. Most of my friends didn't like the things I liked; they always thought things like reading were boring and pointless. Whilst Liam and I were talking we found out a lot about each other. Liam was originally from London but moved to America when he was 11. He lives with his dad and stepmom and he changes school a lot as because of his dads work. Liam also lives across the street from me so I can see us being good friends. Soon after we finished talking the bell indicating next lesson rang. Next was Geography. Great...

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