The markings of Poseidon and Apollo

A normal ( or not normal) teenage girl is experienced with odd situations as she sees visions and dreams. Two godly parents fighting for their rightful child to serve as a great legend and history to demigod kind. All these were hidden from her but all these secrets were revealed as a guy kidnaps her from her and drags her out of the window. And from that then on everything is changed. Demigods await her for victory


3. Chapter 3

I’m awake by the sound of voices. My eyes flutter open Catherine, Jordan, Bea and Paul all facing me. 
“What?” I say
I roll back so my face will be facing my pillow. 
“I’m so tired” I say
“You haven’t done anything yet” says Jordan
“Oh my gods why did you not change your sweaty work clothes” says Bea
“Who cares” I say
Training again, I yawn. What could be worse by starting your day with exercising? I see Mark with a tough looking girl. 
“Kate this is Dannie, Dannie Katie. She is the strongest Ares child” he says
I gulp. I shake my hand with her, “ni-nice to meet you” I stammer
“I like this girl” she says
“You only met her and you already say you like her?” he questions her
“Yea, for beating you up yesterday” she says with a laugh
“Anyway moving on let’s get to self defense then we can move on to wrestling”
“Show me your moves” says Dannie
I do some air punches, headlock, flip and kicks. She puts her hand under her chin examining me carefully. 
“Okay now you’re gonna try applying that to me” she says
I punch her and all she does is stand there like a statue
“Never mind the other moves try on me then we try defending ourselves” she says impatiently
I nod
I start off with a punch on the side of her neck. She twists my hand and I scream in pain. I kick her in the back with my leg and elbow her on the stomach. She headlocks me and I can’t breathe. I put my hands on her hands. I bite her and kick her. I fall and strike her feet hard. I punch her in the face and I do a judo flip but instead of me she does me a judo flip. 
She gets her spear; I get my sword before she could slit it to my throat I roll sideways. I slash her leg with my sword I stand and kick box her in the back. I pin her but she punches me causing me to be unconscious. I leap back and get my sword. The blades clang making unbearable sound. I push her like what men do in wrestling. 
I punch her stomach twice then her nose causing it to bleed. I kick her on the neck and her sides. She falls and squeezes me with both of her legs I strike my foot under her chin. I’m on top of her now she kicks my back so I would aside. She puts her spear under my chin. Before she could say a word I kick her spear sideward then roll to the left.
 I pound her back with my sword. She falls; I get her two hands so she wouldn’t have the ability to punch me. She kicks my back; I hit my head at the back of her head before I could react. I pin her to the ground. 
“Okay, okay Mark lied” then she got up
“She’s the sixth best. First is in Camp Jupiter protecting it, second transferred in Camp Jupiter since he thinks he belongs there somehow and the third one an agent in the FBI, the fourth died, the fifth is in Camp Jupiter also”
“Oh they’re living their dreams” I say sarcastically
“Yeah I think this was 2 in 1 training. Thank you” and she leaves
“You could beat an Ares child?” he says
“I don’t know I never trained like this”
“Never mind,” he cuts “let’s go to the power controlling thingy”
I wait in the beach. He brings a guy with grease all over his clothes, hands. “Kate this is Harold son Hephaestus. Harold this is Kate”
I shake his hand “You don’t mind the grease?” he says laughing
I smile “Yes, I don’t mind the grease” “Okay go fire me up” he says
“But I’m not sure-“````
“Oh for Zeus’s sake he is fireproof it took me 100 bucks just for me to lend him for the whole week” says Mark “now go!” 
I swing my palm towards him and heat comes out. I watch as fire absorbs in him. “Now let us try a duel” he says
He has fire on his palm and he dodges it on my direction, hitting it towards the trees. I run to him and twist his arm. I headlock him and kick him on the leg. He is invincible with fire while I am not. He grins and hits my arm with fire. This burns like hell… tartarus. I shriek and close my eyes. I run to the lake. “Don’t run away!” The pain heals a bit but still burns like hell. He jumps to the lake. I see his cargo pants, sounds of metal clanging. I get my sword and slash his legs; I quickly swim away to the other side. I find him on the shore. He threw a fire ball at me, I stop him by transporting my heat to his fireball. Mark eyes widen. I feel faster now. I punch his stomach and do a judo flip on him. He groans and I think I heard his bone crack. He burns my flesh again, I feel it but after few seconds the pain removes. Mark’s eye widen again, I ignore him and roll my eyes. Before I could punch him
“Dude you did not pay me just to be beaten up by a girl!” Harold says to Mark
“Go act like a man!”
“But she hardly feels the pain” 
I look at the burnt marks but there’s none, healing. I got healed, Apollo god of healing I must’ve inherited this.
He looks hesitant to punch me. He tries punching me but I dodge and punch his stomach. “Uooh!” he says painfully.  I punch it one more time and twist his arm then judo flip him. He groans “Mark I’m gonna kill you as soon as I am finish with this” 
He snorts “unless she kills you first,-“
“Just ask an Ares dude” he says
I punch his face, he fells. I hold back his arms like a police officer putting handcuffs 
“Dude she’s gonna break my body!” he whines
I pull his hair hard, “Dude I swear I’m gonna blow your head with fire”. Mark whistles
He put fire on me I feel the pain but it ease sometime. He faces me and I punch him. “Any more chances?” I ask
“Mercy, seriously I’m just a dude. Now let me go!”  he demands
I hold my hands up in surrender. He runs away, I look at Mark with a any-more. “I’ll just deal you with myself,”
“Oh please you’d be dead with my heat” I say
A tough looking kid goes out of the bush “Who’s this?” I ask
“Another Ares kid and he’s gonna help me” he says smirking “Jared, Kate. Kate, Jared”
“I’ve seen you fight and you fight pretty awesome” he says
Mark unsheathes his sword while Jared has his spear. I start off with Jared our blades clang, he pushes harder. I kick him right below his stomach, I duck and slash his legs and roll over under him attacking Mark. I use my power against them but this time Mark gets to use his. I instantly bring flames to Jared sending him to the lake. “Just you and me” he says, “oh it’s on” I say
I’m blown away by the wind, my back hits the tree. I hit him with flames he ducks. My hand seems to light uncontrollably, I panic and put it directly to Mark, his eyes widen and he is blown away to the tree but he seems to have control of the wind. We exit the shores my jumping on trees. Next we are found under a bunch of training campers. Our swords clang, my sword goes under his armpit while his hits on my hip. Blood oozes from it he slashes my arm; well daughter of the healer doesn’t need healing. Mad, I burn his clothes. His sword falls to the ground, run to him and punches him. I hear screams and yells, girly yells Mark! Marky, Are you okay?, Go Marky do this for me. I ignore them and continue torturing him.
I kick his back he falls down the tree, they don’t applaud he’s on air and he hits me with the power of wind and lightning. I fall back to the ground; ugh this is how pain works and feels like. I think I break a bone, he walks to me and smiles, it can’t end like this. I spit and walk to him. He raises his eyebrow this time he has a sword. I slash his arm and legs only those. I hit the blade on his body then face. He touches it then I punch him, he falls down. I’m sitting on top of him, I put my sword under his neck. The girls squeal and run to him. Something hits me in the back I fall over Mark. Jared, I put flames on him again, I kick him backwards. He still fights; oh he wants to play like this.  He pushes me with force to the tree, my back. He gives me several punches on the face and kicks, I burn him. I forcedly put my head towards his face, he falls. Mark charges I stop him with the heat and flames. I punch his stomach and he falls. The two victims lie down together. The healers get him and Harold approaches me “Wow, and thanks for not almost killing me a while ago” 
“You sure you’re not the daughter of Ares? Cause you can break me anytime”
“Yeah I’m 100% sure. I hate pickup lines”
“Well it’s a form of asking you out” he says smiling 
Shocked. “What out?” I ask curiously
“Tonight” he says
“Oh” I thought he was expecting the camps’ reunion prom
“Oh I know what’re you thinking but I can’t I already have a date with Sara, head of the Apollo cabin”  
“Oh” I say, so it was just a rumor “I can’t I don’t want to be involved with relationships”
“Ohh,” he smiles maliciously then leaves me standing alone
Jordan approaches me “nice fighting skills you have had”
“Thanks” I say
Chiron calls out everyone, people with orange shirts come.
“Today we will play Capture the flag. Leader for blue team, Jordan. Leader for red team Mark.”
“What’s capture the flag?” I mutter to Harold
“You have to find the other team’s flag then blah blah,” 
“First Jordan”
“Kate” he says
Woah, I’m shocked maybe he chose me first who knows maybe I’m the treasure that will bring victory to them. Mark gave him an angry look, wow they just want me because I’m gonna be a legend, I have powers which is extremely stupid and selfish. 
Of course Mark would pick him
“Jared” Jordan’s team
“Sara” Mark’s team
“Paul” Jordan’s team 
“Bea” Mark’s team
“Catherine” Jordan’s team
“Quenin” Mark’s team
“Lea” Jordan’s team
“Victoria” Mark’s team
“Annie” Jordan’s team
“Gary” Mark’s team
“Anika” Jordan’s team
“Cady” Mark’s team
“Xander” Jordan’s team
“Mary” Mark’s team
Chiron blows his whistle and the game starts.
Jordan nods at me, I follow him. “Go and guard the flag with your life” 
I nod then he hands me a dagger, you need more than a sword, he mutters. I go to the highest point of the hill but I hear footsteps. A very childish shriek enters my ears. I look and it’s a little girl somehow thirteen years old. “You must be Annie” I say then she nods
“I’m Kate. It’s okay if you go with me” I say with a small smile
She smiles big and skips ahead. I put the flag somewhere inside the tree. I ask Annie if she could be a look out, she nods and hides. I climb up the tree. I see campers roaming around looking for the flag. 
30 minutes had passed
40 minutes had passed 
Exactly at that time a crowd goes here, wait not crowd only a person maybe with back-up.
“Kate” she whispers, I nod in response
Annie pulls her dagger but doesn’t launch yet, she waits for me. He sees the flag and smiles; he looks back and mutters something. He looks around the tree and finds and opening he goes there before he even could reach it I jump out of the tree and I roll on the ground. I stab my dagger at his leg. It is Mark as usual. Something comes out of the bushes two people. Annie jumps out and stabs the guy with auburn hair. He screams and bends down. The girl is extremely fast. Mark slashes my legs. I got my powers and unleash them to Mark and the other guy. I kick Mark so he could fall off this place. I hear more footsteps coming, the flag is still safe. I shove Mark forward and push him till he is off the hill. The three guys end up at the end of the hill. I tell Annie to try and find for the flag. My back starts to hurt. 
I look at the back it’s Mark, I burn him and judo flip him. 
“Ow! So many burns already” he says maybe in a sarcastic or mockingly way
The Red flag is being waved towards my direction while I keep Mark as prisoner. 
“We won!” shouts Jordan at me
When he reaches me he starts patting my back, “thanks” he says
I smile at him. I finally let go of Mark, “need help?” I ask
He ignores me
Wow, good sportsmanship 
“Nice sportsmanship you have!” I shout at him
We celebrate victory during dinner. “Blue!” they say and drink wine, reminds me of a party. “Blue!” I sing along merrily.  I leave the campfire and go to the beach alone. I write poems. 
O thou god of sea, 
Look at the blessing you created
The calmness of the waves
My thought is interrupted my sounds of grunt. I see Mark, again. He gives me a shock look
“Never expectin’ you to be here again” he says
“Listen,” I say with all my sincere values
“I’m sorry for a while ago, it’s just that I always win. And I feel bad for that” My eyes go to his burned marks
“I actually never wanted to be here, I never wanted to hurt anyone” I say the leave him alone, I try to choke my tears. I hear a sigh. 
He grabs my arm, I look at his soulful electric blue eyes. 
“I’m sorry also, I just- this is not usual for me” he says 
I just stare at him. 
He sighs like I-can’t-take-this-anymore
I touch his arm, its okay, I mutter to him. He beams at me. I go back to the shore. He sits next to me, 3 more days, he whispers to my ear
“If time was slower” I say looking into his eyes
“This time is slow for now” he says
Then his hand brushes against mine. I shudder, it’s cold as the wind. I tug it away, I always treated love as a disease. It’s like medicine when you drink too much it will cause no good, but if you love too much it also cause no good, when your hearts breaks because of that no, you’re in pain and sorrow forever. I just lean on his shoulder. And from that moment I can’t remember the last thing I did.


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