The markings of Poseidon and Apollo

A normal ( or not normal) teenage girl is experienced with odd situations as she sees visions and dreams. Two godly parents fighting for their rightful child to serve as a great legend and history to demigod kind. All these were hidden from her but all these secrets were revealed as a guy kidnaps her from her and drags her out of the window. And from that then on everything is changed. Demigods await her for victory


2. Chapter 2

“I’m here to claim my child myself, I agreed with Poseidon to the terms” he smiles at me “You people shan’t look at me or all my brightness shall blind your eyes” A golden laurel wreath appears above my head and the gold-yellow strands of my hair are multiplied and are elaborately colored more. Once my hair randomly turned gold-yellow and my aunt even didn’t bother to check up. My aunt she must’ve known about this and kept it a secret. To keep you safe, a thing she’ll eventually tell me when I see her. So much thinking I realize my skin tone is brighter and my shoes are replaced with Greek ones well at least he didn’t change my clothes into a dress. But my shirt is replaced with silk Greek dress, one shoulder then my pants disappear “Can I keep my old clothes back?” I ask “Sorry dear but you’ll serve as great history and you need to look Greek-like” he says “Bye Kate I know you’ll make me proud” he says disappearing Everybody stares at me and look as if I was the most beautiful thing in the world. This is ridiculous. I sit back with Mark his eyes wide. He grins at me. “What?” I say as I punch him in the gut “You look the same, I don’t see why people are that amazed” he says “I hate wearing this” I say As soon as it ends I walk alone in the beach enjoying the sound of water. I see a figure. The face, my aunt a Nereid. She is relief to see me “You knew” she says “Well yeah but I don’t get the point why you had to keep this” I say angrily “Well I never knew much about the things happening around you” “Well,-“ “This is your new life, your mom always wanted this” before I could speak she says one final sentence “Good luck and I love you” Then she disappears. I kick my foot on the sand. She can’t just disappear like that. I wasn’t able to reply back. I need more answer. I sit by the tree, my back facing the tree. I sigh and one last time I blink, I was finally able to drift to sleep. *** I’m waken up by the sound of a masculine voice. I look up blinking its Mark. “How the hell did you sleep here?” he asks angrily “I-“ “You’re supposed to be sleeping in the Apollo cabin” “Well, I was walking on the beach and I felt tired” “Chiron is worried sick about you,” he says “You’ll be trained for 5 days 24/7-“ “What-“ He interjects “He said that we’re losing time-“ “In what?” I demand “You have no idea how long we've waited for this moment to come. You’re our only hope.” “Woah there… I don’t get it. What am I suppose to signify in this camp?” “For years it was hard to convince Poseidon that you weren’t his child, just a descendant. Camp has been destroyed and they’re all counting on you to complete the final quest to save the demigod kind” “Why they’re all becoming extinct” I snort “Oh not just that the titans are creating their own army to destroy our kind and create robot-like demigods instead” “And why me?” “You’re destined, Camp Jupiter’s book of prophecy said that a girl with the marks of Poseidon and Apollo and hair as bright as the golden sun” I sigh, I remember all these Our lives depends on The savior’s fate Neptune’s and Apollo’s mark Shall lie upon the destined one To save the armed forces of the evil one Heat and Water combined as one He looks at me amaze then I only realized I was reciting it. “You knew along?” “Well I never knew the oracle was addressing me” I say sheepishly He sighs and gives me a handful of food of biscuits. I only notice that I didn’t eat last night I was too busy listening to Chiron and Mr. D and observing the demigods. I hear my stomach grumble, he laughs “All you did last night is stare at the demigods and listen to Chiron and Mr. D. You must’ve forgotten to eat.” I continue munching my food. He gives me a hand and I stand up. I still feel the smooth silk of the dress. I touch it and the laurel wreath on my head. “I’m not gonna train like this am I?” I ask “Nope you can’t do anything you’re like that unless the charm is removed” “Give me my clothes” I say in a demanding tone I need get out of this outfit. A camp half-blood shirt is given to me, pants, socks and rubber shoes. I hope the charm goes off, I mutter. I look at him “no peeking,” I say “or I’m gonna burn you alive” “Yeah, yeah” he says then whistles I strip off my clothes and change into new ones; I look at Mark he smiles maliciously. “Done yet?” he asks “No and no peeking” I put my pants finally, it’s so tight. I step out put the dress near the tree; remove my Greek sandals and put the rubber shoes, I put the wreath away. I step away from the tree and tap the shoulder of Mark. “You kept the headpiece?” I raise my eyebrow and felt the wreath on my head. I remove it and put it on the sand. It returns to my head. At least I don’t have to wear the dress. I look below my shoes and find my clothes there. The last time I found it, it was behind the tree. I put my clothes on my notebook. I open my notebook and see the scribble of words I have done to it. I look at him “I can keep it for you” he says “My notebook? As if” I say “Do you have a bag?” “I almost forgot Chiron told me to give this shoulder bag. I put my stuff inside but out my small notebook in my pocket. In the bag I feel something sharp. I put it out and see a sword, the markings just above the handle; to day and night to be united and above are symbols of a moon and sun. Mark opens his mouth. “That’s the sword that Artemis used. No way!” he says I admire the golden shiny color and the leather handle. “Stop staring let’s go” We go to the sword fighting area. When I enter I see that it’s deserted. I put my harness and he teaches me the basic. I fond id teaching skills very nice, he’s calm and kind. As soon as he finishes he counts on to 3. 1… 2…, 3! Our swords hit together. My sword going above his waist while his goes under my armpit. I slash his arm and wrist. I hit him on the side with my sword. He slashes my arm and shoulder. Pain shoots through me. I kick his leg knocking his balance. I kick my leg on his stomach so he would fall and he did. I put my sword under his chin. “What!” he says disapprovingly “I never got beaten by a girl simply like that” “Well,- they say I’m the warrior” “Never minds let’s skip this and go to the self defense” “Aww, ashamed being beaten up by a girl for the first time” I tease him He rolls his eyes and leads me to another empty room. “Where is everybody?!” I demand “I don’t know. But in this lesson I think you don’t need any lessons” he says smirking He starts off with a punch on my face then kicks my side. I fall and he smiles then punches me on my arm. He punches me, I dodge. I hit my head towards his face, he goes unconscious. I kick my feet on his shoulders. In between my legs I squeeze him tight. I go up and strike him with both my feet. I pull his hair up and punch him. His nose starts to bleed. “Oh my gods, are you okay?” I say He punches me. I headlock him and do a flip. I pull his hair more “Oh so you’re like that” then I punch him on the face. I kick him twice and drag him to the left. “Do I win yet?” then punch him on the face. He groans “Am I done now?” I ask louder. He groans. I punch him on the stomach “I don’t hear an answer”. I hear giggles and shrieks. I punch him. Then all girls came in for Mark. “Oh my, - who has done this to you?” He groans “Chill ladies this was just a self defense fight er- lesson” I say “Let me take you to the clinic” says a girl with good looks, well duh Aphrodite child “No,” he says “get away from me, all of you. This is my training” All the Aphrodite girls kiss him on the cheek then shrieks. “Visit us in the cabin” “No visit me”. All those sentences come to an argument. Ugh girly girls. We are left alone with his bleeding nose. I roll my eyes. “So majority of the Aphrodite children er is super overprotective about you. They like you” I say rolling my eyes, I scratch the back of my neck “-stalk you” I mutter He laughs then spits. “You sure you don’t need help?” I ask “No” He says then mutters something. He stands but then falls, I put my arm to support him. “Never mind I regret saying that. You know this became wrestling a bit” I exit this area with him and give him ambrosia. I put a clean towel in water and pat it on his face. All the bleeding is absorbed on the towel. I touch his bruises. “Should I be sorry?” I whisper on his ear “No” he says smiling After I clean him I clean my own bruises. The pain hurts a lot. I wince. “You’ll get used to it” he says When I finish I ask him “what’s next?” “You’re kidding? After that” he says shockingly “I don’t care let’s go. I don’t want to die before the titan kills me” Mark leads me to the bow and arrow arena. Still the place is deserted. “Where is everyone?” I ask curiously He shrugs “Okay I think you don’t need teaching” he says I raise my eyebrow at him. “You call yourself a trainer? Fine I’ll train myself then you can leave” “No! It’s okay I didn’t mean it in that way” I snap “Fine then let’s go” He teaches me the correct way in holding the bow. After few trials I try. When I try, he fixes my shoulder. I release my bow and it hit the target. He raises an eyebrow to me. “I think I shoot well in basketball or use to throw stuff at someone” I say looking at my shoes He smiles and moves on. I try making few shoots some hit the bull’s eye while some inches away from it. I get another arrow and make it sure it is aligned to the bull’s eye. Mark touches my shoulder making it lower. He whispers in my ear “just relax”. I breathe. In, out, in, out. I release then it hits the bull’s eye. “Is that enough already?” I ask, he nods satisfied already. “So what’s next?” I ask “Your skills are exceptional but I think you should try hm-“ “Chariot racing?” “No, that’s not much,” he says “Ah Pegasus riding!” he snaps We head for the stables, when I pass some of the Pegasus, a Pegasus flips it’s mane towards me. “I pick this one” I say, he stops and moves backward. He unlocks it and I scratch the Pegasus’s back. “A he or she?” I ask “He” he replies As we exit the stable we find and empty area to train. He puts his hands on my waist and pushes me up the horse. I almost fall. “Steady there” He holds my hand. I keep my hand on the horse. He goes up also; he sits in front of me. “Just watch me as how I do it” There’s not much to watch. The Pegasus just leads us I don’t see much training or need in this skill. I almost fall into midair suddenly when Mark grabs my arm. “ Couldn't you save yourself by putting your hands around my waist?” I do it. We descend down to the green grass. “I don’t see any much skill or training need here. The horse will lead you itself” I blurt out “Well, yes at least you can see my point of view in this skill” “Then why did we have to waste time?” I ask “That’s the first skill that pops to my mind. I mean I don’t see much training all you need is to improve your skill” “So what now?” “I think we skipped a meal” he says “So?” I say “Wow you can starve for days. But I’m gonna eat and you are gonna come with me” I groan “No, I’m not hungry I could just stay here” “Stay there and look awkward?” “Fine” I say He offers me nectar so I accept and took a sip at it. The sweet taste melting into my tongue, I’ve been longing for this taste. After he eats, he immediately says “I’m gonna train you with your powers” “Uh how?” “I’m still thinking how. Anyways just trust me” We head to the beach. I still have no idea how I would handle my powers. He set target shooting, a big black circle with white inside it except for the red dot in the middle of it. “Try to feel your energy and control it using you hand, er palm” “How? The energy just comes out when it wants to” I say “Just try” he says I try to feel the energy. My palm faces the target, nothing. “I told you” I say He ignores me. I try to think of the worst memory to give me anger. Worst memory, worst memory. I think of the time I- there’s no worst memory I have. I try to search my mind there’s one time I was painting for the activity on school I accidentally spill paint on someone causing a fight. I try using the memory but not worst enough. The last time I use my power is that it just randomly goes out when I was defending myself. I pour my heart out converting it to power. My hands goes to the right uncontrollably. The fire spreads to the tree then falls, almost hitting Mark. He ducks and rolls to the left. “Sorry” I shout I try focusing my powers. I hit the target, good enough. But this time I almost got Mark killed. Second and third trial I hit the trees, more marks on it. Fourth trial my hand impossibly couldn't go to the right direction, it hits inches away from Mark’s head. He hold his hands up in surrender, “okay enough practice for today”. I look at the lake its already night. The stars gleaming, I could think of poetry right now. The shining stars gleam at night Oh how I miss this light I get my notebook and write the poem entitled: A radiance I help Mark clean up the burned trees and targets. “I think you need a stronger opponent,” I agree with him. “And a person that’s fireproof” I go to the Apollo table. I sit near a guy with ashy blonde hair. “You must be Kate” he says with a smile The people on the opposite side immediately stopped whatever they’re doing and faces me. A girl with strawberry blonde hair introduces herself “I’m Catherine”. The guy I’m sitting beside “Jordan” he says shaking my hand Majority of the people here have blonde hair while I have brunette hair. A girl with emerald green eyes introduce herself “Bea” A guy with a warm smile introduces himself “Paul” So much names to remember. I munch my muffin. I hear Jordan’s conversation with his friends. “Have you heard Sara is going out with Mark” Gossip, a thing I couldn’t resist doing. I but in, “Who’s Sara?” I ask curiously “Our cabin leader, there” he says pointing at the pretty girl She has golden blonde hair, hazel eyes and a fair skin tone. She sees me and smiles. “Well she’s pretty” I say “But the Aphrodite girls are trying to murder her along the way” says Bea sarcastically “But it might be a rumor” says Paul “You do know you have no chance” says Catherine “Hey have some positive thoughts about it” he says smacking her in the arm “So what is this with the going out?” I ask “Camp half-blood prom, Camp Jupiter is going also. A remembrance of the peace we made” says Jordan “Oh, so who you going with?” I ask "I don't know yet but Bea is going with Victor" he says pointing at the guy with auburn hair All the way I feel welcomed by their presence. In the camp fire song the whole Apollo cabin sings along Oh camp half-blood All the way! Jordan looks at me “sing!” “No!” I say smiling He looks at me with puppy eyes “No” I laugh He widens his eyes more. I start to sing. “That’s more like it” he whispers in my ear, we both laugh. After this, Paul, Catherine, Bea, Jordan and me goes to the beach. “Why are we going here again?” I ask “I want to see your powers” Catherine says "We want to see your powers" corrects Jordan “Don’t you have powers?” I ask “We have skill not power” she replies “A poem will do” says Bea merrily “Look at the marvelous sea,” she says Paul continues “where sea men pass by,” Jordan continues “where a Nereid play along” Catherine says “the waves crashing into the rocks” Paul continues “oh Poseidon always has the power” He looks at me as he is expecting me to continue “Now all these come back again to the O marvelous sea” They applause me, I bow “By the way it’s a lake not sea” I say “Well it’s still a body of water” Catherine shrugs They all stare at me. This is it. I put my palm towards the sand, I feel the energy fully when it is about to come out of my palm and when I blink it’s on fire. “Yeah!” they cheered Another bow. “Can you try thinking then burn the rock?” Jordan asks “I haven’t tried it yet” I say “Try!” shouts Paul “But-, fine I’ll try” I focus my eyes and mind to the heat where it will go. It exactly and correctly hits the pebble. Their eyes widen. I look sheepishly to the ground. “You’re amazing” Jordan says “Well-,” “She wouldn't accept, she’s being too modest!” says Jordan Paul yawns. “Let’s get this over with” he says Paul, Jordan, Catherine and Bea leaves. They look at me. “You’re not gonna come”, I raise my hand “Oh yeah I forgot, sleep now, really? Wow, so early” “Yeah” he says I see the cabin, still like the dorms in movies. I find my bunk. I put my notebook along with my pen under the pillow. The sword is still on my belt and I keep it there. I shift to sleeping mode.
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