The markings of Poseidon and Apollo

A normal ( or not normal) teenage girl is experienced with odd situations as she sees visions and dreams. Two godly parents fighting for their rightful child to serve as a great legend and history to demigod kind. All these were hidden from her but all these secrets were revealed as a guy kidnaps her from her and drags her out of the window. And from that then on everything is changed. Demigods await her for victory


1. Chapter 1

I saw the sun and sea as they fight draught and flood, rain and heat overpowering each other but then all these catastrophes reach a place within the woods. Hysterical screams fill the air mixing with the scent of burning trees. The horrible nightmare got my brain and that made me feel as if it was happening in real life. 
I snapped back from my dream.
I moaned and leaned to my right, 6:15 am. “Kate. Kate! Breakfast’s ready” said my aunt. I heard the trashing of toys and furniture caused by baby Jeremiah. I stepped on the chilly tiles of the floor as I descend to the dining room.
My aunt quickly tapped the steering wheel nervously.
“Aunt Lorna are you okay?” I asked 
“Yes,” she said her voice shaking “Stay safe later” she said this as if it were her final goodbye
I reached school and the first ever person I saw was Eleanor, her hazel eyes twinkled. She gave me a warm hug as I reached her.
Algebra was first then Chemistry. All those academic subjects didn’t attract me at all. I was just staring into the blank space outside the window nearby the tree. Something touched my head, a crumpled paper, I read it: Wake up! What the heck are you doing staring at some surroundings around you –E. 
I looked at her and she gave me her it’s-true look. I sighed and focused on the lesson. 
Hours had passed and it was starting to get really boring. Two periods left till dismissal. During the discussion I heard some words “Hades, Big Three, The Fates, The muses, Mt. Olympus…” I stared at the tree, the sunlight drenching my eyes. I heard noises of the sky and lightning, I gasped and shrieked. Teacher looked at me curiously so did Eleanor. My body begins to tremble or must it be my adrenaline rush. I felt a rush of panic. I knew something bad would happen. My fingers began to tap nervously on the table. I looked at the window as if something would happen. Poof! Instant I see a guy sitting on a tree. It was just the same guy I always see in my dreams. Black hair, electric blue eyes, my thoughts were cut by the sound of the tapping fingers on the window. He gestured for me to go with him. Something hit me, a crumpled paper, Eleanor. She looked at me; she can see the guy too. The guy looked at her too and gestured her to come. She stood and but he gave he a stop sign. They’re both crazy they don’t even know each other. He entered the room.
This is when I snap back to life.
Teacher looks at the window and only realizes that the wind has blown the window open. But she can’t see the guy. Eleanor runs towards him out to the window. But he stills goes towards my direction. He grabs my hand. 
“We have to go before your teacher sees you” he says
“Are you crazy I’m not going with a stranger like you. I can’t skip sessions in school” I say crossing my arms
You led me to no choice, he mutters
He grabs my arm and half drags and half carries me towards the window. I resist by kicking him on the leg and biting his hand. I run back to my chair. My teacher sees me
“Are you okay? Do you want to go to the clinic?” she asks 
I look at my hands they’re sweaty and red. I shake my head. She doesn’t force me and she moves on with her lesson. This time he carries me towards the window. 
“What’s your problem?” I say 
“I’ll explain everything on the way. But I think Eleanor only needs the explanation” he says as if he is expecting for me to know
When he drops me to the tree I run towards the classroom. Why do you have to be so stubborn, he mutters to me. Something grabs me, the wind. I look at my back and see something grayish misty air. He has the power of the wind. Eleanor opens her mouth and yells something about half-bloods. I realize I am holding my notebook, gods I couldn’t just use this as a weapon against him. Behold the mighty notebook. Instead I feel the heat and power in me, it’s gonna be awkward if no power or energy comes out of me even though I tried, it would be ironic I couldn’t control but it’s begging me for it to go out of my body. I couldn’t control it. Power unleashes from my hand.  I put my hand forward so my palm would be in front of him. Stupid, this wouldn’t even work. His eyes widen and he sees what I’ve done. His back was extremely injured and his clothes were burned. Some parts of his body are stained with blood. 
“I’m so sorry” I say, what have I done
“Wait,” he croaks out “I need you”
I don’t listen to him. I get away from them as far as possible. I trip over and something catches me. I’m in a chariot. The Pegasus immediately flies away. “I’m sorry” I croak out but there’s also anger in my voice
So I slap him. “What’d do you do that for?” 
“For kidnapping me” I say
When I’m about to put my hand down he grabs my hand looks at the symbol. It’s really you, he mutters then he just smiles and laughs. “I never thought any girl like you would easily trust their own instincts to defend their choices too much” he says
“I thought you’ll explain yourself” I demand, crossing my arms “I’m not wasting my time in this piece of klunk”
“You don’t need explaining but she does” he says pointing at Eleanor
“I’m not her; I do have a name,” she says “Eleanor”
“Mark” he replies shaking her hand
“So where are we going?” she asks
Camp half-blood, I mutter
“Camp half-blood” says Mark
“So who’s my godly parent?” asks Eleanor
“You will be claimed later”
I look away taking no interest in their conversation. It was true though I knew who exactly I am. I’m a half-blood; I knew that through dreams and visions. All the weird things happening to me happened for a reason. My powers too powerful for me to keep in me. All the visions of fire and water overpowering each other all the effects go to camp half-blood so draught and floods are in camp half-blood. I don’t see why I would be such a great deal for this. 
The chariot stops. “We’re here,” he says. When I go forward before him, he blocks me. “Let Eleanor go first, something awful might happen to you”
Awful? Maybe a group of campers will kill me as soon as I enter the gate. They must be waiting for my death. I walk in between Eleanor and Mark. I feel like a prisoner. When I enter, everything stops in motion. First everyone was busy raking cleaning and some even training but when I step a foot on the entrance they all stopped and run to me.
“Is it she?”
“Yes, look at her ankle you see the symbol!” exclaims someone
Everyone speaks at once, the topic: me. I hear a whistle. I look and it’s a half horse and half human, Chiron. 
“Step away from Kate!” he shouts
I’m surprise he knows my name after all. Everybody hesitates and goes back to what they’re doing. I expect this to look more abandoned like in my visions but it’s a lot better. Their lands weren’t in draught or floods. I clasp my notebook tight. Chiron puts an arm around me and smiles “Finally you’re here” 
“Abigail!” he shouts 
A girl with brown near gold hair comes. On her hair there’s a flower crown but the flowers are replaced with crops.
“Please introduce her to camp” 
She nods and goes with Eleanor. Chiron gives Mark an disapproving look.
“I guess camp was saved a few hours ago” he says
“What happened to you and your clothes?” he asks
“I got into a small fight with Kate” he says grinning
“Small?!” he exclaims 
“I um was a bit stubborn so I my powers suddenly came out and I used it against him” I say shyly
“I told you not to go” Chiron says to Mark
“Well better now than later” he says
“Well we thank you then. Now you can leave us”
“Woah there you just can dismiss me like that. I convinved her to come”
I fake cough “kidnap”
“You’ve done enough heroic things for the day” Chiron smiles “Don’t worry she’ll be with you for guidance sometime”
He smiles and leaves us. We pass by some of the cabins, he finally speaks 
“As you can see you’ve seen the camp in danger but the danger just ended few hours ago when Mark kidnapped you. Yeah everything changed suddenly just a couple of hours ago all the flood and draught gone. But as you see Poseidon and Apollo had been fighting over you. But according to the rules that your parent is suppose to be your father, the match of your mother but Poseidon is your mother’s father and all I could see is that if one of the fathers finally claims you as their father you will bring great reputation to them. Since you’re gonna be the new legend of history”
New legend, I shudder
“The thing is both of them are to obsess claiming you but the real thing is that you’re the daughter of Apollo but some minor parts of you are Poseidon which means that your major godly father is Apollo but Poseidon doesn’t want to accept the fact because you’re one of his ancestors and he deserves since his position is way bigger”
This is too much for my brain
“So what’s the trident symbol just above my ankle?” I demand
“I can’t answer that but I believe one that it’s related to one of your ancestors” he says 
“So this all my fault!” I blurt out
“No, no,” he says calmly
I feel something from my stomach wanting to go to my throat, nausea. He puts an arm on my shoulder, “are you feeling okay?” 
“Yeah” I lie
“No you had enough today. You beating one of our best warriors, that’s just amazing to think you never had practice.” 
He lets go and I leave him. Mark runs up to me. I raise my eyebrow at him.
“Aren’t you suppose to stay away from me, you know incase if you get burned or something” I say
“Oh please I’m not afraid of that” he snorts
“So why are you with me then? Stalking”
“Hell by Tartarus, no. I kidnapped you and you know I want our bond to be closer” he winks
I fake laugh “Nice joke but no, I could give you another slap if you like” I suggest
“No way your slaps burn” 
We both laugh and he introduces me around the camp. I see Eleanor and wave at her. We offer each other a smile. I basically knew all of these from my visions. When I pass by some demigods some whistled to me “back off” Mark would say as if I was his property. Some looked at me as if I charmed them. 
“Why are they staring at me like that? I’m not a daughter of Aphrodite” I say
“You’re daughter of Apollo and your ancestor is Poseidon you have the mixed looks of both handsome gods especially Apollo, mortals would do admire him. He was known to be very handsome. Besides you shine bright like the sun… You dazzle everyone” he says 
“But I thought the Aphro-“ 
“No no they use charm while you on the other hand you don’t use charm for a purpose of people to like you. You’re already charming many people in your own way” he says smiling
“As if I was your treasure that you brought here” I say
“I didn’t bring you,” he says “kidnap to be precise”
“Yeah whatever” I say taking no interest
I sit near Chiron while Mark is on the Zeus table. I feel like I’m a valuable prisoner. Mr. D approaches me and sees my symbol on my arm without asking. “So it is you” he says “I don’t know what’s the big deal about this, she’s the daughter of Apollo and that’s final I don’t know what Poseidon has to argue about this.”
“She’s carrying the name of the god in her quest, and her quest is too huge” Chiron says
I listen to them as they eat and argue doing the same routine. I did nothing else but listen. Time for the campfire, it begins with the campfire song led by the Apollo cabin and everyone else sings along. After is the claiming. Eleanor stands and a crown of crops or wheat appears on her head and her eyes changes to brown gold like crops partly gold. She looks so different with the change of color in her eyes. When Chiron calls my name everybody shuts up and stares at me. God I’m like their life saver. A bright light appears. Everybody gasps and cover their eyes as the figure came closer.


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