Sorry I'm Not Perfection and Other Tales

I was never the perfect one. I mean isn't there at least one perfect person in the world. I found that person, well, technically speaking he found me. The world never really accepted me for who I was, but eventually they did. Well not the whole world. This guy and his four other buddies. Liam Payne, they guy forever known as the Protector.


1. Take Me Now

 I sit quietly, listening to my favorite songs. The songs that fill my broken, shattered heart. My parents can't find out that my heart is filled with song, therefore song is what makes me happy. They'll take it away from me. They'll rip out my vocal cords so that I can't sing, and block the soul from my heart and delete anything that has to do with music on my laptop and phone. Just like they took away everything else... my favorite memories overtaken by reality, my living nightmare. My innocent mind filled with now horrible thoughts about my parents. My flawless skin now covered in bruises, scars, and burns.


Circles, we're going in circles, dizzy's all it makes us,we know where it takes us, we've been before closer maybe looking closer, there's more to discover, find out what went wrong without blaming each other.


I find myself singing along to Same Mistakes by 1D. I go to the living room, still singing along.


Think that we got more time when we're falling behind,got to make up our minds.


I don't know why I like this song, but I just do. I just hope that my parents don't come home seeing me like this. Happy. I've never been this happy before, because it's a bad word in this household, never to be used or seen. I smile and continue to sing along just as I heard the door open. I froze, my parents were home.


"What was that you were saying... wait no were you singing?" I heard my dad say.

"What do you mean?" I said

"You know what I mean" he said." You were clearly rambling about something that sounded like a rhyme. Give me your cell phone, you're banned from this crap because you're trying to hide your Music away from your own parents, we've known, we thought you would stop but it's getting out of control you need to stop, now."

A cold chill ran down my spine as I heard him say the last sentence. He can't do that, he'll take away everything I love, and that's the last thing.

"Here, take it" I said, handing him the cell phone as well as my IPod.

"Thank you B****." He said snatching them out of my hand. "No wait, your welcome, because this crap will ruin your stupid pathetic life."

I can't believe it. My heart is officially empty. The only thing that kept me going is gone until they give it back, in an alternate world. I go up to my room and slam the door with a huge 'bang' following behind. I hear my mom trying to calm down my dad while he is furious. Why do they hate me so much? I ask myself. Why?


I hate this so called love they try to show me. They clearly hate me. Why is it that way. Only a miracle can take me away from this tragic pathetic life. I stare out towards the window and see the stars twinkling in the dark navy blue sky. I hate this, why me? Should I run away? Should I kill myself? Should it stay this way. I stare down at the bare cold brown wooden floor. Why? I ask myself again.The world is cruel and an ugly place in my piont of view.


But I surely can't do this cause, I have no idea what my parents will do to after this. Will they find me? Take me away to a foriegn place and leave me there. The endless possibilities run though my pathetic boring mind. Their the ones that assure me that Im not perfection and they are the only ones that are. There the ones that make me feel as if I'm nothing. But wait? Am I? Am I nothing?




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