Sorry I'm Not Perfection and Other Tales

I was never the perfect one. I mean isn't there at least one perfect person in the world. I found that person, well, technically speaking he found me. The world never really accepted me for who I was, but eventually they did. Well not the whole world. This guy and his four other buddies. Liam Payne, they guy forever known as the Protector.


2. Help Me

I leave to school the next morning. I go to the bathroom and look at my face, covered with dry tears. I do the usual, take a shower, brush my teeth, and leave with no makeup so the beautiful world can see me ugly face.


Leave my freaking life alone. These 2 girls in homeroom keep on being immature and messing with my hair. I forgot to do half of my homework because I was too busy with my S.S project. I walk outside when I just received a text. My parents won't be able to pick me up today, so I have to go to the 4-H, the last place I want to be today.


I storm through the hallway, pushing anyone in my path. I marched to the bathroom and look at myself in the clean, shining mirror. "Why does anyone tolerate me?" I look into the perfect beautiful mirror and it is soon filled with horror. My fat body, my horrible skin, my hideous face."Why am I still here?" I pinch myself, hoping I'm still asleep in Heaven. No,still alive,unfortunately.


I walk out the bathroom and go to the cafeteria. I sit at the table, but can't concentrate on my homework. Thinking about how I filled the perfect mirror with horrifying images. I look up, realizing that there was nobody here. I pack up my things and go to the main office. "Where is everyone?" I said "All after-school programs were cancelled today", she said.


I walk out the school, not knowing where to go. But getting lost is how you find out where you really are. My "friends" didn't tell me, so they were gone, and my parents can't pick me up,so I have to walk home. I walk and think about all the things in my life. My friends, they aren't real. They talk to me 3x a day, usually to copy off of me. My parents, abuse and pain is all they've caused me, taking away everything I love, including themselves. I hear 5 people get out the car. I start to run as fast as I can. I almost reach the doorstep when I tripped over a rock. They catch up, and one of them pull out a syringe, stabbing it in my arm. Everything starts to spin, when one of them comes dangerously closer to me, and whispers in my ear


"Look at the beautiful sky, cause this is the last thing you'll be seeing for a few days." and chuckles. Then everything went black.

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