Six Strings

Brylee's life was turned upside down the night her dad left two years ago, she's never been the same since. One evening she meets a dreamy irish boy with a guitar and an irrisistable smile. Can he fix her broken heart? Or will he just continue break it?


2. An Unexpected Surprise

  The blissfull memory of last night came rushing back to me the instant my eyes fluttered open. I sighed, not because of the unbelievably great night I had, but in annoyance. I couldn't help but notice an unmistakenable black furry tail blocking my view.

"Ugh, Misty, get off." I complained, not that she'd understand, I mean, she's a cat.

She purred and leapt onto my bedside table, stepping on my face in the process and knocking down the lamp that smashed as it hit the floor. Great, thanks Misty.

  I cursed under my breath, sitting up sleepily before stumbling into the kitchen in search of the dustpan and brush.

  "Hey sweetie, you look tired today." Mum was sat at the kitchen table with the newspaper and a coffee in front of her. She was wearing her usual grey pajamas with little white bows printed on them. Her hair was messy, like she'd just rollen out of bed and her thin lips were turned up into a small smiled. She had dark chocolate brown eyes, unlike my sea green ones, and they looked sunken, as if she hadn't slept well for weeks.

  "Hi mum." I glanced up at the clock by the door, it'd just turned 10:30."Oh, I'm meant to meet Lexi at Rosa's in half an hour!" I dashed into my room, tossing the dustpan and brush aside, forgetting about the mess on the carpet. I took a quick shower and ran back to my room, nearly slipping on the tiles on my way out. I rummaged through my wardrobe, grabbing the first decent thing I could find, a blue crop top and some high waisted denim shorts. I placed Niall's jacket into my handbag, the only reminder that last night had actually happened. I stuffed my phone in my pocket and after saying a quick goodbye to mum, I stepped out into the sun.

  It was a comfortable, clear day and I set off to meet my best friend.

  I love my hometown, Riverwood. It has everything, woods, rivers, ( obviously, it's in the name!) the ocean, cute little shops, and the best night clubs. I'm not really into clubbing though, the music's too loud and you have to yell in people's ears to get them to hear you. To be honest, I only go because my friends love them. I'm a terrible dancer.

  I hurried along the old fashioned cobbled streets, checking the time on my phone, I was 20 minutes late. Crap. I rushed passed all the shops, including my favourite chocolate shop, Heaven (which it was), resisting the urge to dash in and stuff my face...mmm... chocolate...Right, back to reality, I'm easily distracted.

  I entered Rosa's cafe (Not the most original name if I say so myself) and found that she'd redecorated again. She'd torn down the 'spring' theme and replaced it with fake palm trees, a collection of shells on the window sill and she'd even painted the beach on the wall behind the counter.

  The instant I came in, Rosa's face it up and she beckoned to me from the counter.

"Brylee darling, come in, come in." She has a strong mexican accent. Her long, silky black hair was tied up in a ponytail, her usual plain apron tied round her waist. She's rather plump with pretty hazel eyes and a beauty spot just above her lip. Rosa is one of the kindest people I've ever met, she's always participating in charity events and helping old people in retirement homes. There isn't a single person who doesn't like Rosa, it's impossible. Oh, and she's my godmother.

  I smiled at her as she sashayed over, arms outstretched. I hugged her, breathing in her flowery scent.

"Hey Rosa, it's quiet this morning." I pointed out, the cafe was practically empty, only a couple of people were sipping their coffee's or munching on mini muffins.

"Yes, most people are watching the parade in town's square."

"That's today! I thought it was next week." I missed last years due to mum's shoulder operation but I'd wanted to go this time, they had great food there.

"No, no it's today. Can I get you anything dear?" She asked.

"Hm, a box mini muffins please." I was obsessed with those, her muffins were amazing. I wasn't going to eat the entire box myself...well not today anyway.

"I needn't have asked." She chuckled, heading back behind the counter.

"Wait," I said, waving a £5 note in my hand. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

"Oh no, they're on the house." She smiled.

"Thanks Rosa, your the best." I smiled back at her and she disappeared behind the muffin stand.

  I scanned the cafe, searching for Lexi. She wasn't here yet and I felt relieved, but it's not like her to be late. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I pulled it out to read the message:

Hi Brylee, sorry I can't make it. Todays my granddad's funeral and I completely forgot, is next week ok? Soz, L xx

  I sighed, she could've told me earlier, but I understood. Rosa came over to hand me my free mini muffins, placed in a sparkly silver box with 'Rosa's Cafe' written on it in fancy red font.

It's ok, don't worry about it. Sure, next weeks good. I wrote back.

 I was left standing in the middle of the cafe, unsure of what to do. I spotted a person sitting in the corner of the room and smiled to myself. They were wearing a grey jacket with the hood up and skinny jeans. I couldn't see their eyes as they had sunglasses on, but I caught a glimpst of dyed blonde hair.

  I approached the boy and tapped him softly on the shoulder. He whirled round, surprised, but instantly relaxed when he recognised me.

"Hey Niall, mini muffin?" I offered him one and he grinned, taking it.

"Thanks. What a coincidence seeing you here." He said as I took a seat opposite him and placed my handbag on my lap.

"I come here almost everyday." I rummaged through my bag, grabbed Niall's jacket and handed it to him. He hung it over his chair, munching on the muffin. He'd finished it before I'd even started. I starred at him in amazement.

  "What?" He questioned and I couldn't help but smile.

"You want another muffin? I can see you eyeing them up." We laughed as I slid a second muffin across the table into Niall's hand.

"Why would I eye up the muffin up when you're right here?" He gazed at me and I felt myself blushing. Did he mean what I thought he meant? I felt so shy around him.

"Really?" My voice was small and I suddenly felt rather awkward for some reason. I had a strange urge to hide. I didn't meet many people who thought... well I don't know what he thought. He couldn't think what I thought he did, could he? Ok now I've just gone and confused myself, how stupid is that?

"Yeah, have you looked in a mirror lately?" He was looking at me as if I was crazy. I've never thought of myself as pretty or beautiful, I've never liked the way that I look.

"Hey," He said, leaning in, "Wanna meet someone?" He pulled me up and practically dragged me by the hand out of the cafe. I managed to wave goodbye to Rosa on the way out.

"Where are you taking me creep." I joked as he let go of my hand, much to my disapointment.

"Ah, well, that's a mystery." He lead me back along the street, stopping briefly as Niall tried to remember where he was going.

"Should I be worried?" I laughed and he beamed at me. I loved his smile.

"Yes, you should be very worried, terrified even." He pulled a mischievous face and we strolled off through the streets, laughing all the way.


***Author's Note***

Sorry I haven't done more lately, been busy with school stuff... ugh... Will try and do another chapter soon :)


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