Six Strings

Brylee's life was turned upside down the night her dad left two years ago, she's never been the same since. One evening she meets a dreamy irish boy with a guitar and an irrisistable smile. Can he fix her broken heart? Or will he just continue break it?


3. A Long Walk

  " I think we're lost." Niall finally admitted. I'd been waiting to hear him say that for over half an hour.

"Ya think? I muttered as the cobbled path ended and we came to a stop by the meadow. I blinked in the sudden rays of sunlight.

"There's nothing out here for miles." I said confidently.

He looked thoughtful, raising his hand to his eyes, blocking the sunlight.

"Ah, that's where your wrong." He insisted, obviously hiding something. I arched my eyebrows defiantly. I'd lived here for years and I knew for certain there was nothing around.

"Come on, trust me." He pressed and I sighed.

"Fine, it's not long now is it?" It was boiling out here and I was in serious need of about a hundred icecubes.

  The meadow was beautiful, as it's always been. The grass was up to my waist and all types of flowers were plotted all around us. Carnations, daisies and tulips of all colours. Beyond the meadow lied the beginning of the wood.

  He climbed over the old, broken fence in front of us and held out his hand out to help me up. I landed with a thud and fell into the depths of the long, wild grass. I spat out a strand and began to laugh. I lied there for a moment; I hadn't realised how exhausted I was.

  Once again Niall pulled me up and I smiled at him innocently, before dragging him down with all my might and dashing off through the meadow, the grass brushing against my legs as I passed.

  "Hey!" A voice called behind me and I sped up, not daring to look behind me. "I'll get you for that!" I giggled and in less than 10 seconds I was lying flat on the ground with a faceful of grass and dirt. That didn't quite go to plan... Well I suppose I deserved it.

"I did tell you." He pointed out.

"Humph." Was all I could say, I think I went brain dead for a moment.

  I lifted my head to scowl at him but he just looked at me with his lips pursed, trying not not laugh. I pushed myself up onto my knees and pulled out my little silver mirror. My pale face was covered in mud, my chin and nose especially, making it look like I had a beard. Attractive or what? I wiped off as much as I could but there were still smears on my face. I gave up and got to my feet, noticing the mud on my shorts and legs. Damn.

  Pretending the last two minutes hadnever happened, I stormed off with my head held high towards the forest.

"Um, Brylee?" Niall began, his voice muffled, "It's the other way!"

 "I knew that!" I bluffed, quicky changing directions.

It turned out that was also the wrong direction so I let Niall lead the way through the dark  wood.

  It was silent, apart from the sound of the leaves rustling in the soft breeze. The wood was mysterious yet tranquil. I stumbled along, tripping occasionally on tree roots and getting smacked in the face by branches that Niall has held out of his way, but accidently released. Now that I think about it, it was quite a mission and I got all the misfortune. Within the next fifteen minutes, we emerged from the forest onto another cobbled path and Niall was still spotless. I, on the other hand, probably looked like a hobo with red marks on my cheeks. The world clearly isn't kind to me...

"Couldn't we have followed the path?" I complained, but Niall shook his head.

"That would have taken twice as long." He explained, running his fingers through his hair.

He looked at me smugly, but I didn't understand why. All that was here was a giant oak tree.

"You brought me here to meet a tree elf?" I asked.

"No silly, look behind the tree." He ordered. I took a step to the side and tilted my head

  Behind overgrown bushes and weeds stood a cottage. It was very well hidden; Apple trees covered most of it from view and long vines had wrapped themselves around it, like snakes do to their prey.

"We're going in there?" I questioned and he nodded. We made our way through the bushes to reach the door, which was the only part of the cottage not covered in vines. Niall turned the key in the lock and opened the door.


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