My Best Friend

Olivia and Jessica have been best friends since they were babies, they have grown up together. When they are 18 Olivia finds out she has Cancer and there is nothing the doctors can do. She tells Jessica who I determined to make sure Olivia's dreams come true. Join Olivia and Jessica on this moving journey across the world.


4. Jessica...

"Olivia...Olivia....Olivia..." I woke to the sound of Dr.Lopez's voice calling my name. "Are you ok?" My eyes fluttered and I nodded slightly. But of cause I wasn't! I was just told I have cancer. Who in my situation would be alright?! "Do you need help home?" I shock my head. "Ok..." She nodded, helping me up, still looking concerned. I brushed myself off and walked out the door holding back tears. My eyes filled with tears as I arrived back at mine and Jessica's flat. I took a deep breath, stepped out of the car, up to the flat door and let myself in. Jessica was sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV.

"Jessica..." She turned to me, smiling, it soon faded once she saw the look on my face. pure sadness. "I need to tell you something." She nodded, putting the TV on mute, I walked over to the chair next to the sofa she was sitting on.  I cleared my throat. "I didn't go see a friend today... I went to the doctors..." I bite my lip, this was on of the hardest things I have had to do in my life. but it needed to be done. "It turns out... I... I... I have cancer..." I broke down in tears and her mouth flew open in shock.

"You have cancer?" I nodded not able to say anything. She started to cry too, walking over to me and giving me a hug. We stayed like this for around half an hour. Hugging and crying. Then I remembered something.

"Jessica..." she pulled away from the hug to look at me, showing she was listening. "one more thing..." This was going to be hard to say, harder than saying it to my parents.

"What?" She wiped away tears so she could see me probably.

"The doctor said... There is nothing he can do..." My voice cracked. Jessica gasped.

"How long?"

Jessica's P.O.V

"How Long?" I didn't want to know the answer but I had to know.

"Just under a year..." Why was this happening? Olivia was a good person, so innocent and sweet. If God or whoever was punishing me... I'll never forgive myself.

"Olivia..." she looked up at me. "Your last year is going to be the best year of your life." She shock her head. "I know you may have to go to hospital for a bit but I promise to make as many of your dreams come true as I can!" she shock her head again.

"Don't make promises you cant keep." she told me putting her head in her hands.

"This is a promise that I am going to keep." I meant it, Olivia deserved it. If I'm all out of money and homeless by the end of it, so be it. "Make a list of things your always wanted to do... things you've always wanted to see and I will do everything I can to make it happen. I promise." She smiled at me.

"Ok..." She nodded and I smiled at her. We got up from where we were sitting on the floor. "I got to tell my Parents..." She looked terrified, I don't blame her...

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