Funny oneshots!

We all hate that toad Dolores Umbridge, right? And we all want to see her get what she deserves? Well read this story to find out what happens when the Weasley twins come up with a prank to give that kitty loving old toad exactly what she's asking for! Also you can suggest a character to prank in the next chapter!


1. That Umbridge toad!

Cool 2

Today was a day for pranking.

Dolores Umbridge was the worst thing that had ever happened to Hogwarts and I guess it was kind of a spur of the moment thing. Let me just explain....

Me, Fred and George walked down the stairs. Umbridge's dumb posters were covering the walls and Filch was standing on a wobbly ladder hanging up a new one.

"Seriously?" Fred sighed.

"I. Just. No.." I managed to get out. Snape was the least strict teacher on the planet compared to Umbridge!

When we reached the hall, Umbridge was giving a boring speech and I could see a few people who looked like they had fallen asleep. But we had a plan.

Fred and I sneaked up behind Umbridge, while George distracted her by a chicken dance routine.

"Quick!" Fred whispered to me, signalling to open the potion.

I uncapped the small bottle and poured the orange sticky liquid into her hair.
Before she could manage to get mad at us, she had turned into a roast chicken.

"Oops!" I laughed.

"Maybe we shouldn't eat her..." Fred grinned.

"She'd taste horrible anyway!" George said. The rest of the students were laughing their heads off at the Umbridge-Chicken on the floor.

At that moment, an unsuspecting Hagrid walked in. 

"Good morning kids." Hagrid gave a warm smile as he walked over to the front of the hall.

"Oh no...!" I whispered to the twins.

"Who left this tasty chicken here?" Hagrid asked, holding the chicken up as the hall erupted into laughter again. He got ready to stick his fork into the chicken when someone called out "Stop!"

"Why?" Hagrid wondered.

"It's Umbridge!" Almost everyone called out in unison.

"Well... The potion is meant to wear off in a day!" A smirk spread across Fred's face.

The end.



A/N who else do you want to see getting what they deserve? Comment a character you hate! Please not Draco though xD. Also you can submit your own character to prank the one you hate! Hope you liked it :)

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