Funny oneshots!

We all hate that toad Dolores Umbridge, right? And we all want to see her get what she deserves? Well read this story to find out what happens when the Weasley twins come up with a prank to give that kitty loving old toad exactly what she's asking for! Also you can suggest a character to prank in the next chapter!


2. Rita Skeeter!

Don't push people into garbage cans. That was the lesson I learned today. It all started when Rita Skeeter was annoying me, okay she wasn't doing anything in particular but I had the urge to push her in. 
The day started when I woke up to Fred making a new potion.

"What is that?" I asked, lifting up the potion.

"This, my friend is a fizzing potion. If you drink it, it can make any drink fizzy."
George told me, giving the bubbly pink potion another stir.

But back to the dustbin story, I was walking into the great hall and yesterday Rita Skeeter had written an very mean article about the Weasley Twin's pranks being dumb. You couldn't really blame me, she was standing right next to the bin!

"Look a flying cat!" I shouted, causing her to turn the other way. I quickly pushed her into the bin (she was surprisingly heavy). 

"How dare you!" She screeched. Fred and George got the fizzing potion and poured it on her head while the rest of the school burst into a chorus of laughter.

And that was how it happened.
The end.

Written while listening to 'Allstar'!


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